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 |  Sep 27 2010, 11:15 AM

Under the new leadership of former VW USA CEO Stefan Jacoby, Volvo will look to rival established German automakers in areas of the market where they aren’t as well established. Before BMW can build up too strong of a following in the compact segment Volvo plans to launch a new platform that will be used to build both a sedan an crossover, competing with the likes of the BMW 1 Series and X1.

Rather than a coupe or hatchback, the Volvo’s 1 Series fighter will be a sedan (although other variants are likely), said Volvo Cars of North America CEO Doug Speck in an interview with Automotive News. This will, however, mark the end of the S40, which Speck says is already too close to the new S60 model.

As for the X1 rival, Speck says he believes that this will be an emerging segment and Volvo wants to play a part.

In addition, Volvo plans to launch all new versions of the S80 and XC90 over the next two years and both models will get their own platforms.

[Source: Automotive News via eGMCarTech]

  • Woodyscarsite.com

    What is the C30?

  • jay

    damn good for volvo the s60 looks bad ass..can’t wait to see what they will do with the s80