Three Ways To Keep Up With 2010 Paris Auto Show News

Three Ways To Keep Up With 2010 Paris Auto Show News

Our media coverage of the 2010 Paris Auto Show begins tomorrow, September 30th, will have some of our editors over in the land of wine and baguettes to give us all the latest and greatest auto news coming out of the ‘City of Love’. We know you have your preferences on how you like to get your news so we are happy to give you some options on how to follow the big stories coming out of Paris this year.

Here are 3 ways to keep track of Paris Motor Show news:

Our 2010 Paris Auto Show coverage page.

This is our main hub for Paris Motor Show coverage. We will be updating this page with every breaking story that is posted on our news feed. Its going to come fast and furious so you better hold on and fasten your seat belts!

AutoGuide Facebook page.

We are on Facebook and we want to be your friend. Hit that “like” button and you’ll get only the top stories from the show in your Facebook news feed. Don’t worry, we hate spam too so we promise to only deliver the most important stuff to you.

AutoGuide on Twitter.

All of our news gets posted to Twitter for consumption but we’ve asked our editors in Paris to also tweet their experiences over there. Think of those tweets like DVD extras!