Jaguar to Unveil Design Concept at Paris Auto Show

Jaguar to Unveil Design Concept at Paris Auto Show

Jaguar will showcase an all new concept model at the upcoming Paris Auto Show that will inspire future models, including the next XK. According to AutoCar, the sports car concept will be close in size to the current XK but will depart dramatically from past Jags. Inspiration for the car is believed to come from the Porsche 918 Spyder, while also incorporating similar design traits to those found on the newly redesigned XJ and XF. Most noticeable will be an all new grille, doing away with the Ford Taurus-like oval shape.

In addition to being a style concept, this showpiece will also preview some new technology for Jaguar with a glimpse at its first hybrid drivetrain. It’s not clear if the setup will be gasoline or diesel as its believed Jaguar Land Rover is working on both, but it will most likely be a V6 engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The first production version to come from this concept is expected to be the XK around 2012, with a smaller roadster sports car set to follow.

[Source: AutoCar]

  • quintin

    Ford Taurus look grill???? wat tha! retard! Jags had that grill from early sports models like the c-type d-type and e-type… It would be a travisty to do away with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!