2011 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 392 To Debut At SEMA

2011 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 392 To Debut At SEMA

Chrysler‘s Mopar division will unveil a new slate of vehicles at the 2010 SEMA show, with an updated Dodge Challenger SRT-8 as the brand’s star debut.

The updated Challenger SRT-8 will feature an all-new 6.4L V8 with 470 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. Fuel economy will get a 15-20 percent bump on the highway, thanks to a multi-displacement system (that allows for deactivation of cylinders at highway speeds), variable valve timing and a variable intake manifold.

A limited run of Inaugural Edition vehicles will ship after Thanksgiving in a run of 1,492 cars that will kick off the car’s production. The Inaugural Edition will feature special paint and stripe packages and other special accouterments. Pricing will be announced shortly, and Autoguide will have full coverage of the car’s debut at the SEMA show starting November 1.

[Source: Chrysler]

  • HemiD

    If the 392cui is only pushing 470-HP, Ford has won already.

  • Viss1

    Ford’s closest engine to the 6.1L Hemi is the 6.2L Boss, which puts out 411HP/434TQ in the Raptor. Of course, that’s with a SOHC head and tuned for torque. I don’t doubt they could get at least 70HP out of it if they develop more radical DOHC heads and cams (which they probably already have).

  • Antoine Dodson

    ….uh, the 5.0L puts out 412hp – advertised. A tune and an air filter kit you’re pushing 450. GT500 puts out 540. On, and the 5.0L Mustang is 500lbs lighter than the lard a$$ Challenger. She’s cute in the face…but BIG IN THE WAIST.

  • Chris Hendrix

    First of all Ford has never won a dam thing in my book. Don’t get me wrong I love F-150’s, but you will never catch me driven and Ford POS Mustang. Lets face it Ford has managed themselves better than any car manufacturer on the planet and has yet to need any bail out money form the government. With that being said I expect a whole lot more than the plastic pony’s I keep seeing in my rear view mirror. I just got back from the auto show last week and every Mustang I looked at had the same cheap plastic look with no sense of direction to whats to come. At least Chevy took a leap at the future with the new Camaro; Dodge is sticking to the past with a very well detailed replica of the Challenger. Ford keeps trying to ride the fence with wanna-be drifter cars and teenage attraction. Next time you see a Mustang take a look at the driver… If it’s not a high school kid than it’s probably mom. Just my personal opinion, but with the best selling pick up for years running I wish they would make a Mustang that stand up to what Henry Ford stood for.

  • Roy Mears

    The talk about the bailout is really a bunch of bull. Sure GM & Chryco got a bail out but that is known. What about the 14 billion Ford got from the US gov. as a gift for R&D? No one talks about that little tidbit. GM & Chryco are both trying to get some R&D money too.

  • Roy Mears

    470HP? Everyone knows Dodge has always fudged the HP numbers to help with insurance costs. The numbers coming out of automotive Magazine test show the 392/6.4 at somewhere between 500 & 530 HP. The 392 crate engine is 525 so they under rated the output.