Dodge Caliber To Be Replaced By Alfa Romeo Based Hatchback

Dodge Caliber To Be Replaced By Alfa Romeo Based Hatchback

Dodge‘s largely unloved Caliber compact hatchback will get the ax in 2012, with Chrysler replacing the car with a model based on Alfa Romeo’s much lauded Giulietta hatchback.

Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed that the mid-size Alfa hatch would underpin the new Dodge model while commenting on Fiat’s 3rd quarter earnings. The Giulietta will likely be a positive fit in the Dodge lineup, which is Chrysler’s “sporty brand”, although the reaction of Alfa Romeo purists remains to be seen.

[Source: USA Today]

  • Theo du Toit

    This is a disgrace !!! Alfa Romeo and Dodge is as different im heritage as Aprilla or Ducati and Harley Davidson ! A sad announcement indeed

  • Rick

    Theo, nobody said that dodge’s new caliber will be an alfa. What is happening is that alfa/fiat will supply their excellent Compact platform (chassis points basically) and dodge will build it’s own car on it. Same way as Porsche’s Cayenne is built on vw’s touareg platform; audi’s A3 on vw golf, etc…
    Same starting chassis, totally different outcomes.
    Alfa’s 8C shares its chassis with Maserati’s coupe, but those cars are entirely differet beasts.

  • Bruno

    Well, just as long as they aren’t going with that “let’s take the Dodge Caliber and rebadge it as an Alfa” idea that had floated around a while back, I can live with it. Alfa has done lots of platform sharing in the past, usually with them getting the worst (ie – heavy platforms) of it. Hey, they could be getting some heavy-ass Mercedes chassis instead of giving somebody else a crack at a great platform! 😉

  • Ahmed Ginnah

    Comments here just show how naive some commentators are but will ALWAYS want to comment if it concerns Alfa Romeo. This sharing or platforms, underpinnings, and mechanicals etc, have been going on for years. The Fiat Strada Bakkie and the Opel Corsa Bakkie share platforms. Audi – VW, Alfa – Maserati, Ford – Volvo, Ford – Jaguar, and NOW most recent : Toyota GT 86 share platforms, underpinings, mechanicals and very similar bodywork with the Subaru BRZ. Yes, it is OK if everybody does it, BUT, no Alfa Romeo shouldn’t and mustn’t. We must look on the bright side of things to come. Chrysler, instead of going extinct, will be still on the may for years to come. GOOD WORK< Alfa Romeo. Keep it UP!!!

  • Ben

    I have to assume that this will be a good thing. I have a Dodge Magnum SRT8 on the LX platform shared with the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger and derived from the previous-generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class. This is the best handling American car I’ve ever driven. Good Luck to Chrysler.

  • Jim Jackson

    we have a 04 Sebring, a stylish and affordable coupe that handles and performs nicely. we also have a 78 Alfa spider in need of costly repair. I will be very interested in this combination.