EcoBoost Mustang GT Spied? Probably Not

EcoBoost Mustang GT Spied? Probably Not

The folks over at InsideLine have received a few interesting pics of a Ford Mustang test car, speculating that it could be an EcoBoost GT model. There are good reasons for the story, but there are stronger reasons against it.

For: The car sports a front bumper that looks designed to work with an intercooler. Inside the car there’s a “premium fuel only” sticker and a tachometer that stops at an alarmingly high 9000 rpm. Plus, Ford has said the EcoBoost technology will end up in almost all of its vehicles, and they already have a rear-drive versions – as found in the current 2011 F-150.

Against: The biggest fault with the EcoBoost V6 suggestion is that it would never hit 9000 rpm. Currently, in cars like the Taurus SHO it makes peak power of 365-hp at just 5500 rpm.

While we don’t want to ignore the intercooler idea, might we suggest an even higher revving 5.0-liter V8, pushing power closer to the 450-hp mark.

Ford is likely to deliver an EcoBoost Mustang, but it will likely be as a third option, sitting between the traditional V6 and V8.

[Source: InsideLine]

  • Bruce Eubanks

    The original SHO engine was good up to 8500K. Why doesn’t Ford just take the old V6 SHO engine and add direct injection, Dual VVT, Twin Turbos. And make a 3.0 verision to match Audi new 3.0 DI Superchared eninge. This would be nice in a Fuison with a Automated Daul Clutch.