Anime Themed Rides Show Up At Japanese Dream Party

Anime Themed Rides Show Up At Japanese Dream Party

A lot of Japanese tuning fads have become popular in North American, but here’s an interesting trend that we find a hard time believing it will catch on here.

For those not in the geek world, Dream Party is a gathering in Tokyo and Osaka for game developers. Taking place twice a year, many well-known game developers (even some Adult-title developers) set up shop to meet retailers and greet fans.

And like any other show or convention, girls and cars are ushered in to give more eye-candy to the spectators and garner interest to a specific booth. In true nerd fashion, the girls aren’t just dressed up in skimpy outfits and short skirts, but rather like video game characters which is quite the dream (or dare we say, fetish) for some Japanese gaming fanatics.

But Dream Party isn’t just all about video games, its is a huge hit with the anime crowd, bringing out cosplayers from all over Japan. Now if you’re still scratching your head as to what cosplayers are… well, they’re basically people that dress up like anime characters or video game characters – costume play – and do performances.

Still over your head? Fine. Just check out the crazy cars completely stickered up with anime-themed gals. We’re actually digging that S15, looks like it could belong smack on the drift track, graphics and all.

[Source: Kotaku]

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