2012 Ford Focus To Start At $16,995

2012 Ford Focus To Start At $16,995

Ford has announced pricing for the 2012 Focus, and the car is set to start in the upper end of the price bracket, with a base price of $16,995.

The base S model in sedan with the 6-speed automatic will cost likely $17,995, as the 5-speed manual is standard. The upper end Titanium trim starts at $22,995 while a fully loaded example costs $24,295. Hatchback models will start at $18,790 and top out at $24,785.

The sticker may seem high, but pricing reflects Ford’s desire to position the car as a “premium” compact, much like General Motors and Volkswagen are doing. Chevrolet’s Cruze retails for the exact same amount, while the new Volkswagen Jetta undercuts it by $1,000.

Official pricing documents can be found here and here.

[Source: Ford via Edmunds]