GM To Launch Opel In Chile, Israel

GM To Launch Opel In Chile, Israel

General Motors’ Opel division is set to expand outside of Europe with its establishment in Chile and Israel. Reports say that GM has inked a deal with an independent distributor to sell Opel vehicles in Israel, independent of GM’s vehicle distribution channel in the country.

Despite selling Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac and Isuzu, through one channel,  Opel will be sold through its own network perhaps because of Opel’s premium positioning.

Meanwhile, Opel will launch in Chile as brand makes a foray into Latin America. Chile is South America’s most prosperous economies and avoids the high taxes that neighbouring Brazil places on cars. Michael Klaus, the executive director of Opel international operations, told the AP that “German automotive engineering has a high appeal in South America and we are glad to start with Chile.”

[Source: Sympatico Autos]

  • Ramón

    Funny they don’t mention the brand is just coming back, as it was sold here in Chile up until 1998. Maybe they don’t say anything because would be like recognizing a mistake?

  • Derek Kreindler

    What was the reason for their departure?

  • Ramón

    I’m not sure the reason, but GM wanted to unify all their products under the Chevrolet brand. Out market had then cars like the Chevrolet Vectra. I guess it made cheaper the transition from European to Mercosur sourced vehicles (no need to change badges).


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