2012 Toyota Yaris/Vitz Revealed With More Dynamic Design, Increased Size

2012 Toyota Yaris/Vitz Revealed With More Dynamic Design, Increased Size

The Toyota Yaris is an excellent point A to point B vehicle, with excellent fuel economy and an attractive price. Plus, it’s a Toyota, so it’s reliable. That being said, the reasons to consider buying a Yaris have never included its looks.

Toyota appears to be ready to change that, with new photos from a leaked brochure revealing the design of the all-new Japanese Vitz – which is badged as the Yaris here. A few days ago we brought you initial pics of the car, but now we have it from more angles and with more details. We’ve even surprised to see a center-exit dual exhaust. But wait, that’s a kitted-up version with the regular Vitz looking pretty mundane – like a smaller Matrix.

In terms of functionality, however, the Yaris will gain size. (The bodywork may change when it arrives in North America, but the overall shape isn’t about to). In total, the 2012 Yaris grows by 100mm end to end, with half of that between the wheelbase for improved interior room. The car will also be 20mm shorter overall, likely helping lower the center of gravity and improve handling.

Toyota is expected to deliver a concept version of the upcoming 2012 Yaris in the coming months.

GALLERY: 2012 Toyota Yaris


[Source: Carscoop]

  • Tiny_Danza

    Not bad.

  • Chad

    Bleh! The problem with these cars all become ‘more aerodynamic’, is that they are becoming the same bulbous, undefinable mass of metal and glass. It looks like to many other cars of its class. Can’t we have high gas mileage AND classy design? Great car design designed after the 1960s.

  • James Windle

    So much for Toyota announcing all future vehicles having a more “emotional” design language, eh? I can’t call it “emotional”, but I think it’s a much more worthy Ford Fiesta and VW Polo rival. After the concept arrives soon, I’d like to know when this new Yaris will be in the UK (which is where I live).

  • Chad

    Oh, it inspires an emotion alright. Maybe Toyota is trying to depress people into walking?

  • twoguns

    “it’s a Toyota, so it’s reliable”. After all the recalls, Mr. Wood can’t want the free Toyota TRD cap this bad. My 07′ Yaris’s rear suspension fell apart soon after 40K. “Engineered obsolesce” sound familiar? Shocks leaked & guess what? Yaris has NO Rear stabilizer bar. So the car started bouncing on rear springs. Toyota still has the WORST new car warranty. 3 year/36K bumper to bumper (60K drive train). Just buy a Kia already. When a company is willing to cut corners on it’s flagship line (Lexus), what would you expect for the lower end line? Just like Ford motors. Willings to sacrifice it’s most loyal customers for profit.