Honda CR-Z Moving Well At Dealers, Defying Expectations

Honda CR-Z Moving Well At Dealers, Defying Expectations

A large majority of the automotive community decried the Honda CR-Z as neither fish nor fowl, a sporty hybrid that didn’t do anything well. Some even predicted this car to be Honda’s downfall, after having finally lost their way, two decades after producing the sporty and efficient Honda CRX.

In any case, it turns out that the haters were wrong – for now at least. Honda’s CR-Z is actually one of the quickest moving cars on dealer lots, taking an average of 5 days to sell. The 2011 Jetta Sportwagen, a car that was supposedly waitlisted this time last year, took almost double that, with an average of 9 days.

The biggest loser was, not surprisingly, the Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback, with an average sale time of 207 days! If you want to drive a hard bargain, get to your nearest Mitsubishi showroom.

[Source: Kicking Tires]

  • bob

    Only time will tell if this trend lasts. The car is still underwhelming and and anyone that really knows how a sporty or sports car should perform would avoid this too slow underpowered “commuter” car like the plague. Honda really should have offered a non-hybrid version as it would have been cheaper, faster, lighter, and better handling.

  • Tcroly

    I am not sure where you are getting your numbers, but I seriously doubt the CRZ is one of the fastest selling cars on the market. Honda dealers show more than 2000 CRZs sitting on their lots and most dealers who got 3 or 4 cars three weeks ago, still have them sitting on their lots unsold. This is based on the listings shown over the oast 3 weeks on and auto

    Could you cite the source of your 5 days to sell statement?

    I have nevr seen a “hot” new Honda that didn’t come with a long waiting list. The CRZs are sitting on lots all over the country without buyers. I think it is a great car for my needs, but from what I see the market has had quite to opposite reaction to the car. But it remains to be seen what effect Honda’s planned media blitz next week will have on the lack luster sales of the CRZ so far.

  • Derek Kreindler


    We got the numbers from Kicking Tires, who base it on the time it takes for the car to go from the dealers to until the car is sold, paperwork completed and the buyer drives away.

    Even if the dealers got cars “three weeks ago” and are unsold, that’s what, 21 days? Fairly standard for the industry.

    It’s impressive in light of pundits claiming that this car would be a total bomb and nobody would buy one.

  • Tcroly

    Kicking tires used sakes numbers from August. The CRZ was officially on sale beginning August 24, there were only 7 days in August that the car could have been sold. Therefore even if only 1 car was sold, (687 were actually sold) the longest that the time on lot could have been was 7 days.

    This is not a statistic that means anything in terms of how fast the CRZ is selling relative to any other cars.

    I have a CRZ on order and think it is a fine car, but as a market success, so far it is a bust.

  • @Tcroly,

    That’s very interesting…we’ll have to take a look in September and see how things held up. Thanks for the info.