Lamborghini Licenses a New Line of… Garden Tools?

Lamborghini Licenses a New Line of… Garden Tools?

Car makers have been branching off in the retail market, deciding to cast their net into some previously uncharted water. They license hairdryers, sleds and purses. But Lamborghini is taking it to the lawn with their new line of garden tools.

Lamborghini has licensed out the brand to IKRA tool makers, who have launched a new series of garden gadgets called Tonio Lamborghini. All of these tools are electric powered (some have rechargeable cordless options). We’ve included a list after the jump with a brief overview:

Electric Chainsaw: Equipped with a 40cm bar and tool, aluminum reinforced high-grade gear ergonomic and large fell handle to offer a stable condition and to guarantee easy change of chain or bar. It rips through wood at 12m/Sec. and it also has inertia anti-kickback brake. The chainsaw retails for €15,499.

Hedge Trimmers: There are two of these bad boys available. The first weighs 2970g and can trim midsize hedges with branches up to a diameter of 18mm. The second weighs 3850g and is ideal for larger hedges with branches up to 22mm. Both have blades that are rust protected with a high-grade zinc-coating. Prices for the trimmers range from €11,499 to €14,499.

Cordless Grass Trimmer: There are three Lamborghini electric grass trimmers: the RT 6035, the RT 6050 and the RT 6070. They range in power and weight, but all offer a 180° rotating handle for edging borders. The higher end models come with unique electronic speed control and a distance holder. Prices for the cordless trimmer range from €7499 to €11,499.

Cordless Grass and Shrub Shears: This tool has a cutting length of 160mm and its 80mm grass shears blade give you an accurate cut of lawn edges. It also features the “click-in system” for tool free blade exchange in less than 5 seconds. The shears are priced at €9499.

Electric Grass Trimmer 2in1: It edges, cuts and vacuums up the mess in one step, while keeping the cutting area clean from the grass. It has a low-wear and quickly exchangeable cutting-blade system, as well as a telescopic height adjustment and adjustable support handle. The 2in1 trimmer retails for €14,999.

[Source: Automoto]