Turner Motorsport Prepping Frozen Gray BMW M3 for Track Duty

Turner Motorsport Prepping Frozen Gray BMW M3 for Track Duty

We already knew that Will Turner from Turner Motorsport got the first of 30 Frozen Gray BMW E92 M3s, and we’d be ignorant to say that he’d be keeping it completely stock. Turner Motorsport also has an extensive history of racing their vehicles on the track and it looks like their Frozen Gray BMW M3 is getting ready to do just that.

While we’re not very impressed with the idea of the Frozen Gray M3, a limited edition anything is still pretty cool. And to see that Turner Motorsport is willing to take one of only 30 of these vehicles out onto the track deserves a whole lot of respect. We’re guessing they just got started transforming the car into a track machine but it’s already been outfitted with a custom set of 18×10-inch Volk Racing G2 Forged wheels. Turner Motorsport opted to run the same size all around rather than a staggered setup to make it simple to rotate tires on the track – not to mention it’s cost effective. The G2 Forged wheels weigh in at a scant 19 lbs and are wrapped with 275/35/18 Continental Grand-Am spec race slicks.

What’s cool to us is how just the addition of the car’s wheels and tires have already made it that much more aggressive looking. Our assumptions is that a set of coilovers and a big brake upgrade is on the horizon. We’ll be curious if they’ll be adding any cosmetic upgrades to the car and how they’ll go about it.

GALLERY: Turner Motorsport Frozen Gray BMW M3

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