Nissan To Limit Leaf To 200 Units During Rollout

Nissan To Limit Leaf To 200 Units During Rollout

Nissan is making sure that supply of their Leaf is tight during the rollout period at the end of 2010. With a total of 200 cars spread around 5 major markets (California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon and Tennessee), this amounts to only a few cars per dealership.

While the limited edition status of the initial Leafs (or is it leaves?) may prove to be a smart choice, some dealerships report as many as 30 orders, and won’t have a hope in hell of filling them all. Nissan didn’t say how the 200 cars would be allocated, but that the selection process was based on “market conditions” and the point in time when the orders were placed.

The Leaf will begin production in January and prices start at $32, 780 for the base model SV and $33, 720 for the SL, before a $7,500 federal tax credit is applied. The SL is expected to be the top seller, as it can be optioned with a quick charge module that allows for an 80% charge in just 30 minutes.

[Source: Venturebeat]


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