Jesse Jackson’s Cadillac Escalade Jacked In Detroit

Jesse Jackson’s Cadillac Escalade Jacked In Detroit

Noted civil rights leader Jesse Jackson had his Cadillac Escalade stolen in Detroit after making an appearance at a “Green Jobs” rally sponsored by the UAW as part of its “Jobs, Justice and Peace” demonstration.

One day after the rally, the Escalade used by Jackson to tool around Detroit was found with its windows smashed and rims stolen. One could argue that having to build these replacement parts is a very small scale Keynesian stimulus package to the auto industry. Most people would just vomit at the rank hypocrisy of  of driving a gas-guzzling full-size Cadillac SUV to a social justice rally.

While Jackson is still considered an important voice in the African American community (despite his frequent anti-Semitic outbursts), a fair number of rappers, who arguably made the Escalade such an important icon of pop culture, don’t seem to think so.

[Source: Jalopnik]


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