Carbon Fiber Vinyl-Wrapped Ferrari F40 Looks Stunning

Carbon Fiber Vinyl-Wrapped Ferrari F40 Looks Stunning

Wraps are easily becoming the new aesthetic modification of the future. The offer owners a fairly cost-efficient method of changing the entire look of their vehicle, without having permanent ramifications. If you get bored of it, you can simply peel it off and go back to the stock look. And with any style that catches on and demand goes up, enthusiasts find new and better ways to set themselves apart from the crowd. This Ferrari F40 went the route of a full on carbon fiber wrap as opposed to just a more common flat black wrap.

The material used is a carbon fiber film that is also known as DI-NOC from 3M Films. The DI-NOC material comes in a different variety of finishes including wood, aluminum, marble, stucco, granite and more. One impressive aspect with the material is that you can actually feel the fiber in the weave and, truth be told, the close ups reveal that is looks a lot more realistic than one would think.

We’re loving just how race-inspired and menacing this Ferrari F40 looks with the complete wrap. And even alongside its current-generation friends and counterparts, it’s definitely a stunning car. The matte black wheels and tinted headlights and taillights just round off the package perfectly.

[Source: Mike Bolt Photo via Jon Sibal]

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  • Lily Wu

    i want to know how many carbon fiber sticker for one car warpping?

  • Daniel K

    What a waste of a car.

    The Ferrari F40’s body already has carbon fibre.

    So this is what happened to this car:

    made with carbon fibre -> painted -> then layered with fake carbon fibre … WHY!??!