Fiat-Based Dodge Caliber Replacement Coming in 2011 With 40-MPG Target

Fiat-Based Dodge Caliber Replacement Coming in 2011 With 40-MPG Target

The first Fiat-based Dodge model is set to debut in late 2011 and is believed to be the replacement for current Caliber. Like the Caliber it will be a compact model and will be based on Fiat’s new Compact Wide architecture, which first debuted on the all new Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Power will come from Fiat’s 1.4-liter FIRE MultiAir engine and the engine, like the car will be produced in the U.S. Fiat is targeting a 40-mpg highway rating for the car, possibly as a special high-mileage model, although with Ford claiming 40-mpg highway for the 2.0-liter Focus, it’s possible all versions of the Caliber replacement will get 40-mpg highway if not better.

The Caliber is set to continue on in production until mid-2012 at which point it will be replaced by the Fiat-based model.

The same architecture is likely to be used for a Chrysler model in the future.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Albert

    I want to purchase a truck that gets 40mpg+. A 2000 GMC is for sale with a 5speed, v-6, has 185,999+ miles on it. In this vehicle I want to put a 40-60mpg engine and transmission in it-5speed. The truck is $4,000. How much for the engine/transmission switch and a warranty 36,000/50,000 miles?

    If Ford made an F-150, with a Ford Fusion 40-60mpg engine, in Automatic – they’d sell them fast as they make them and I’d buy one, a 2000-new but with a 2012 engine, $10,999-in 2012.