Camaro Body Kit Inspired by Lamborghini Reventon Is, Well, Hideous

Camaro Body Kit Inspired by Lamborghini Reventon Is, Well, Hideous

Oh my lord. There are many things on the Internet that can leave one speechless, but this thing might just top them all.

This 1994 Chevy Camaro sports 143,204 miles on the body but sports a transplanted LT-1 motor with only 36,000 miles or so. But the outside is the real reason for our disgust. The current eBay auction (yes, this bad boy is up for sale) states that it was built to “resemble million dollar exotic supercars, without the costs, maintenance, repairs, insurance, etc.” Oh and that it’ll “peal and smoke the tires from a stand still.”

And as offensive as the bodywork is, the builder even utilized 4-inch wheel spacers to accommodate the widebody conversion.

We’re sure it took a lot of effort and the bodywork really does resemble a Lamborghini, but if you’re any sort of car enthusiast and part of you isn’t disgusted by the idea of the creation, we have to question your passion for all things automobile.

GALLERY: Camaro Converted Lamborghini Reventon

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[Source: eBay via Cardomain Blog]

  • Chad

    The 80’s called, they want their car body back.

  • Tommy

    Even the car from back to the future is better thn thz shit

  • Kevin

    I knew that zombies were in lately but never heard of a car zombie before. I would want for it to go away too! I can remove it for him and for only $500, I will give it a nice funeral service. It has suffered enough.

  • Rtbfreak

    Holy disco camaro! The back bumper looks like my dogs arss with huge sunglasses on! Are those racoon catchers on the front? You could fit a small deer in those things!!!