Paris Auto Show Preview: BMW 6-Series Concept

Paris Auto Show Preview: BMW 6-Series Concept

Let’s cut through the marketing fluff; the BMW 6-Series Concept is a concept car in name only. If this car doesn’t accurately preview BMW’s next large coupe, we will eat our collective hats.

Taking strong cues from the BMW Gran Coupe concept, the next 6 looks like an evolution of current BMW design themes, including the weird looking front ends designed to comply with European pedestrian safety standards. The interior looks like a warmer, more inviting place, with organic shapes and wood replacing the hard lines and aluminum trim of the current BMWs.

Expect the brand’s turbocharged six and eight cylinder engines to give the car some oomph, with a range topping 550 horsepower M V8 in the new M6. The production car will be in dealers in the 2012 calender year.

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  • Person

    This is an awesome car and I think that it will be a great seller just one other good car made by bmw. They will allways be better than anything lexus or mercedes can dish out. This car is very sleek and will have no competition.

  • Person

    Ohhh ya I have another question for mercedes. Its sad when mercedes has to put a system that wakes you up in a car because its so boring you will fall asleep at the wheel. I meen I new mercedes was having problems but really having to wake you up. wow thats sad.

  • Person

    Last thing. Why is audi taking cheap shots at bmw? They might be bigger but there cars aren’t that nice last I checked and at bmw they let there cars do the talking.


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