Bentley Launches New Line of Branded Merchandise

Bentley Launches New Line of Branded Merchandise

It’s easy to look good in a Bentley. But now, it’s easy to look good in Bentley, with the companies new line of branded merchandise.

The Bentley Collection has partnered with other exclusive manufacturers to bring you timepieces by Breitling, writing instruments by Tibaldi, sunglasses by Estede, skis by Zai, leather goods by Robert Ettinger of London and scarves by Heritage Cashmere. The theme, “A Tradition of Luxury,” offers limited edition gifts for the Bentley lover in your life.

One of the newest collaborations taking place is between Bentley and Austrian eyewear manufacturer, Estede. This limited edition, high-end range of sunglasses and ophthalmic frames use precious metals and innovative surface treatments such as silver palladium, 18 carat gold and platinum. What makes these eyeglasses so unique is the use of platinum, which has never been used before used in eyewear. In terms of price, a pair of silver palladium glasses will set you back €1,400 ($2,000), 18 carat gold, €4,100 ($5,800) and the platinum edition costs €11,500 ($16,200).

Other gifts will also be available to purchase, such as sterling silver cufflinks, hand-made in England and baring the Bentley hallmark. These include sumptuous silk ties, hand-stitched gloves, model cars and a range of classic clothing and caps.


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