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 |  Oct 01 2010, 1:50 PM


Citroen’s Survolt electric car is pretty single-minded. While the Tesla Roadster is an electric sports car for the road, the Survolt is meant to be an outright race car.

With two electric motors making 300 horsepower, the Survolt has muscle, and can hit over 160 miles per hour. 0-60 comes in just under 5 seconds, and the best part is the 124 miles means that you can put a fair number of laps in before it needs more juice. Inside, full bucket seats and a roll cage keep you safe, while the rest of the interior matches the funky styling.

Gallery: Citroen Survolt


  • Bill

    The French are so far behind us, some think.. How about this technology

  • Bill

    The ultimate electric car.