8.4 Million Recalled Fords Remain Unfixed on Our Roads

8.4 Million Recalled Fords Remain Unfixed on Our Roads

A total of 8.4 million recalled Ford models remain on our roads unfixed according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is urging owners to get their vehicles repaired.

The alarmingly high number is 60 percent of the vehicles affected by a 14 million car recall of Ford products dating from 1999 to 2009 for issues relating to leaky cruise control switches. The recall claims that the switches may leak into the brake system causing the vehicle to potentially catch fire.

According to an unnamed NHTSA representative the number of unrepaired Fords is particularly high, far exceeding the average. Normally 30 percent of recalled vehicles are not fixed within the first 18 months after a recall.

Ford has notified customers several times but its believed the poor rate at which the vehicles are being fixed is due in part to the cars already being quite old when the recall took place.

Models affected by the recall include 1992-2003 E series, 1993-2003 F series, 1995-2003 Windstars, 1995-2002 Explorers and 1995-2003 Rangers. A total of eight recalls were made for the same issue in different models over the period of several years.

Owners who are unsure if their vehicle has been recalled or if it has been fixed, can check by visiting www.MyFord.com

[Source: Automotive News]

  • GetRealSoon

    My cruise control recall was fixed and still my 2001 F-150 burned to the ground. Ford said, “Tough!” That’s Ford tough.

  • tom konz

    maybe if ford was more prompt about fixing peoples vehicles they would bring them in for recall repair