Turbocharging To Become More Prolific In Coming Years

Turbocharging To Become More Prolific In Coming Years

Turbocharging is moving away from the performance sphere and into the mainstream as companies seek to get more power and fuel economy from smaller displacement engines.

Honeywell, a leading automotive equipment supplier and turbocharger company, estimates that by 2015, 35 million new vehicles with turbochargers will be sold annually, up from 17 million right now. While Honeywell has an obvious interest in promoting the use of this technology, their numbers are backed by independent research firms like J.D. Power, and the company is hedging its bets on the internal combustion engine.

“Despite the buzz around hybrid and electric vehicles, it is clear that automakers will be looking primarily at turbocharged engines to help ‘green’ their fleets and meet the regulatory targets like CAFE in the U.S.,” Alex Ismail, president and CEO of Honeywell Transportation System, told Wired magazine.

While alternative fuel vehicles have their merits, you’ll never find us complaining about more turbocharged gasoline engines.

[Source: Wired Magazine]

  • Chad

    I would really like to see the prices on after-market turbo units come down, so that more older vehicles could be fitted with a turbo.