Ferrari 458 Italia Gets New Carbon Fiber Accessories

Ferrari 458 Italia Gets New Carbon Fiber Accessories

Yes, you’ve got yourself a Ferrari 458 Italia and while you absolutely love the vehicle, you want to do a little something to spice it up and set it apart from your neighbors identical version. But you don’t want to go overboard or scream “Hey look at me!” so what do you do? Well now you’ve got yourself a great option with replacement carbon fiber accessory parts straight from Maranello.

The side skirts come painted or unpainted, which makes sense since carbon fiber side skirts sometimes seem odd and don’t flow with the rest of the car when not painted. The front wings and rear diffuser however can be enjoyed in all their carbon fiber glory as accents to the front and rear bumpers.

The front wings are compatible with the parking sensors while the rear diffuser comes complete with vertical fins and fog lamps/rear grill frames.

No pricing has been announced, but we’re guessing it’s all a pretty penny.

[Source: Top Speed]

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  • Denis

    CAPRISTO has them, and they are quite outstanding. if you look at, you’ll have a list along with pricing. They are not cheap though…