Gold Wrapped Aston Martin DB9 Could be Yours For $154,500

Gold Wrapped Aston Martin DB9 Could be Yours For $154,500

We haven’t seen many gold wrapped (or painted) cars here in North America but they’re definitely popular in other countries. A while back we checked out the gold and chrome luxury cars in Russia, and now there’s a gold wrapped Aston Martin DB9 that’s for sale out in the United Kingdom. The asking price is set at $154,500 and the luxury coupe as close to 30,000 miles on it.

What is even more interesting is the matching gold Lamborghini that’s peeking out from behind the DB9. And surprisingly, both cars are able to pull off the gold foil wrap pretty well. We wonder if this is a dealership that specializes in taking used cars, wrapping them in a crazy style and putting them up for sale at a premium. Nonetheless, it satisfies our curiosity of how high end luxury cars look in a real flashy gold finish and surprisingly, they’re not too tacky… at least to us.

GALLERY: Gold Aston Martin DB9

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[Source: Motor Enthusiast]