Predator Xtreme Blends Lamborghini and Ferrari Styling into One Odd Fiero Kit Car

Predator Xtreme Blends Lamborghini and Ferrari Styling into One Odd Fiero Kit Car

Sure it’s crossed our mind before. Take the best of Ferrari and Lamborghini and shove it all into one car. The result would be pure awesome, wouldn’t it? Apparently not, especially if you don’t quite hit the nail on the head. We spotted this one-off custom car that clearly blends inspired styling from a Ferrari Enzo and a Lamborghini Reventon. But the overall product is just a disaster.

At first you’ll see Lamborghini design cues when you spot the headlights and the overall front end, but clearly there’s a ton of Enzo inspiration also going on. Then pop into the interior (via the awesome convertible) and notice the center-drive and McLaren F1-style seating. When you get to the rear, you’ll be blown away by the Infiniti G35 taillights.

We do give lots of credit for thinking (way) out-of-the-box and being bold enough to execute something like this. Even though the interior looks a little shoddy, the overall project is well put together. We’re just disappointed that when someone finally took the time to blend Italy’s two most iconic car manufacturers the product looks more like a redheaded stepchild.

Oh, and it pretty much goes without saying that this kit car started off life as a Pontiac Fiero.

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[Source: Indiana’s Auto Blog]

  • Christopher Bennett

    This car crashed in Knight Rider. I think the design sucks! I actually feel bad for the Pontiac Fiero it was based upon. Also, this makes the Aztek (which, ironically, is also a Pontiac) look good. If it was a choice between this abomination or the Aztek, I would be riding around in an Aztek long before I would crawl into this!!

  • Rickers

    Ugh! This is just the worst.