2014 Mustang Will Depart from Current Retro Design Says Ford Global Design Boss

2014 Mustang Will Depart from Current Retro Design Says Ford Global Design Boss

The next-generation Mustang, that’s set to debut in 2013 as a 2014 model and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic American sports car will leave behind its current styling in favor of a bold new direction says Ford‘s global design boss. In a recent interview with Mustangs Daily at the launch of the new Focus ST at the Paris Auto Show, global design head Jay Mays hinted at the progressive new styling planned for the “pretty cool” new Mustang.

“It can’t lose the Mustang DNA, but it will have to signal that Mustang has another 50 years of life left in it,” he said. “In order to do that we’re going to have to take a bit more of a stretch with the car.”

Mays wouldn’t comment further, but did say the Mustang, like the F-150, would retain its own styling direction apart from the rest of the global vehicle lineup.

Hinting at a more future-proof design, it’s also believed the 2014 Mustang will feature an independent rear suspension that would take the already best-in-class package to a whole new level.

[Source: Mustangs Daily]

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  • Chad

    Visions of the Mustange II are haunting me at this very moment.

  • Richard

    With the Camaro and Challenger nipping at them, they better not stray too far from the coral

  • Spanky

    Richard are you high? Been hiding under a rock? The 2011 Mustang has relegated the Camaro and Challenger to also ran status already sport. It is even nipping at the M3’s heels! Wait till the Boss rolls out next year!

  • Eddie

    MISTAKE!!!!!!!, now I liked the Mustang II and was there when the Fox Body hit the market, and when it did I said, What the hech did they do to the mustang, no offence to Fox owners, but it didn’t look anything like a Mustang and I completely lost interest in the car, not to get excited about it again until the 05 hit the road, I own one and LOVE it, FORD, don’t screw this up again.

  • sarge

    does anyone know if they are going to make a Cobra SVT for the 50th?

  • scott

    Hasn’t J. Mays ruined enough Fords already? Get them the H out of there before he does any more damange. Enough already.

  • Chas

    I predict that it will look very much like the Guigiaro concept Mustang.

  • A guy named Ronnie

    Ok, we need to write to Ford before this man ruins the Mustang.

  • Robert

    I own 2 GTs an 85 and a 99 and my father has a 66 hi-po coupe. I hope they dont standardize IRS. Ford has never built a good IRS, a good bit of hard core racers have swapped to a sold 8.8 from their IRS in their shelby or svt cobras. Also, I think that they should not stray away from the retro stangs, people love the Challengers because how close it resembles one of the early 70s. If anything I think ford should keep the current chassis and work on making it lighter

  • texrrs

    Ford made a very good IRS. It never made it to the Mustang or into production.(penny pinchers vetoed it as an option on the Mustang or for the GT350) It did show-up on the Cobra II 427 with more beef and the GT40 and the Mustang 1 concept car. It was nick named the T5. The FORD designer was Klaus Arning. You are right the IRS on the Mustang Cobra was junk.

  • Nutsbolts_9502

    I guess Ford didn’t learn from what they did to the Thunderbird in the 70’s.