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 |  Sep 09 2010, 7:40 AM

With its Sync and MyFordTouch systems, Ford has been winning the in-car technology war against its rivals, but General Motors is set to launch new OnStar features that could change all that. According to a Bloomberg report, OnStar will look to offer several new free services, including innovative voice-to-text technology to help drivers keep in touch with their social networks.

Currently being studied, this new OnStar feature could translate voice messages to text, even allowing a driver to update his or her Facebook status while on the road. In addition, the service could even read updates back to the driver and even reply to messages with one of several preset replies.

Better yet, certain OnStar services could be free, with the system instead linking to a smartphone in the car. (Currently GM offers OnStar free for the first year on most of its products, with a subscription rate of $199 to $299 after that).

OnStar is available on over 40 GM products and boasts 5.7 million subscribers.

[Source: Bloomberg]