Turbocharged Chevy Express Van Embarrasses Corvette ZR1 And Driver

Turbocharged Chevy Express Van Embarrasses Corvette ZR1 And Driver

What do you get when you take an AWD Chevrolet Express Van and toss in a 5.3L Vortec V8 motor? Just another heavy gas guzzler. Now what if you tossed in a Z06 cam and a 72mm turbocharger? Now you’re talking about a 7,300 lb tank that probably pushes well over 600-hp and 600 ft-lbs of torque, if not more to all four of its wheels. Now what if you took that van to the track in Las Vegas and lined it up with a Corvette ZR1? Well the safe bet would be on the ZR1 now wouldn’t it?

Unless the owner of these two vehicles knew each other, the Corvette ZR1 driver was probably wondering what in the world this Chevrolet Express van was doing in the other lane. And apparently he slept a little too long at the light trying to figure it out, as the Van not only treed him, but took the win at the other end of the track.

Now it’s a little deceiving given that the Vette had an atrocious .800 reaction time while the van jumped with a .260. But that was enough to make up the difference despite the van running a slower 13.34 @ 99 mph. The ZR1 ultimately took over (once it actually accelerated) tripping the lights with a 13.02 @ 121 mph.

At the end of the day though, the Van would’ve taken the win at any professional drag racing event. We’re wondering if they’re back at the shop trying to fine tune this thing in a 12-second sleeper. Imagine packing 10-15 people in that van with that power!

Check out the video after the break.

[Source: Examiner]

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