Kia To Upgrade Shock Absorbers On The 2011 Sorento

Kia To Upgrade Shock Absorbers On The 2011 Sorento

Kia‘s top of the line Sorento SX comes with special Dual Flow Dampers, which apparently offers a great blend of performance and comfort, while giving the Sorento a slightly lower ride height.

However, the lesser Sorentos apparently offered a harsh ride of broken-up pavement, and Kia has taken notice. The DFD dampers will now be standard across the board starting in the fourth quarter of 2010, so any “early adopters” might be kicking themselves for having purchased a lesser Sorento. Kia made no mention of whether there’s any kind of retrofit for previous production runs (we doubt it) so buyers who got on the bandwagon early may just have to live with their purchase.

[Source: Autoblog]

  • terry Strausberger

    I would like to purchase dual flow damper struts and shocks for my 2011 kia sorento vin number 5XYKTCA16B086243 could you give kia part numbers

  • Bill

    In your article you mention that the new DFD shocks will start being installed in the 4th quarter 2010. Does this mean calander 2010 or production year? Can you clarify what month/year these new Sorento’s will have the DFD’s? Thanks.

  • milven

    where can i find upgrade shocks for my 2011 kia sorento? because i hate the shocks. you can feel every single litle bumps, thank you