Horribly Executed Corvette Stingray Concept Replica Actually Sells on eBay

Horribly Executed Corvette Stingray Concept Replica Actually Sells on eBay

Someway, somehow this “creation” managed to fetch over $40,000 on eBay. Needless to say, this surely proves there’s absolutely no accounting for taste.

Funnier still is reading the description on eBay about this one-of-a-kind Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept replica. But we’re less amused by the fact that this replicar meant they had to destroy a perfectly good 2008 Corvette.

They even recommend that you can service the vehicle at any local shop or dealership since it’s all Corvette. Could you imagine pulling up into your local dealership with this creation and asking them to do an oil change? And best of all they even take the liberty to warn you that if you’re the owner of the car be prepared for the crowds of people that will swarm you asking for photos while valet drivers fighting over who gets to park it.

And since this company went so out of their way to deface this perfectly good Corvette, we’ll insist you to visit the eBay auction and make sure you check out the fantastic grammar, spelling and… oh just go already, we’re getting nauseous just thinking about it.

GALLERY: Z and M Customs Corvette Stingray Concept Replica

[Source: Jalopnik]

  • Sterling Accessories

    Your an idiot for saying the vomit you just spewed from you jealous and talentless fingers. Lets see your creations. I am willing to bet you have never created anything in your life except a reaction to everything around you. Guess what, everyone can do that so thanks for your empty judgement. Hope you take this seriously and try to improve your life enough to where you can do something greater then the equivalent of (just above failure). What a looser you must be. Later douchebag!

  • George

    Hello, A couple of questions, do you know of any information regarding the builder of this vehicle? What they do not mention, is these cars started out as a totaled vehicle. I purchased a Corvette seen ob Ebay from them. Upon dleivery, it was immediately obvious how horrible the car was and I sent it back immediately. They proceeded to steal $4000 plus shipping costs from me. I have now spent double that in attorneys fees. No response. Any information is greatly appreciated.