2013 Lotus Esprit: New Pictures Released

2013 Lotus Esprit: New Pictures Released

Lotus will get back into the game of building true exotics when it launches the all new Esprit in 2012. Unveiled at the Paris Auto Show, the Esprit features a body made entirely of carbon fiber and boasts a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 than makes an impressive 542-hp. In R-Spec trim that number will be pumped up to 612-hp. A hybrid version will also be offered in a bid to produce high levels of performance but with reduced emissions.

After the Esprit debuts, Lotus will follow up with the Elan, targeted at the Porsche 911. Then we’re supposed to see the Elite, a convertible grand-touring exotic. In 2014 the new Elise will debut with 300-hp, followed by the Eterne 4-door.

Lotus is keeping the hype around its new models alive and has just released a selection of new CGI renderings of the Esprit, showing the interior in more detail then ever before.

Check out the gallery below:

GALLERY: 2013 Lotus Esprit


GALLERY: 2013 Lotus Esprit Revealed in Paris