Nostalgic DTM Video Relives The Golden Years of Racing in Germany

Nostalgic DTM Video Relives The Golden Years of Racing in Germany

Today’s generation of automotive enthusiasts are treated with “The New DTM” that started in 2000 and onwards. But prior to that, DTM racing was much more than just uber-expensive Audis and Mercedes-Benzes that we see today. Short for Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft (pre 2000), German touring car racing has truly evolved over the years. It’s now known as Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, and while it’s just merely a technicality, DTM as a whole has seen more than just a one word change.

Flashing back and checking out this ridiculously awesome video really reminds us of the golden years of DTM racing. Back when BMW and Mercedes-Benz really fought it out on the track to determine who had the better vehicle. And these were your (now) classic BMW E30 M3s and Mercedes-Benz 190 Es that were true enthusiast vehicles. The drivers took risks, and the cars weren’t built on pure science and technology. Sparks flew, tires hopped and and even a little sideways action was mixed in.

As exciting as racing is today, there’s just something tragic about watching it and then checking out a video like this. Good times have certainly passed, we only wish Audi was more in the fray during those golden years.

Check out the video after the break.

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