Volvo to Offer Diesel Model in the U.S.

Volvo to Offer Diesel Model in the U.S.

Recent reports have suggested that everyone from Mazda to General Motors is preparing to launch a diesel engine in North America and now Volvo appears to be joining that list.

In a bid to meet the 2016 35-mpg CAFE regulations, automakers are doing whatever they can to improve fuel economy and diesels are an excellent short-term way to achieve that goal. Volvo already offers numerous diesel options in Europe and the decision to launch a diesel model on this side of the Atlantic makes smart business sense as the engines are relatively inexpensive to bring over, much cheaper to produce than hybrids and have known fuel economy benefits. (Increasingly strict emissions standards will, however, make it difficult to diesels in North America).

Volvo is keeping quiet on what model could get the diesel option, instead stating that it will depend on market demands. That being the case, and based on Volkswagen’s success with the TDI Sportwagen, we have to think a diesel would best be fitted to the V60 wagon – although it isn’t slated to be sold here. Other likely models to adopt diesel technology include the entry-level C30 as well as the higher-volume S60, not to mention several of the crossovers and SUVs.

Volvo’s powertrain strategy is also set to include both electric and hybrid-electric models.

[Source: Car & Driver]