Lotus Elite Track Version Rendered

Lotus Elite Track Version Rendered

Raise your hand if you didn’t expect to see this surface on the Internet this quickly. Yeah, we thought so. No one has even seen the Lotus Elite in person, but the official photos released to the media were more than enough to get the creative juices of a few folks flowing. One of those folks just so happens to be an artist by the name of Jack Darton.

Darton has created his vision of a Lotus Elite Track Version sporting a wicked carbon fiber front diffuser and minimally designed canards. The hood receives a vent for additional cooling along with the rear quarter panels. Along with subtle black and carbon fiber accents, Darton outfits the Elite with a sportier set of side mirrors relocated slightly higher than Lotus’ version.

To finish it off are a sportier set of jet black Lotus wheels.

Stay tuned for AutoGuide.com’s coverage of the Paris Auto Show and the official unveiling on the Lotus Elite this Thursday, September 30th.

[Source: TopSpeed]