Rare 1964 Pontiac Banshee Concept Heading to the Auction Block

Rare 1964 Pontiac Banshee Concept Heading to the Auction Block

Back in GM’s glory days, when John Zachary Delorean assumed the mantle of General Manager at Pontiac Motor Division, the flamboyant engineer had begun work on his own pet sports car project – the XP-833 – designed as an affordable two-seater alternative to the Chevy Corvette.

Running prototypes were built and the futuristic Banshee almost made it into production, GM pulling the plug at the eleventh hour, just prior to the 1964 New York Auto Show. Though the Banshee never made it to market, Pontiac’s pony car, the 1967 Firebird, adopted elements of the Banshee, as did the “wasp waisted” 1968 Corvette.

In an unusual turn for an experimental car, both Banshee prototypes survived the crusher, winding up in the hands of GM employees and subsequently private collectors. One is currently owned by famed GM dream car collector Joe Bortz, while this, the other, has emerged from the shadows. In what ranks as one of the most highly publicized online auctions of the year, the car is up for grabs on eBay; presenting the chance of a lifetime for one lucky bidder. This particular car, once owned by Bill Killen, is a fully functioning and drivable machine, but one that displays just 1,498 miles on the odometer. For more information on this special online auction, click on the link below.

[Source: eBay Motors]


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