Hot Wheels Rolls Out Remote Controlled ‘Stealth Rides’ That Fit In Your Pocket

Hot Wheels Rolls Out Remote Controlled ‘Stealth Rides’ That Fit In Your Pocket

You may not have recess anymore, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring your Hot Wheels with you everywhere you go. The two latest Hot Wheels cars are made from plastic and can fold flat into an iPhone-size carrying case.

The Stealth Rides, as they are called, are Hot Wheels’ newest line of remote controlled cars. What’s great about them is that they stow away in their own remote controllers, so they are easy to bring with you. Available as either a race car or a treaded crawler, (there’s a Batman Tumbler as well), the Stealth Rides will be available in October.

It’s easy to keep track of the remote controllers/carrying cases, as they are outfitted with the same colors and stickers that go with their associated vehicles. As for the cars themselves, the Z9 racer has a red body with an orange stripe, while the Chromium FX treaded vehicle is silver with aqua accents.

When these cars are stowed in their cases, the canopies of the cars stick up out of a slot. These canopies serve as buttons – when you push them down, the wheels or track mechanisms also fold down, so the vehicles can fit in their cases.

The cars have a 15-foot range, and each model is powered by three calculator batteries, while the controller uses two additional batteries. Each car has a run time of about 45 minutes on a set of batteries.

The Stealth Rides racer is available in two colors, as is the tank, and each of the models will sell for $25.

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