Jeep J8 Armored Vehicle Gets Ballistic Certification

Jeep J8 Armored Vehicle Gets Ballistic Certification

If there was ever a situation where we wanted to see a video, this might be it. Jeep has taken their J8 out for a thorough ballistic and blast certification to prove just how tough this Jeep is built. They’ve stated that they have incorporated new manufacturing technology in order to hot-form steel, creating a protective barrier for the vehicle. And it proved its worth getting awarded with a BRV 2009 VR7 ballistic protection certification – whatever the heck that is.

Obviously this J8 isn’t marketed towards the mass public but rather towards military and government use. But hey, if an armored vehicle is really something you need for your daily commute, we guess it’s great that there’s even more options now.

[Source: Jeep’s Facebook Page]

GALLERY: Jeep J8 Ballistic Tests

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