Ford To Recall, Buy Back Windstar Minivans With Defective Axles

Ford To Recall, Buy Back Windstar Minivans With Defective Axles

Ford‘s Windstar minivan is undergoing a massive recall, with over 460,000 1998-2003 Windstars being recalled over a fault rear axle that may corrode and ultimately fail.

Ford has informed dealers that rather than fix the problem, they may buy back the vehicles instead. “At our discretion, the remedy we offer may involve repurchasing a customer’s vehicle at a price we believe either matches or exceeds market value,” Ford said in a prepared statement.

Not surprisingly, the recall affects cars in “rust belt” states like Michigan and locations in Canada where road salt is used. NHTSA said that 96 percent of complaints came from the following states; Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin, plus Washington, D.C.

[Source: Detroit News]

UPDATE: The Ford Windstar is now under investigation by NHTSA for rusting subframe issues. Click here to read the story.

  • Jennifer

    We just dropped our Windstar off to be inspected….we counted 23 old Windstars parked in a rear lot of the dealership. Has anyone received a buy back offer from Ford? How much are they offering. We have a 2000 Windstar LX with 82,000 miles.

  • windstar owner 1999

    We have a 1999 windstar that failed inspection, now waiting on parts to be fixed. They told us today they would offer us $2,255.00.

  • melissa

    I received a letter in the mail from ford telling me that there was a recall on the vehicles. I have 1998 ford windstar and they said that my vehicle failed the test and that it is such poor condition that they may just do a buy back. I am hoping that they give me the value of what the car is and not for what it is worth. Please. that way i can get a better reliable vehicle for me and my kids.

  • Tina

    mine has a big crack in the chasis. It is a 2003 Limited edition with 380,000 klms on it….what is that worth, now i have no van

  • 1999 Windstar SEL

    I dropped my 1999 Windstar SEL with 125,000mi. off at the Dealership yesterday. It failed inspection. 3 other Windstars were in the storage lot. I was told that Ford is waiting to see how many have cracks in them. The repair parts have not been manufactured yet. It will be over 30 days before Ford makes a decision. They hope to prevent other vans from deterioration rather than repair the ones that already damaged.

  • Brandy

    I just bought my van from jdbyrider in feb. They will never pay what I owe for it. How is it fair that I make my payments ontime and now may end up carless if they don’t give me enough to pay the van off. I can’t make two van payments. I’m a single mom and I already work a full-time and part time job.

  • Jennifer

    10 Winters in Minnesota..and my Windstar passed with flying colors..of course..would have loved for them to buy back this POS. Transmission issues almost from day one…recall on the Cruise Control with continuing problems causing the ABS light to illuminate..possible fire hazard…Never buying another Ford!

  • tom konz

    my axle broke one week before i got recall letter its been at ford dealer for 3 days now i still have no rental car that ford said it would provide will be on phone to ford today this is so awesome

  • shaun s

    2001 windstar 144,000 miles brought in yesterday to a small dealership, axel was cracked. they kept the van and after being on the phone 45min with ford customer service was told that they only deal with enterprise car rentals and there would be no rentals available for at least 36hrs.When word gets out about how this is being handled I bet there next quarter will not be record breaking! No more fords for me…..

  • russell carr

    at this point in time ford is going by the vin # to decide who gets vehicle buy back. it is a lousey flawed way for a buy back. it will not be 30 days for parts but rather 90-120 days do not be fooled in the process of keeping a rental car for that long keep in mind that we do have to pay taxex which are estimated at $148.00 per month when toyota did there recall they pd the taxes and all expenses. ford should do the very least how sad that the foreigen car makers have better poicys. they should buy back all the vehicles, pay taxes on rentals and show some customer satisfaction. very very few will actually see a buy back, while the rest of us will not see our cars for 3-4 months

  • Bill

    Ford will allow Enterprise to only supply Ford Vehicles if your Van is kept by the dealer. Focus, Fusion are no charge. Taurus is $5.00 a day we pay. Flex and other crossovers, $10.00 extra. I waited 24 hrs for a Focus, and I live in Southeast Michigan. Ford Country.

  • Bob

    You need to be smart when you take it in and most of all take it to a good dealer. It’s a minivan, you have a minivan because you need a big car. I told them wife, two kids, dog, and mother-in-law, don’t make me sit the dog on mother-in-laws lap, they wrote on the form family of six – needs minivan, we go to RI twice a month to visit mom. They got us a 2010 town and country touring edition, fully loaded, no charge. They said count on it for 90 days. They had to pay for collision waiver because we don’t have it on the windstar. Ford worked out a flat rate with enterprise, $38 a day and $8 a day for collision waiver, doesn’t matter what you rent. Took only 8 hours from time of drop off to in rental. I’m sure my dealer will push for the highest buy back value so they can walk me into the show room and sell me a new car.

  • Robin

    Truth is, no matter what vehicle they put you in it’s a rental. Only one driver is allowed to operate the car. We are a family of five with four drivers. The other three drivers are now without any means of transportation. Also, our 2 dogs are specifically excluded by the rental contract; we must now spend hundreds to board the dogs Thanksgiving and Christmas if we want to spend the holidays with family. Our dealer gave us a Honda Accord rental saying they receive only $28 per day toward the rental, Ford says they give $38 per day. Who at the dealership is pocketing the $10 per day during the 90-120 days I wait for resolution? I want to know who Bob’s dealer is…

  • 2003 Windstar owner

    Just bought mine in April and owe quite a bit on it. From the offers I am hearing about, they are not going to give me enough to pay it off. What happens when you turn down their offer? Are they still going to replace the axle?

    As for rental, we were told Enterprise could give us a Focus or Fusion and if we wanted something bigger, we would pay the difference. Taxes are bad enough. I can’t believe Toyota paid sales tax but Ford won’t! That is horrible!

    And what about all these Windstars that owners are desperately trying to dump on Craigslist? There are dozens of them listed in Detroit area, including many at used car dealers. The used car dealers should not be allowed to sell them!

    Ford only issued this recall because of a lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania in May. Sadly, too late for a 29 year old father of two in Massachusetts who lost control of his Windstar on October 15 and crashed into a building. His family said he just go the recall notice and was planning to take it in. Investigation is probably not complete, but initial thoughts were that it was due to the axle breaking.

    Ford needs to be making some better offers and publicizing this to get Windstar owners to bring them in before someone else dies.

  • Mike Virostko

    Had my 2002 Windstar inspected on Wednesday. I figured with my luck, the van would pass. To my surprise, it failed and is sitting on the lot. We were the 19th van in the lot. Failure rate is running around 50 percent (We We have a Fusion from Enterprise). They want me $7/day for a van which we need. My dealer will pay another company (Avis will rent me a long term van for $38/day), but they require a credit card, not a purchase order. All Ford is saying is “Sorry for the inconvenience”. I did not buy a van to look cool in. I need the passenger space and cargo space. I am very frustrated with Ford. May not ever get another Ford since this van has many small problems. Local woman did get a van after she appear on a local TV station Consumer report segment.

  • Mike

    Took my van in yesterday for what was supposed to be a quick check and it turned out the axle was cracked. I was told they may not have parts until March. They put me on the phone with Enterprise who told me they were sorry, but they could not get me a van or similar sized vehicle until at least mid-November (no issue with only being rented a Ford or with having to pay for something bigger). I went home and while waiting for the call from Enterprise about a car, I decided to Tweet @enterprisecares and @FordCustService. Long story short, they saw the tweets, contacted local dealer and Enterprise location and worked something out. I picked up a Chrysler Town and Country this morning. Sometimes it really is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease!

  • Dan

    The dealership now has my Windstar and its cracked axle. They have made a list of every item that needs maintenance and want to deduct it from the buyout – as if the dealership is getting a bonus for keeping buyouts low. This makes no sense because a low buyout figure will have me saying “I’ll take the $46/day rental and you can fix this baby when you get the parts in April” (my dealer said it might be April or May before enough parts hit NJ – and the fix is so complicated that they might ruin components of the rear axle assembly as it all gets disassembled). I liked my Windstar and the fact that Ford didn’t go bankrupt so I hope they do the right thing for customers who have already demonsrtated that they want to buy from a solid, American car company.

  • Nancy

    We took our 98 Windstar with 96,000 miles in to our local dealer a week ago, and were told that of the 22 vans that they had inspected….our axle was the worst yet, with the exception of the one that had the axle fracture completely two days previously…while it was being driven. I was called on Monday, and told that Detroit will be sending me a “packet” and would be offering $1600 to buy the vehicle. Dealer told me that he had told Detroit that it was in excellent shape,with the exception of the rear axle. We were given a Toyota van from the rental company to drive. Still have not received anything in the mail from Ford. We decided that we didn’t want to be stuck with a large excess charge for rental fee’s, above and beyond, what Ford would pay. Bought a 2011 Kia SUV, and returned the rental. I think that basically we’re ALL going to be stuck….won’t make axles until the latest possible dates next spring….or early summer…..and won’t be sending buyout checks anytime soon….OH….dealer told us that Ford would give all of us 24 hrs to make decision on buyout offers…..Will NEVER EVER own another Ford!!!!! Just want my check….from Ford….whatever it is.

  • patti

    wow! my daughter family of 2 kids, husband cat dog fish and frogs like you all bought a mini van not for looks but convience and space, was traveling down the highway when the rear end was making a loud noise. she called her husband and told him to come get the van or have it towed. when they got home there was a notice of recall. they took it to the daeler and there is 150 windstar vans in their dealer lot in kty waiting until estimated time for replacement part is first to mid qtr 2011. until then they were given a focus rental car told at no charge and they would recieve a possible buy out offer in 30 days. how much don’t know but nissan is offering 150% of retail value for their boo boo. perhaps this need to be a class action lawsuit if not resolved adequately.

  • Joe

    Live in NH. 2001 Windstar failed Thursday. Autofair Ford in Manchester NH said they would get me a rental at Ford’s expense. I told them I needed a van, 2 hours later I was delivered a Town & Country from Enterprise. No hassles, the dealer was great. I was told 30 to 120 days. Enterprise said Ford would pay for all. Mine was the 4th at this dealer. Enterprise also said any driver in my house over 25 could drive the car.

    I’m sure that this will be a shock on the rental car company since it is going to be a huge recall. There was a call from the dealer today which I’m sure would be some offer. I’ll be interested to hear the details. I will post information as I get it. Good luck to all.

  • Sam

    Somebody knows the serial number involved on this problem???

    Thank you

  • Kristen

    Ours failed in PA, and the Ford dealer told us we could get any rental we like & Ford would pay for it> We got an Explorer, but the people right before us Got a Toyota,Sienna. If your dealer say’s they won’t pay for a big enough car, or a non Ford car for your family they are lying to you. Also we are paying nothing, not even the taxes.
    As far as a buyback, the dealer called us & told us that Ford would be sending us an offer of 3,095. I have an 2000 with only 85,000mi on it. I checked the purchase rates at Kelly Blue Book, and was shown a price of 6,600 to purchase a like vehicle. Then I looked at what cars they could show me that were local and found they seemed to range between 6,500 and 8,000. If Ford thinks I should have to pay out of pocket just to be able to get a like vehicle, then I smell a lawsuit coming on. They aren’t doing us any favors by offering this price. If I reject their offer then they will have to pay my rental & to fix the vehicle & then I will still have my vehicle worth 6,600.

    I would think they wouldn’t want to be the next Toyota.

  • Bill

    Ford contacted me today though my local dealer. The buy back offer on a 1999 Windstar SEL with 125,000 miles was $3,400 plus a $2,000 credit on a new Ford. Rental on my mini-van, which Ford is paying, is $38 a day. Estimated repair date on my 1999 is March of 2011. I am keeping my rental until then. My Windstar will be worth about the same, I will have a car with 15,000 on it for a Michigan Winter at no cost to me. No Brainer. I turned FoMoCo down. Just have it fixed right when I get it back. I am paying $90 a month in taxes on my rental. I will hold my rental hostage until they re-embourse me for my tax money.

  • Eric

    My wife took our 2001 in not knowing about the recall yet, Service Manager informed her of the details. Made an appointment for 4:00 PM that day, I met her there. The Service Manager came and got me , took me out in the shop area (I had safety shoes ECT on) and showed me the crack. There were about 12 others already there and more on the way. Enterprise was out of cars, it was Friday eve. The service manager hooked me up with a loaner for the weekend and assured enterprise would have a car for Monday afternoon. Today is Monday, We drove the loaner over to enterprise, they had a 2011 KIA minivan washed and ready to go and fully paid for by Ford, Drove the loaner out to the dealership, handed the keys to the service manager. He ask if I got a vehichle? I answered yes . He then told me he had just heard about the 1st windstar inspection from 3 weeks ago that a offer was made. As for Ford, well I own a “66”, “94” and “01 windstar. Just remember ford did not take a bailout! I Know this is a tough road, I can’t afford a car payment either but, we should all wait and see what happens before cutting ford off at the knees. I like my Windstar with 170000 mi, it has been good and dos’nt owe me a thing, I liked my old dog too but he got old and had to be put down. Good luck all

  • Melissa

    Yes, I received an offer of $2355.00 for my 1999. I owe that much on the loan I have for it. THis stinks.

  • Shon

    I have an 01 Windstar SEL, I was driving when my axle broke and had 5 children with me LUCKY FOR FORD NO ONE GOT HURT!!!!!! This happened Sunday the 24th of October. Monday my fiance came home and was looking at it checked the mail, low and behold a recall from Ford concerning rear axle. Let me tell you while it may be all fine and dandy that they gave us a rental Monday at NO CHARGE (10 Dodge Grand Caravan), and are willing to fix it (won’t have back till prolly March), who’s to say it will be safe? Oh and 2 years ago my front axle broke slammed me into a concrete median, and we’ve made MANY repairs to the van. I LOVED my van but NOW I won’t drive it or ride in it even if it gets fixed, I am SCARED TO DEATH of that van! And he talked to Ford today and they aren’t buying back my van, its not under a 2000 model, well dipty do dah!!! That van could have claimed my life not once but TWICE now!!! When I get my van back IT WILL BE UP FOR SALE OR TRADE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jay t

    took my 2000 ford windstar in,it failed with flying colours thank fcuk, got a nice rental,see what happens,i may ask them to fix it if they dont offer enough money.

  • 2003 Windstar owner

    Is the sales tax being paid in some states but not others? I am in Michigan and had to pay sales tax. It appears people in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire did not. When I called Ford about it, they asked for my zip code so it makes me think it depends on what state you are in? Either way, it isn’t right!!

  • Mike

    I own a 2002 Windstar. Took it in 2 days ago. It had a cracked rear axle. 128,000 miles on it. No offer, but will not take less than $7000 for it. Got a Mazda rental from Enterprise. Had to use a CC for the deposit. $50 deposit refunded when I return the vehicle. No other charges that I know of.

  • russell

    I live in New Hampshire and am paying sales tax. Anyone else in New Hampshire?

  • Kel

    We finally got the recall notice a couple weeks ago but this was about 6 weeks AFTER the axle snapped while my husband was driving it.. Now Ford is paying $1,000+ per month until the first quarter of 2011 (when the new axle might be available to replace on our windstar ?) for us to drive a rental. What a waste…just give us the money of what it’s worth…

  • Daniel

    Took my 2003 Windstar limited to Arundel ford in Arundel Maine,It fail very very bad…It’s it’s in great shape and only has 71000 miles on it. Did not take long for a rental but i have to pay 4.75 a day in taxes for at least 3 to 5 months maybe longer.My budget just don’t support that expense plus it’s so close to christmas.They also gave a 2010 Dodge charger!!! because that’s all they had.What the hell we have 2 children in full size car seats and 1 in a booster,Bought the van because we need the room.It’s time we all band up and get some respect for what is there problem to begin to fight back legally !!!!

  • Liz

    We have a higher end 1998 with low mileage and we were only offered $2,000.00. This article says that Ford may buy back the vehicles “at a price we believe either matches or exceeds market value.” Well, seeing as the axles break and dealers can’t sell them, there is now no market value on these vehicles. Thanks a lot Ford!

  • zenith

    wow what towns are accumulating large numbers of parked Windstars at the dealerships?

  • chris

    I am told of $38 limit of only for rental in NY. Rental agency says that they do not bill the dealership for tax as they are tax exempt. Dealer thinks that the agency will be me for tax. I think they make this S#IT UP AS THEY GO. Has anybody actually been billed for tax? and by whom?
    Don’t ever buy a FORD

  • Nicole

    I live in WI and the dealership won’t even do an inspection on my windstar. They said they have to wait to hear from FORD, maybe another week. Now scared to drive the kids in it. You get a recall notice that says take it in and the dealer won’t look at it!!!!!!!!!

  • Rich

    Saw Mike’s $7000 demand and couldn’t resist writing in…Seriously? Try

    Just wanted to throw another stat on the bulletin board – I too am in the Windstar “limbo” club. Seems everyone is getting a different experience, but my experience was much like Bob’s post on 10/28. Took our ’99 SE (116,000 miles) in 10/19, and it was their 7th to fail (we’re in Twin Cities, MN). Enterprise was Johny on the spot and had me out within 2 hours. I did use the same reasoning as Bob – family of 5, plus 2 dogs. “Don’t put me in a Focus!!!” The guy had already talked with Enterprise, but he got back on the phone, 10 minutes later Enterprise showed up in a Flex Limited (nice!). No tax charge. There’s no justice in this, and it seems luck of the draw is playing a major role. Maybe karma will catch up with me on the offer…

    If you haven’t brought yours in yet, maybe there’s a few things you can do before getting stuck. Call ahead and see how many have failed – stands to reason the more the dealer has held, the fewer cars the Enterprise closest to the dealer is going to have available for you. And call Enterprise closest to the dealer to see what they have available. Keep calling until you get the right dealer/Enterprise combo. Then gingerly get your van there before someone takes your rental, should you need it… To test, the dealer poked at the axle with a screwdriver and that was enough to make a hole. Failed!

    For those keeping the van: is there any concern on your part that the metal and coating on the rear axle aren’t much different from the rest of the undercarriage? I mean, if they fix the axle, what’s next? Visible rust is a fact of life in MN after 10 years, but most vehicles still get 20 years with good maintenance. And even then they don’t crack up on the road…Ford has us over a barrel on this one, I’m not much in their fan club right now. Then again I can’t say I really respect any of the carmakers right now – my other car’s a Dodge with a penchant for oil. Axle looks good though!

    Best of luck to you all – we’re all in this together!

  • mark

    I took my 2000 windstar to the dealer at 8:30am and at 8:40am it was sitting with the rest of them out back. So Enterprise called at 9:30am and telling me they had a car for me. I requested a van as I have 4 kids (THIS IS WHY WE BUY VANS!!! HELLO!)So…I’m told to come get a 2010 Town and Country,great…but we talk It seems I willneed to pay $8.00 a day for full coverage insurance or roughly $240.00 a month…NOT!So I ended up with a Nissan. 6 of us in a Nissan Sentra…nice! Ford Motor Company…WRITE ME A CHECK and I will be on my way thank you very much.

  • Joe

    Just an update. The offer from Ford was $2000 towards a new Ford. I declined, even with 176K on my 2001, once tha axle is fixed I expect a couple more years of no car payment. Besides hard to find a vehicle today that hauls as many people and will tow my boat. The dealer suggest a $35,000 Flex. Way, way too much money for a car!!

    Dealer has no update on when to expect parts. So I’ll keep putting all the miles on the Enterprise Town and Country.

    I live in NH and used a NH dealer there is no Sales Tax here!!!

  • Barbara

    My friend has a 2002 with over 250,000km. She brought it in about 20 days ago and it had the cracked axle. We live in Canada. She was put in a 2011 Ford Edge fully loaded- all the bells and whistles- she does not have to pay a penny.

  • Dave

    Our 1999 Windstar didn’t pass inspection, it has a cracked axle and is waiting in the back lot with half a dozen other Windstars for repairs that will not happen before the first quarter of 2011 and that looks real iffy. Dealer put me in a Town & Country, comfortable enough, but it’s costing extra for insurance. Ford has been cooperative enough so far, but there needs to be a real attempt made at resolution. I can’t buy an equal to the Windstar, which was a great van for us, with the projected buy back; have no interest in another car payment. Ford needs to step up and make this right.

  • Colleen

    My Windstar has joined numerous others in the lot of undrivables. I was not treated very well at the dealer, it was like I had bubonic plague written on my forehead when I brought the van in for inspection. Sat there for 45 minutes and an Enterprise employee comes up to me to ask if I was waiting for a ride. Told him not to my knowledge, but seeing as I am the only one here it might be possible. He leaves to check it out with the dealer, comes back says, yes I am the one who needs a ride. Dealer up to this point had not even bothered to tell me my axle had failed. I had figured it was bad as it was creaking pretty loudly when turning into my driveway the past week. The service man then came in and handed me a paper saying it failed and told me mine was really really bad and walked away. So after we emptied my van into the go-cart sized car Enterprise had brought to pick me up in there was barely any room for me and my daughter. I am a visiting nurse so have to have a lot of supplies with me. The Enterprise guy took me to their place and told the women behind the counter I needed a large vehicle and 10 minutes later I was driving a Hyundai Santa Fe. Enterprise told me if that didn’t work for me they could get me another van, no way, I am only driving a minivan because it is paid for. I am going to enjoy the new ride for now. Hoping for a buyout. I was surprised the dealer was not friendlier, I would think they would be hoping to sell me a new car sooner or later.

  • Cathy

    From NH.. and took my van to Auto Fair and like Joe had no problems with rental car, they only had a Mazad 5 at the time but told me to bring it back for a van or SUV as I should be in a car that mtches the one I dropped off. The whole thing took maybe 45 mins. They were great at the dealer. However they have called a few times I’m sure to make an offer, but we keep missing each other. The rental for 60 days is $1900 plus the part and labor… I’m thinking they’ll have to offer more than $2000….. I can’t buy another car for $2000 to replace that one!!!! and I’m not willing to finance a crazy amount…….

  • Dan

    As a follow-uo to my earlier post. I was chatting up the Enterprise clerk and she told me that Enterprise protects itself from non-payment (of the rental fee and extraneous fees and charges) by having your credit card on file. When I asked her exactly what she meant, she said “Do you have anything in writing from Ford that guarantees payment of this rental?” When I said no, she said “neither do we,” …. so be prepared that any charge that you “think” is being covered (sales tax, homeland security fee of $5 per day for each of the first 28 days of each 30 day rental, collision damage waiver) might be coming out of your pocket when the car is returned. Entereprise has no affiliation with Ford, they are happy to rent out as many vehicles as possible for this recall but everyone should realize that their credit card is the final guaranteer of full payment. And god forbid you don’t take the collision damage waiver, you better not get a scratch on the car because not only do you pay for the repair but you will also pay (the full non-discounted) daily rate for every day that the rental is being repaired. This rental situation is definitely a case of “if it sounds too good – it is.” All I can say is if Ford makes this situation worse by leaving its customers exposed to hundreds (or thousands) of dollars of surprise charges with these rentals then I will not only never buy another Ford but I will put a bumper sticker on my new Toyota saying “Ask me why I gave up on American Cars!” Ford should be very careful with it’s core base of loyal, repeat customers.

  • Corrinne

    I had this piece of junk in for faulty cruise/speed control several months ago and now this. I have a cracked axle and no way to get back and forth to school now. Thanks, Ford.

  • FURIOUS!!!

    We were told they were not going to have any parts to fix our Windstar till Feb or March or next year! In the meantime Enterprise has no vans avaliable for our family of 6. Ford expects me to pay the taxes on a rental that doesn’t even fit our family. Rediculous! They won’t use any other rental place other then Enterprise, so even though the rental place down the street has tons of vans, we get offered a two door truck. Unacceptable! Sure they will buy back your van, but only if it’s up to a 2000. Our’s is a 2001. Our Ford Windstar is our ONLY vehicle. Thanks a lot for screwing us over Ford! Shame on you and your crappy cars!!!

  • barbara

    Has anyone got a buy back check from Ford yet? I have been waiting for paper work for two weeks.

  • Nancy

    No check here yet….no paper work. First I was told that paper work would arrive in 2 days. That was two weeks ago. Last week, I was told in another 2-3 weeks, I would get paper work from Ford. Nothing at all. I really wonder if they had any idea of the number of Windstars that would fail the test. For a corporation that size, you would think that this whole mess would have been better organized. I haven’t heard of one person who has gotten their “packet” from Detroit, let alone a check.

  • tup

    please pass the word, this could be very bad……….

  • Dave


    Windstar failed, FMC offered 3600 for an 01′. I, like you have had to dump alot of money in keeping a windstar going. So for FORD, 120 days in my 2010 Impala at 38/day =$4560.00 and than they (will be fixing my further rusting, “sitting on grass”, Front Subframe Rear mount, “Base” also ROTTING getting ready to drop and bind up the Steering Gear (oh!! quiet on that one)>> Just like The old Taurus subframe recall was to fix). will be fixing my van.
    So Ford 4560.00 + 900.00 to repair a Veh that —will— have a really big problem within 2 years.. and the extra 120.00 to drive,fuel up,Wash and Vac these vans and the batteries,mice and Vandalizm.. Why don’t you give me 5500.00 and Crush the thing… Who is Running the Calculator?? GM??

  • 2003 Windstar owner

    I totally agree with you Dave!! Ford is spending all this money to keep us in rentals for three months when they could just cut us a check and be done. I can’t believe the way this is being handled. The best part of the story is that it probably never would have happened had it not been for a class action lawsuit filed in May in Pennsylvania — Ford “voluntarily” recalled the Windstars to try to get the case dismissed.

    Ford could score some major points with Windstar owners if they offer fair buy-backs with additional consideration given to those who have made this repair already, those who have an outstanding loan on their vehicle and a fixed amount given to everyone just for the hassle and inconvenience.

  • Tara Mulder

    I also own a 2003 Windstar that is being kept with others at the dealership. We were placed in a Focus and talk about being small. My husband was furious and called Ford Cororate offices. He called me back shaortky after and said to be expecting a call from a guy at the dealership because they are getting me into something bigger. Also I called the insureance company to make sure everything was covered. I had full coverage insurance on my van but had to add another insurance for around $20 for 6 months but this would make the rentl 100% covered as your regular full coverage only covers so much on rental. Plus enterprise was trying to charge me $50 deposit which is refundable when you return the car. No way wa that going to happen. I did get charged $1.00 though instead. No way am I interested in the buy back beacuse they are only offering around $2,500. I owe $5600. They can pay the whole thing off and let me keep the van and fix the axle. How fair is this whole situation? NOT AT ALL. I am still not quit sure what to do. Sit around until March and see what happens then.

  • Nancy

    The more reading I do, the more I’m finding that the situation with subframe failures on Windstars is about equal to the number of fractures and cracked rear axles. Why didn’t the NHTSA force a recall for BOTH problems at the same time?? I’m guessing that most of us who have had serious problems with the rear axle, have equally serious problems right now with the front subframe, and Ford isn’t mentioning that on the inspection. So glad that I’m never going to drive that Windstar again.

  • GL Owner

    The numbers being stated for the buyout are all over the board. We’re waiting to see what the offer is for our ’98 with 75000. We heard the same thing as Liz. The buyout would be “at a price we believe either matches or exceeds market value”. For those of you waiting around with your rental, a word of advise. Our dealer told us that if you wait (too long) and decide to take the buyout, they will deduct the cost of the rental up to that point from the buyout amount. We’re going to get some hard details on this when we stop by the dealer later. We haven’t received our offer yet. I’m hoping (yea – wishful thinking) they won’t deduct anything for the short time we’re using the rental while waiting for the offer to arrive.

  • LX owner

    I have a 2000 Windstar LX w/ 95000 mi. Brought it in to my dad’s shop when I heard of the axle recall and sure enough it has a small crack. Checked out the subframe and it is a miracle the front end hasn’t ripped off. Right side is rusted right through where it meets the unibody. If you have this problem you need to file a complaint with the NHTSA now! They are investigating this problem may recall it. I haven’t brought mine in yet. I’m waiting to see what Ford is going to actually pay out for the buybacks. It will probably determine whether or not I ever buy a Ford again. Every manufacturer has problems. It is how you address these problems that creates customer loyalty.

  • LX owner

    I would be satisfied if they offered me full retail ($4500 for my 2000 LX). I would consider that fair considering I now need to replace a vehicle that I wasn’t planning on replacing for a couple of years.
    It would be cheaper for Ford. We already know the repair + the rental will cost them that much. Factor in the future recall on the subframe and the fact that the speed control switch recall may have stopped the leak and fire risk but has left many people with ABS issues and $4500 will be much cheaper than the fixes and rentals.

  • Paula

    I have a 2000 LX with 117000 miles on it and after taking my van to the dealer and waiting about 2 hours they came and told me my van had a cracked axle and then was offered $2710 for my van. I said I had to talk to my husband as my van is paid for and in no way was that going to buy me another vehicle without a payment. As I am no longer working due to going back to school we can’t really afford a car payment right now. Then they were going to put me in a Escape and I politely told them there was no way that would work because we are a family of 6 and I had to have at minimum a 6 passenger vehicle. It took about another 45 mins but they had someone come pick me up from Enterprise and drive me about 35 miles to the closest place with a van. Ford is paying for my rental, insurance, and taxes… The catch is I was suppose to give a decision on the buy out within 48 hours.. I have been trying to find a vehicle that I could afford with the 2700 down but I don’t think its going to be possible. so I guess I am going to have drive the rental and wait for my van to be fixed. Seems like between the cost of the rental and the cost of repair even if they spent 4700 to buy my van they would be saving money. or heck Id even take a used van off their lot as a even trade!

  • Sandy

    I have a 1998 GL with 197,000 miles. Garage kept, well maintained, no accidents. I dropped it off Oct. 29 knowing the axle was rusted and cracked. (took it to my mechanic to look). There were 20 Windstars sitting on the lot. I got a call today with Ford offering me $2000.00. They couldn’t tell me if it was cash, or cash towards a new Ford or a used car. I could sell it for more. I will drive my 2011 Ford Fusion rental from Enterprise and wait to have my van fixed possibly in Jan. Ford owes alot of money to alot of people. We must all write letters to have our voice heard!
    Ford Motor Company
    Customer Relationship Center
    P.O. Box 6248
    Dearborn, MI 48126

  • gail

    Has anyone received the paperwork for the buyback? Is it worded as a settlement so you will be unable to participate in any subsequent lawsuits? How long do you have to decide? Also, it should be noted that the buyback in not considered a tradein so you also lose the benefit of recoving the sales tax.

  • barbara

    I received a phone call from Ford this a.m. saying my paperwork would be coming today Fedex. I have 7 days to sign and return it with my title. I have a 2000 sel with 125,000 miles and the settlement is $3995.00. After I send it back she said I should receive a check in about ten days. After I get the check I will return the rental car. This all took about 2 weeks to get the paperwork.

  • m

    People, Ford doesn’t owe you for the payoff and they don’t owe you for the costs over the years to keep it repaired. Ford owes for the market value of the vehicle. If you are getting offers of $ 2500-5000 KBB, depending on the year of the vehicle, take it and RUN, because if you wait, get it repaired, it will be worth $ 500 if you try to sell it, cause after the repair, no one in America is gonna want to own this problem vehicle and the dealer sure doesn’t want it back. The van historically has had tons of problems such as transmission, head gasket, the ongoing-check engine light because of intake manifold and now this. The van has tons of recalls. So, if you get an offer, think about it, don’t be a fool.

  • Bob Village Ford Dearborn MI

    Ford motor company bought my 99 windstar back for $2455.00 plus I bought the first rear axle in it , also had speed senor harness fire so ford paid repair bills back to me $850.00 , I also bought new Ford Focus , They are giving a $2500.00 Windstar credit if you buy a new Ford, also my rebates on new car $ 3000.00 ,so I put all that money down on new car,close to $9000.00 down on a Focus with 2.9 finace rate LOL. I am so happy Ford Motor Company stepped right up and took care of problems Thanks to the people at Fords & Village Ford in Dearborn MI

  • LX Owner

    Do you work for Ford Public Relations M? What I need is a van that works or enough money to at least come close to being able to buy a used replacement van. I really don’t care what the van will be worth. If Ford will fix the axle and subframe, I will just drive it until it isn’t worth fixing and then junk it. What good is $2500 going to do? It will cost me twice that to buy comparable van.

  • Neil Palmatier

    I own a 2001 Ford Windstar that the local Ford dealership found a cracked rear axle which is also severely rusted and pitted. I was advised by the service manager that the vehicle was unsafe to drive. They also found the front subframe assemblies on both sides cracked and severly rusted.

    I was put in a 2006 Ford Freestar, and told I was not eligible for a buyback, and would have to wait for months until a new axle arrived. I was also told that the subframe assemblies are not being recalled at this time. How can this be? There are several people coming forward with the subframe problems and if enough are fund, hopefully Ford will recall them as well. I filed a complaint with NHTSA for the axle and subframes, and would encourage anyone having either of these problems doing so as well.

    It is upsetting that owners of 2001-2003 Windstars cannot receive the buyback which I feel is a great offer for most people. We cannot sell, trade, or drive our vehicles for who knows how long. Even after repairs, our vehicles will be worth very little given all of the problems they have had.

    It makes much more sense for Ford to buy back our vehicles and get them off of the road, rather than paying rental fees, parts, repairs, as well as frustrating its customers.

  • Perplexed in NH

    I’m one of the lucky ones with a good rental van (Dodge Grand Caravan)and no accidents or even incidents. I do wonder (like some of you) why Ford didn’t offer a blanket buyout offer to all
    Windstar owners. I have a 2002 SEL with 130,000 miles and would welcome something reasonable for an offer. You can rest assured that what residual value the cars might have had won’t exist after this latest chapter in the long saga of the Windstar is over. We liked our car very much and had some great memories traveling around with the kids for six years but was glad on numerous occasions that we had bought the 100,000 mile extended warranty. That paid for the transmission at 76,000 miles among other things. My dealership and Enterprise have been excellent, but would like Ford to ramp up effort a notch or two at this point to remedy the situation before March 2011. I think they’d actually save a few thousand dollars per vehicle in the process as well and could then donate the cars worth saving to charity after they were fixed. I know a number of families locally that are having hard times and can’t find a decent car under for $5,000.

  • Jim

    I bought a used 2002 Windstar from a small used car dealer in Ontario Canada. I accepted it with a check engine light on and the next day I took it to a Ford dealership to have it serviced.

    The service manager advised me that there was a recent recall regarding the rear axle that had to be carried out as it was a vital safety issue.
    Within 30 minutes he asked me to accompany him to my vehicle in the maintenance shop. He showed me where the technicians had sanded the front part of the rear axle down to bare metal and pointed to several pin holes in the metal. He said that the vehicle couldn’t leave the lot as it was unsafe and that Ford would be providing me with a rental car until a new axle would be available in Feb/March 2011.

    Within 10 minutes he had a driver from the dealership with a purchase order to pay for the car of my choice from National Car Rental. I’ve got a 2009 Chev Impala with 200 free KM per day.The charge to Ford is $35.00 per day. I’m the only driver allowed under the contract.
    National suggested that I put the car on my own policy which covers the Windstar and put the Windstar on a storage policy. I’m apparently on the hook for the applicable taxes which I am going to protest.–Good luck on that one.

    As for the Feb/March axle date the service manager suggested “that date is kind of iffy” and that my best source of information would be to follow the news.

    The dealer was very good to me but I don’t have a whole lot of faith in Ford as they’re going to take a beating on this issue and I suspect that they’re not going to be doing any favors for anyone.
    By the comments on here they obviously don’t seem to have a standard policy for looking after the problem that they created. If they want to maintain whatever good name they may have they’d best get cracking on this issue.

  • katie coffman

    I live in oakland county,mi.,have been very lucky. Enterprise put me in a new dodge van.I have no credit card, even though they said I had to have one,I stood my ground and they waived it,.I am not paying a penny out of pocket. They even waved the fifty dollar deposit. I really think it depends on the dealership. Can’t afford to buy a new car either,and I don’t want another ford.shame on you ford motor. I’m 61.

  • katie coffman

    I tHink we should all get together and start a class action lawsuit.

  • katie coffman

    To m, I think you are nuts or working for ford.every auto dealer should stand behind what they make. Why should we spend our hard earned money on something that could take our lives. Can you read?the paper is full. Of recalls for a lot of different makes and models. People are or could die!

  • Steve in Mass.

    2000 bought new. Well cared for – I am in the trade found mine cracked while doing brakes this summer before recall 102K . Welded it up temporary fix. Trans blew 2 yrs ago cost $1500. 90K. Ongoing problem with check engine light and throwing lean codes (intake leak) now this.
    Will probably take the buyout if offered – don’t trust this thing and after this recall these vans won’t be worth a damn.

    Last P.O.S. Ford i will own.

  • M

    Same as most people on here. Took my 99 SE (109,000 miles) in on 10/26. Told it was the 7th to fail at the dealer at that time (and I took it to a small town dealer). Was given a 10 Jeep Patriot from Enterprise with the collision waver and tax included, at no charge, no deposit, and no credit card required and told that if a van became available I could trade it in. I’m enjoying the cheaper gas since I drive further to work, even though it’s a tight fit for my kids (my oldest just got out of the booster in August). My husband got a call from the dealer today, saying they would get us out of the situation for fair market value + $1000. My husband asked what fair market value was, and the dealer balked saying that they didn’t know until a complete assessment happened. He said we’re just going to keep driving the rental until its fixed. All I want is a working van, either mine or a new one, since my van worked great prior to taking it in and we wern’t planning on replacing it for a couple of years. Plus as my husband says, he’d perfer me to put the miles during an Indiana winter on a safe car, not one he’s woried about the front end falling apart. Still waiting on an offer from Ford itself (the service department says that I’ll get a certified letter from Ford at the same time they do with the offer), but not planning on taking it (unless I get enough to get a reliable working vehicle that replaces a reliable working vehicle). PS I drive my cars to death and then sell them to the junkyard, so even if I end up keeping it and the value deflates immediately, it’s no big deal.

  • m

    No, I don’t work for Ford. I am just saying Ford is not going to pay you $ 5000 for a 1998-2003 Windstar Van with 150,000 miles on it. If you get that offer, let us know. I am just being realistic. This company sucks. I have a 2002 and they won’t make me an offer but if I had a 1998-2000 and someone offered me $ 2500-3600 which I hear people have and rejected it, I would seriously think about that offer. The van is a piece of crap, we all know it, check engine lights, recalls, some people with transmission problems etc. Yes, Ford needs to step up and as for class action lawsuit, they had one. The reason for the recall is I understand that the class action lawsuit was dropped in lieu of the recall and for them to put people in rentals until repairs are completed. But, for me, If Ford does start making offers on 2001-2003 and I get a reasonable offer. I am taking it or if offer is bad, I guess I will get it repaired but I don’t want to drive it much longer after the repair and put more money into this van. And the guy who said give to charity, well you can’t do that until repairs are complete because if you do it now, you better disclose that there is axle problem or if there is an accident, you could be held liable. The bottomline is Ford needs to figure out this problem and do it fast.

  • 2003 Windstar owner

    The lawsuit is pending in US District Court in Pennsylvania. Ford filed a Motion to Dismiss the case, which is to be heard on November 29. The Court will also hear oral arguments on Ford’s Motion to Strike Class Allegations. The person who filed the complaint owns at 2001 Windstar with an axle that cracked while driving.

    Maybe once the Court issues an order on these Motions, Ford will re-think its action plan. Let’s hope, anyway!

  • Steve in Mass.

    “I brought my 2000 Windstar in to dealer for axle recall. If this is a corrosion issue, why is the procedure to ” sand off all the corrosion coating, look for cracks, then reapply corrosion coating.” ? If corrosion was the issue, the coating would already be compromised, not intact, and would not need to be removed to see damage. This is a structural metal fatigue problem. The corrosion issue is a legal dodge and a lie.”

    I.M.O. If you look at pictures posted of broken axles, they are breaking mostly in the same spots on the same side. I think Ford is hiding something here, that’s why so willing to do what they are doing.

  • LX owner

    My understanding of the issue is that the design of the rear axle allows water and salt to pool up INSIDE the axle. I seriously hope Ford techs (and they do have many good techs) are looking inside the axle with a scope. It would seem to me that they could look just fine on the outside and be heavily rusted on the inside. By stripping the coating you could tell if the metal had been damaged to the point of rusting through. Maybe that is what they are looking for? Is there and issue with the steel used? Maybe, the subframes are rusting out much sooner than they should as well.

  • Nancy

    I found this on another forum and it makes better sense to me than simply the salt issue, alone. I’m copying this from that post.
    People, please beware that cracked axles are the least of your safety problems with this vehicle. Ford used inferior Chinese steel on most of the undercarriage steel parts. The sub frame, bumper mounts, spare tire brackets, all completely corroded on my 1999 Windstar. Yes, it rode great and performed to all expectations, but Ford failed to anticipate the long term effect road salt would have on this IMPORTED STEEL. You DO NOT cut corners on neither the foundation of a home nor the frame of a vehicle. People have died and more will come to the same fate if these vehicles remain on the road. We also do not know the true stats of accidents due to this vehicle. Please keep writing to the NHTSA and force Ford to DO THE RIGHT THING!

  • SM

    I own a 2003 with 127,000 miles. Like everyone else it has all of the usual problems. I would like to hear Ford make an official statement on the buy back policy. Mine was impounded and I was put in a rental so I am fine and not paying anything on the rental. I would jump at the chance to get a buyout so I don’t have to worry about what will fall apart next. I would be pleased if they would add up the cost of the rental and the repair and write me a check for aamount. I want to put this chapter with my Windstar behind me. Good luck to all of my fellow Windstar refugees.

  • adal

    I was yesterday at Holman Ford-Mercury dealership in NJ , They gave me and another customers free car checkup , they checked belts, fluids ,breakes, before they took them to shop they checked for dents and scratches .
    3 Windstar’s come out and all of them where good they just applied 1013 anti corrosive paint on two places about 20″ from drums left and right .
    I am still afraid to drive my kids in that car even they said is safe.

  • MARY


  • barbara

    I just signed my title over to Ford today. My axle was broken. I have a 2000 sel and I got $3995. It took a few weeks to get the package. Probably a few more weeks to get the money. I was told I could keep the rental until the check is in my hand. If your axle is cracked I would call Ford customer service.

  • Sandy

    My dealer told me that Ford is offering buy backs for all 1998-2000 Winstars. My offer of $2000. was faxed to the dealer but I think it should be sent to me. I will ask to see it. I have a few days to decide. I cannot change my mind once I decide. Ford should not be able to control how much I want for my van or when I want to sell it. Bummer.

  • Philly Ford Loser

    We have a ’99 windstar. I took it to CHAPMAN Ford on the Blvd. in Philly. I was called about 1 hr after returning home. Was told they would buy it back for $3435. It has 110k on it. It is a hunk of crap so, even if it were in excellent shape, I don’t think I would get that much for it. I got a 2009 Town and country as a rental. I love it. i MAY want to buy this vehicle.
    It took 2 weeks to get the ‘magic’ package they speak about.
    During the time I was waiting for the’package’ to arrive, I called Ford to see if they could give me some answers about the buyback and if the internet rumors were true about $2500 extra toward a purchase of a new vehicle. I GOT THE BIGGEST RUN AROUND I HAVE EVER GOTTEN. I work for the federal government and was in the Marines and I have never seen such avoidance? of an issue. ‘Please hold, I’ll put you in touch with someone, ‘Please hold , ‘Hello, I’m blah blah, Manager.. Blah blah.. We don’t have that info. sir. Please hold. It took about 8 calls and over 3hrs of holding to get an answer. The answer I got was, The dealer is the one who is in control. News to the dealer. I called and they tell me Ford is running the show. Anyhow after I get the ‘package’ I’m told that they IN FACT are offering an extra 2500 toward the purchase of a vehicle. I ask the guy from sales if that means New and Used and can I Lease and you know what he tells me?
    I’ll look into it please HOLD, I’LL call you back.
    So,, I’m on hold.
    I now have 7 days to respond to the letter in the ‘package’ or the deal is off the table. Now, I’m forced to make a quick decision about my ‘vehicular future.’
    I want a minivan and now have about $5935 to work with .
    I feel they will somehow rob that money from me by placing extra charges for crap into the sale price. So, am I really getting any money for the van or not?
    They rush you to decide so you have no leg to stand on in the future when a class action suite is put on them . I’m sure of it. Why is there no info on their website about the buyback either>”
    I am taking my story to another dealer to see what they can do for me . They will probably rob me too but at least I’ll feel like I’m the one who is getting the last laugh. that is what most Americans feel they deserve is the last laugh. HaHa , I got them. I doubt it. Did you know they have PSYCHOLOGISTS working for Ford? They ALWAYS get the last laugh. I guarantee it. Wasn’t that FORD’S old slogan? Something about a GUARANTEE? Or was it FORD’S Tough or something?
    Ford is TOUGH. Like I said, I was a Marine so, I can’t deal with all this complicated stuff. Maybe I should just go back to IRAQ where everything is EASY.

  • Susan

    Took my van in on Wednesday they applied the anti-corrosion paint and still feel nervous about driving it so on Thursday called Ford and they could have cared less about how I was feeling. So I called the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and they told me that Ford was suppose to weld a piece on and not just paint it. They told me to call and report them. So if this happens to you call and report them. So that made me feel even worse about driving it. So I called Ford back and they still did not care.
    Hope this helps those that this happens too! Please report Ford for not doing their Job! We are all customers and we should be heard.

  • m

    FORD = Found On Road Dead. Don’t buy another one and keep adding to their profits.

  • TJAY

    I have 2003 Windstar SEL with 105K. Can’t get any straight story from either Service or Sales at the dealership. It’s been 3 weeks and today I found out the dealer only just submitted my paperwork to Ford. If 2003 model year is not eligible for the buy out they should know that and be able to tell me, shouldn’t they? I emailed Ford and they pass the buck back to the dealer. Ford is definately managing this poorly and about to loose me as a customer. I offered to consider an offer and purchase a new Ford in 2 days. They can save +$3,000 in rental fees but this doesn’t seem to even compute to them. I’ll continue to drive the very nice Town & Country until my car is fixed and then I’ll drive my Windstar into the ground. It won’t have any market value after this anyway.

  • SM

    TJAY, I also have a 2003 and emailed Ford to get the policy on a buyback. Here is the response:

    Thank you for contacting the Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center regarding the repurchase program for Ford Windstars that are involved in safety recall 10S13.

    I would like to inform you that Ford Motor Company is extending repurchase offers to owners of 1998-2000 model year vehicles that do not pass axle inspection. To give you full details about this offer, I have escalated your case to our Windstar Team so they can investigate your concern. A Windstar Specialist will contact you within 1 business day.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to address this matter.

    Customer Relationship Center
    Ford Motor Company

    That response was four days ago and still no additional response within 1 business day as noted above.

    Good luck!!

  • Kinfa81

    If Toyota did what Ford is doing , it would be on all radio and TV stations Ford is different story. WHY ?Windstar is worst car ever build problems with, ABS module, speed sensor , rear axle, heating and AC,

  • Joe

    I drove by Ford of Londonderry today, there must have been about 20 Windstars in their back lot. This is a huge undertaking for Ford. They have given me a car to use free of charge until mine is fixed. All of this expense on a car that is 10 years old and may not have much life left in it anyway. And at some point I get the car back with the axle replaced. Yes I have had some probelms with the car; transmission and ABS but all in all it has done exactly what I expected. Hauled my family and my boat for over 176K miles.

    I actually think Ford has been outstanding in their response, as usual, the dealer is the contact point and some dealers are not so good. The number of cars affected is huge, the parts need to be made, shipped and installed. It will take time.

  • Robert West

    Rear axle broke a month ago. Had it towed to the loocal dealer. Asked for a loaner. “Out”. Called a few days later, still out. Called a few days later…. OUT! A month later, STILL OUT! This is my work van. it holds all my tools and equipmentg. I have no wheels and I have to bum rides thus, I’m not making monmey! I’m thinking Ford needs to make me whole from my lost business. I didn’t buy my van from my local dealer so I’m MORE than sure that “their” customers with cracked axles have loaners. I know how it works, I was in the Ford family for a few years and sawe it all the time. I’m about to go off on this whole situation. I had the trans reworked, the engine overhauled then the rear axle breaks putting my in debt.

  • MARY


  • MARY


  • TMM

    I just took our 2000 sel Windstar in to the dealer for the axle inspection. They said it passed and to come pick it up. My front suspension snapped in two a few months ago because of rust and they fixed it for $1000. I’m feeling really UNSAFE about this whole thing even though some mechanic said it “passed”. What happens later on? They said Ford will be coming out with some “fix” that I can get later but for now, I’m good to drive the thing. Do you think I should have another dealer take a look at it? This whole situation sucks. I don’t feel safe in my van anymore but I’m not in any position to go buy a new car. My windstar has had a slew of problems from a new transmission at 65K to my white paint peeling off which cost me $1300 to paint just the backend. My roof paint is peeling now. Thanks for nothing FORD!!

  • MARY


  • Melinda

    I would really like my buyback papers to come still waiting 3 weeks now.

  • Nancy

    We’ve been waiting for the “Packet” for over 4 weeks. The local dealer has told us that Ford is running so far behind that it could be after the first of the year before we receive any official information from Detroit on our buyout. They ( local dealer ) have only gotten information for 1 van so far, and that was a couple of weeks ago. I’ve talked to Detroit twice, and now all I hear is how completely swamped that they are. They should just get the buyout packets mailed, before they bankrupt their corporation over rental charges, for vehicles that will cost them more in rentals than what they’ll pay for buyouts. Idiots!!!

  • Bill

    I drove my 2000 SE (70k miles)in to the dealer yesterday and told them I wanted $2500 twords a trade in ( it was rusted through on both sides). The said OK no questions asked, left with a nice 2010 f150.
    The windstar was ok until last year when it started falling apart, suspension, gaskets etc.. the list goes on. It was killing me $$$.I was glad to get rid of it, they should buy back every last one of them and crush em.
    There were at least 50 on the back of the dealers lot.

    The worst was when I took the battery cable off to clean the terminals and it activated the security system. Had to ahve it towed to Ford to reprogram, $250.

    After all of that, I am still not down on Ford.

  • jenny

    I took my 2000 ford windstar in on wed. 11-17 in michigan. I was just stopping by to make an appointment then they said they could take a look right then. It failed and they kept it. It took us until friday to get a rental. Before we got it I stopped by enterprise on thursday and asked questions about what I needed to bring for the rental. I also went online and read anything I could find about this recall. I called the ford company friday morning before I went to get the rental. I wanted to make sure there was not going to be any cost involved. I did see some people have paid taxes and some extra for vans. The ford company said there should be no out of pocket cost and if there was we would be eligible for reimbursement. I had to show my proof of insurance on the recalled ford so ford would pay the $8 a day collision coverage. We had pl/pd on the ford. Also I went to my insurance company and explained everything because I wanted to make sure we have medical and liability coverage. I was told it transfer over my the insurance we carry. We got a 2010 dodge caravan. I asked enterprise if they were having problems getting vans for everyone. They said yes. They dont carry that many vans. Some people didnt mind getting something else. We really needed a van. I asked at the dealer when I brought the ford in to be inspected to request a van. The ford garage guy was the one who called enterprise for me on that wed. to set up the appointment to get the rental. He requested a van for me if it was available and told me we would either get a van or a large sedan. Well it’s friday 11-26 we took the rental to kentucky to see our family and on the way we hit a big chunk of mufflar in the road and it made a huge crease/dent and broke the door handle. We had to make a accident report and I called enterprise rental road assistance to report it. I found out if you have your own road service use that otherwise I think they charge you. We didnt need road service but I had to call them just to report it and fill out a form I found in the glove box. We are suppose to be able to trade it in today in louisville kentucky. Not sure how it’s going to go. We have not heard anything about a buyback.

  • jenny

    From what I read on the NHTSA website the front suspension is currently under investigation. Results pending. Possible recall???

  • jenny

    It’s friday afternoon and I had made about 3 calls to a local enterprise in louisville kentucky and found out that around 9:30 a.m. there were no minivans in louisville kentucky and I need to try back in a few hours. so I’m waiting.

  • TDG

    Took my ’98 Windstar in today. I sat for an hour or so and then they told me that the axle was cracked and they wouldn’t have a replacement until at least January. They mentioned absolutely nothing about the possibility of buying it back. Yesterday was Thanksgiving so Enterprise had no rentals. The dealership gave me a Ford Focus they had hanging around their lot and said they would contact me on Monday to get me an Enterprise rental.

    I wish they would buy my car back. There’s a lot wrong with my Windstar but that’s mostly due to age and nothing about $1500 won’t fix. Still I’d rather have a new car as this one has over 225000 miles on it. I would like to pair the buyback money with my income tax refund and get a Ford Escape or some other car.

  • brian

    we have 2002 we had our looked at an it passed but all they did was painted it over how is that supposed work we live in maine they need to buy back

  • John

    Why do the Ford salesmen are not educated as it comes to rebates between $5000 and $ 6500 when a Ford windstar owner is considering buying a new Ford

  • Chris J. Popp

    Bought a 2003 Limited on 11/11 from Ford dealership. Did a test drive and said “Yep. Let’s do it”. Was told there was some safety checks that needed to be done first but we could wrap the purchase up in a few days.

    Was able to go to dealer on 11/13, sign papers and get possession.

    11/16 got a call to bring the minivan in for inspection. Made appt. for next day.

    Next day I go in and get minivan inspected. Sure enough, a crack and Enterprise is coming to pick me up (30 min drive from nearest location). so I wait. Didn’t get my stuff out of minivan and was in a daze – didn’t I just buy this?

    Informed “1st Quarter 2011” was the time frame for resolution.

    So I get to Enterprise and am told that Ford will only pay for a Ford rental. If I wanted a minivan, it’s $8/day additional. WTF? Seriously? So I went from a minivan to a Focus in 5 days.

    I go back to the dealership to pick up some belongings left in the Windstar and am told that they’re upset because they bought several of these minivans at auction. Also was told another customer that has a Windstar was told April, 2011 at the earliest.


    For those of you that have had their Windstar for at least the last 2 years if not longer, I can understand your frustration. But for people that just bought one after the recall, it’s asinine. I’m facing the prospect of getting told in a few months that they are going to offer me cash for the vehicle which is less than the sale price that I just agreed to which will leave debt on my shoulders without a trade-in unless I get a new Ford.

    Is this bait and switch, or what?

    Still trying to figure out what the “safety check” was that the dealership did which did not discover a recall that had been in place for 2 months. Wisdom dictates that this should have been a red flag during a safety check. If the dealer sold the Windstar knowing that there’s this recall…

    My head hurts just thinking about this.

  • mark

    I to have been waiting for my “buyback packet”. I was told that after you agree(verbally)The service tech. faxes some paperwork to Ford, then Ford (I’m told)has 5 days to have the packet to my dealer.NOT!!! So…here is a number to a “Ford Windstar team” that is to only handle the claims.I did call them and they actually got the ball rolling faster.So here is thew number.1-313-621-0255. Hope this helps some of ya.

  • latoya

    i finally call ford they saying my 99 worth $2,355 dollars what a shame plus telling me you have a rental how care .

  • peggy

    My 2000 ford windstar front subframe broke when I was driving down the road. Had to have it towed home. So how I have to have it towed to the dealer to have the rear axle inspected, in which costs me more money.What is the chances the rear axle is broken? Surely didn’t get my moneys worth! Back to driving the gas hog. When is the recall on the front going to happen?

  • Two Windstars

    How nice for Bob who works for a dealership that can get employee pricing with all rebates through Ford. For those people its a Great Deal.. Try giving this type of deal to the people who are locked into there vans that can’t afford to by a new 35,0000.00 Ford Flex to replace a vehicle that should have never been an issue to begin with. If Ford offered me a buyout for my 2003 Windstar with 77,000 miles on it. It would have to be a hell of a deal for me to bite. My 1999 Windstar is just going to sit at the dealer and collect dust. I have two rental cars from Ford and not paying a dime..I like putting mileage on someone elses vehicles.
    Sorry, I’m not trying to rub it in on the free rental cars..Zero Cost..

  • MARY


  • NM

    1999 Windstar, 159000km, bought it at a Gov’t auction site in May 2010. I am the 2nd owner. I’ve put literally about 25 km on it just going to pick it up from vendor, get it safety checked and home to my front lawn to sell. Got the recall notice last week. Person looking at buying it a few weeks ago told me the details about this entire fiasco. Took to local dealer, axle failed inspection. Was offered a rental on the spot, no extra costs. My first concern is shared by many of you, will the buyback amount be “reduced” by either the cost of the rental or a portion thereof. I declined the rental vehicle!! I own a 2009 F150 bought new and a 2003 F150 bought with 30000km. My wife and I have 4 vehicles incl the Windstar. I love both of my Ford trucks and I will love Ford if they buyback the van for more than I hoped to sell it for!! We’ll see.

  • barbara

    I have a 2000sel with 121,000. with cracked axle. they are buying my car for $3995. and I have had a rental free of charge for about a month. I was told when I receive the check that is when I return the rental free of charge. I have signed all the paperwork and turned over the title. It has been about two weeks and still no check. Just going to keep putting on the miles to the rental.

  • MARY
  • Angie

    I too have a windstar sitting in a lot…

    2002 84 , 000 miles on it went in for one recall ,knew about the axle recall , when i called to make the appointment sept 12th, for the one recall the service tech said there was nothing in the system about the axle recall and they couldn’t check for it , and then asked how I knew about it …ummm I went to the Ford website and put my VIN in and these both jumped out ..I printed them up and handed them over and Fred , took my car , i waited 20 mins later he came out clipboard in hand paperwork on my vehicle with AXLE in bright red letters , he called enterprise , they picked me up Brand new jeep liberty , no vans were available , took them 3 weeks .But they got me one.

    Town & Country nice car.. it came time for an oil change ..took it in to the dealer , service guy comes out and says you can’t drive this anymore..the engine bolt was completely rusted through and it looks like someone repaired something else on it and did a shoddy job. They said I was lucky the damn thing did not fall out while I was driving !!!

    Enterprise showed up , looked at me , I told them I want a new vehicle and I want it inspected before I even drive it , I drive small children around daily I am not going to be in fear of something else going wrong.

    all in all I got a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan it

    I called the dealership today becuz i have stuff in the van i need , Scott said sure no problem it is going to be sitting a long while anyways.

    No buyout offer either …

  • Two Windstars

    Today I refused Fords buy back on my 99. $2350.00 good price for my van in the codition thats its in. I still think that Ford needs to step up the offer. If Ford truly wants to keep use as a customer they need to offer us a better option.For now I’ll sit and wait for both of mine to get fixed, after that I will walk away from Ford and I wont look back. I’ll have to start looking at other car brands. What a shame.. Ford needs to watch the video Give Them The Pickle..

  • NM

    I commented Nov 30 re my 99 Windstar. Got call from Service Mgr today Dec 01 to come in to look at a buyback offer. It was for $2398. I will be filling in the paperwork and accepting. Its more than I was asking to sell it for!! The form asked the Serv Mgr to direct me to the Sales Mgr and introduce me. Sorry, not buying new for awhile. I guess I was lucky enough to get mine at an auction for a good deal. Glad now that I didnt sell it and have to live with the thought that its a POS. Im sticking to my F150 trucks.

  • LM

    I have a 2002 Windstar, nothing but trouble with over 150,000 miles. I don’t actually live in one of those states, I live in Nebraska, which I can’t believe wasn’t considered a cold state! I called my dealership and they said there wasn’t a recall for our area. I have been noticing some noises, wondering if I get mine checked, would Ford treat mine the same as others in the covered states?

  • jeff

    We have a 2003 Windstar. My wife loves her van. Failed inspection. Set us up with Town and Country. (WIFE WANTS WINDSTAR BACK) I new about the taxes. Didn’t know it would be that much. I’ll have to check on that one. In-Laws have 2000. Passed no prob.,…. It looks like new.

  • Ken

    What bullshit! I have been waiting weeks to hear what my “offer” from ford will be. Still no reply. I will say one thing , this 2011 Chevy impala is one fun car to drive. It is also as close to a new car that I will ever be! Thanks FORD !!!!!

  • Nancy

    I’ve been told for well over a month that our buyback offer is being mailed out….Each time I talk to Detroit….we’re sending it out, expect to receive it, etc. Nothing at all. Unbelievable. They did tell me that they had 6,000 Windstars go into the RAV program during the “short” Thanksgiving week, alone. It feels like a shell game.

  • Julie Reckard

    I received the recall notice , before I could get an appt. to have it seen my rear axle broke I am not paying for taxes on a rental car. The dealer told me they may try a by back . So much wrong with 2000 winstar sel. Ford should pay for everything including taxes. I have 3 children and dog. I need the room. + we put in new transmission at 52,000 miles. now 110,000.

  • Steve

    Dropped off my 2000 LX on Sat. 11/27. Axle was cracked. They had about 50 out back. Dealer said then – “should hear something from Ford next week” ..LOL.. Guess I should not hold my breath.
    This sucks, I want to make a move on another ride before the cold and snow, but can’t until I know Ford will do the buyout.
    Rest assured I’m done with Ford.
    Last vehicle was a 1995, went through the head gasket fiasco on that POS.

  • Ken

    This post is for Julie, all you have to do is tell them that you WILL NOT pay the taxes. By law Ford is obligated to pay all exspenses on this recall. good luck to us all.

  • 2003 Windstar owner

    Re: the tax issue – when I first got my rental at the end of November, I hadn’t read too much online, so I paid the sales tax. When I went in to renew the contract a month later, I told Enterprise that Ford is supposed to be picking up the sales tax, I even had an email from a guy at Ford confirming that. The Enterprise person didn’t even flinch, didn’t ask to see the email, she just reimbursed me for the previous month’s tax. I am paying a $50 deposit each month, but I believe that will be reimbursed too. I think Enterprise may be trying to make extra money on the deal by charging us the sales tax!! I’m sure there is a contract in place between Ford and Enterprise that spells it all out very clearly . . . Enterprise may actually be the ones to blame for the tax issue! Bottom line — like the previous poster said — just tell them you are not paying the sales tax and you have knowledge of Ford picking up the sales tax for other customers.

  • brian

    a 2002 with 166000 is worth in good condition 4125.00 private sale dealers are screwing us

  • john in ky

    Heard about the recall at the end of August. Took the Van in a few days later and have now had a new Town & Country rental van from Enterprise for a little over 3 months. What a deal. No taxes or extra cost that everyone keeps complaining about. Not sure what’s up with that. I’m perfectly happy, but not sure what to do because I receved the buyout offer for $2,539. I have meticuliously maintained the van – probably too much, actually. It has new A/C, new Transmission, I fixed the engine problem a few years ago, etc. Just wondering how they are deciding who gets the buyout or not? I keep hearing about the subframe issues. Have the dealers been told to check for that as well and then if there’s a subframe problem, are they the ones getting the buyout offer? Either way, at nearly $40 per day x 90 days so far, that’s $3,600 that Ford has spent on a rental, and they will continue to pay until early next year? Why offer only $2,539 for buyout when the rental is costing way more than that? It is palin stupidity on Ford’s part. I would have happly taken the amount of rental fees they are racking up, and then they would not have had to fix the van. Oh well. I’m not running their operations, so who knows?

  • Bridgette

    I’m making lemonade from this Ford Lemon. Now I get to drive a brand new 2010 Ford Taurus. Already put 4k miles on it since September. Getting ready to settle in for the winter in my Taurus rental. I’ll drive it till the axle falls out of it too!!!! I will not accept any offer from Ford buy back. I want my Van fixed. I’ll be glad to drive this brand new Ford Taurus as long as it takes, the longer, the better. Ford STOLE my family van. I’m not renting from Enterprise. I’m renting directly from the Ford dealer. FORD almost killed my family when the axle went out at 65mph on the interstate. I will not settle. My perfectly, well cared for, paid off Windstar only had 95,000 miles on it when Ford Stole it from me, luckily it wasn’t our life they stole. Ford “Choose The Right” CTR

  • Gary Sutryn

    Took my 1998 Windstar to a Ford Dealship for a scheduled appointment about this recall that I heard about at a used car dealership. When we called them to see what they found out they said that they didn’t even look at because supposedly it didn’t apply to my VIN #. I own the vehicle title out right and I seriously doubt this excuse. Has any one else had this experience.

  • Ontario – 2001 Windstar

    Ford Canada cust service told me that they are only making buy back offers on Windstars that are 2000 or older. I have a 2001, so despite being eager to get some cash for it so I can take advantage of a year end offer on a new vehicle, I can’t. I get a rental, but my van sits in limbo until a new axle comes in. I was offered a focus as a replacement, since Enterprise here said they didn’t have any vans available for this contract.

    Anybody get an offer for something newer than a 2000? If so, what steps did you take to make that happpen?

  • MARY


  • MARY


  • 2003 Windstar owner

    I think Ford is holding back on the buy backs and anything else related to this recall until a Judge issues a ruling on its Motion to Dismiss a federal court case in Pennsylvania. Oral arguments were on November 30. I am not sure how long it will take for the judge to issue an opinion, but you can check for it here:

    click on “Recent Opinions” and look for Aaron D. Martin v. Ford Motor Company — My guess is an opinion should be coming in the next week or so

    The case was filed in May. Ford issued the recall to try to avoid this case going any further, saying that the recall will resolve the issues. Martin wants to certify it as a class action, which Ford is also trying to avoid.

  • Nancy

    Mary…call Detroit again, and tell them that you haven’t received your buy back packet. They’ll ask for your vin number, and then will check to see if it has been uploaded into their system, etc. If you keep calling them, sooner or later, you should get someone who will send out the packet that same day. That’s how it happened for us. We signed papers yesterday, at our local dealer….day before that the dealer faxed our information that had just arrived. Dealer sent the information back via Fed Ex this morning.

  • LX Owner

    2003 Windstar Owner,

    I can’t find it under any 2010 Opinions? Am I just missing it?

    “check for it here:

  • 2003 Windstar owner

    Regarding the Pennsylvania Federal Court lawsuit – As of today, no opinion has been posted on the Court’s website.

    By “check for it here” I meant to “check there every day or so and see if it is there yet.”

    Sorry for any confusion!

  • barbara

    I signed my title over to ford about three weeks ago and still have not got my check. I will just keep on driving the rental. Has anyone received a check yet?

  • Jen

    Well, I haven’t yet had an offer on my ’99, but just asked the dealership to contact the Ford Mothership to let them know I’d be interested in hearing a number from them. And to find out what they’re going to do to cover the dent in the rental (not covered by my own insurance, and not something that I’d ever bother fixing in my own car, but you can bet Enterprise wants it fixed) as I declined to pay $8/day for collision damage waiver for the 90+ days I expected to be in the rental car (my local Ford says January for axles). My insurance agent isn’t even sure my insurance will pay anything on any damage to such a long-term rental, since as she noted, my policy price was set with the understanding that they’re insuring a ’99 Ford, not a 2010 Dodge! We’ll see what Ford does to keep things fair. Time for a class-action suit, folks — none of us should be paying anything out of pocket for this, whether taxes on the rental cars, extra insurance fees, or deductibles on damage that we honestly would consider too minor to fix.

    In the meantime, has anyone any experience with what happens to a car that’s been sitting in the cold, unused and exposed in an open lot, for three months? I’m not sure I trust them even to have disconnected my battery!

  • Ken

    Ford is now the owner of my old 2000 Windstar with 141000 miles on it. Signed the POS off for $3,635. I paid $3,000 for 2 years ago and put 42,000 miles on it. Thank you ford for the memories but I think I will I,m done with your products. I will drive my 93 f-150 until she folds up completely and buy a GMC. ADIOS!!

  • Steve

    Ken what model was that 2000 ?

  • Wendy

    My 2001 Windstar broke down 1 day after the recall was issued, August 30, 2010. I was leaving the daycare with my 4 children in the car and the axle snapped in half and fell on the ground. Good thing no one was hurt! My dad looked at the car and suggested I call to see if there was a recall because he said there is no way that should have broke like that. I contacted my dealer in Toledo, OH and they said that a recalled was issued the previous day. Needless to say I was not notified by mail until mid October of the recall. Well Ford has been paying for a loaner car since then at full cost, I am not required to pay any taxes, as far as a credit card, I didn’t give them one. So I got a 2011 Lincoln Towne Car which was really nice until the sensor on the trunk stopped working and the trunk would not shut. So I returned the car to Enterprise and received a letter that I am responsible for the trunk repair. I think not – they can forward that unto Ford because I am not going to pay for a mechanical problem which I never would have had if my van was not broke down. I’ve had nothing but problems with my FORD!!!

  • michael

    I took my van in and it was the first one they found bad, they gave me a KIA to start with and then I was told it needed to be a ford, so I got a focus. I complained that I lost a van and now I have a car with no room, so the dealer asked about more money for a van. they aproved another $8 a day so I move up to a bigger car, but around here they did not have anything bigger than a focus in ford, so they gave me a nissan altima. they offered to buy my van for $2000 it is a 98 with 156000 miles. the dealer has been very good, but I think they should have rented people a van!!!!

  • michael

    I took my van in and it was the first one they found bad, they gave me a KIA to start with and then I was told it needed to be a ford, so I got a focus. I complained that I lost a van and now I have a car with no room, so the dealer asked about more money for a van. they aproved another $8 a day so I move up to a bigger car, but around here they did not have anything bigger than a focus in ford, so they gave me a nissan altima. they offered to buy my van for $2000 it is a 98 with 156000 miles. the dealer has been very good, but I think they should have rented people a van!!!! I did not pay anything out of pocket and I have all the extra protection packages offered by enterprise.

  • mark

    Ok guys…Ford sent me the “buy back packet” yesterday. The offer was 3625.00. SOLD.signed the title and it’s done.

  • Ken

    Steve, mine was a sl I beleive? Like I said , good ridance !

  • Ken

    Our local dealer said that my offer from ford was the largest one they had seen yet. All I know is my van is really only worth a couple of hundred dollars even if it was repaired. If your van has 100,000 to 125,000 i think you would be crazy NOT to take fords offer. But that is only my opinion.

  • Steve

    Thanks for responding Ken. Looks like they have lowered prices a bit on the 2000 SEL’s , but like you said the things are such a POS it’s worth dumping them off. I am waiting for my buyout of my 2000 LX – been hounding Ford by phone and email to get it moving… – will keep posted.

  • MARY


  • Sandy

    Sold my 98 Windstar Sat. with 194,000 miles back to Ford for $2000. The dealer told me to return my rental. I said “who sells a car without money in hand”. When I get the check I will return the rental.(which is a 2011 Ford Fusion!) I called Ford Motor Co. and they told me to wait for my check. Supposed to be 8-10 days but could be longer because of the back log. There are no other incentives for Ford Windstar owners.
    My van was sitting on the lot for almost 2 months. We went to the dealer every week and winterized it (fluids) and started it. Dealer told me they were being paid to start them. Mine is still sitting in the same place, same mileage. I don’t know if they started them or not. But the battery will be dead. What if the suspension rusts? So sad. I raised my family in the Windstar. Now it will be junked and crushed.
    Now I am looking for a new car. Ford should give me one for Christmas.
    Thank God you are all safe after driving them. Merry Christmas!

  • Tom

    Have a 2001 Limited with 180k on it. Axle failed first week of October and have been driving a 2010 Chevy Suburban since then, which is costing me nothing. Anyone get a buy back offer on similar vehicle?

  • Mindy

    I recieved a recall notice about 4 months ago I think and read it quick but then I misplaced it some where! I was just told about this recall from some guy who seen my husband and I parked in a parking lot. Anyways, I have a 1998 Ford Windstar and the thing is a piece of crap! I have put %1500 dollars into it since I purchased it in February of this year. I think the tranny is going and it is constintly clunking in the back. I nor my husband knows what a rear axle is, but what can we do to figure this out? Is it possible that there was another recall within the lst 4 months or is this the one I probably got the recall notice for? Also, are they buying back the vehicles?

  • john gamblin

    i recieved an offer of $2398.25 for my 1999 ford windstar from ford canada and on november 7th 2010 i signed the papers for the cheque.I just want to get it over with and move on,but will never own a ford again,im going general motors.woods motors in fredericton new brunswick canada added 14000 kilometers to my vans milage bringing down the offer,if thats the kind of people they have at their dealerships i dont want anymore to do with ford ………..unhappy customer in fredericton.

  • barbara

    Signed my title over to ford about three weeksago. Just got the phone call to pick up my check and turn in the rental. I have (had) a 2000sel and got a buy back $3995.00. 124,000 miles and my daughter put many dents on it! They paid me kbb private party excellent condition. Never paid a dime for the rental.

  • MARY


  • Steve

    Just in tonight on my local newspaper, copied from Associated Press, Whitman MA. family of father of 2 children who died in crash, considering action on Ford on his death allegedly linked to the axle failure.

  • christine

    I have a 2001 windstar sitting at the local dealership. it has two cracks in the back axle. Scary that i was driving around in it with my two kids. So far i have had to replace the windshield in the rental. they have my in a ford fusion. When i call about a buyout i am told that they are not buying back 2001, if they offered me a buyout i would take it and run. i would probably buy another ford. i am told that parts wont me available till march. i really dont want to be in a rental that long.

  • Bridgette

    I feel horrible for the family of the father of 2 that lost their dad because of this rear axle negligence on Ford’s part. Why isn’t anyone demanding settlements that are equal to their loss. You can’t replace a daddy, Ford! I am ashamed of Ford and will never buy another. My husband almost lost his wife, 2 of his youngest kids, his brother in law and his nephew because of Ford’s Negligence. I was driving 65 mph on the interstate when my axle broke in 2 pieces. By some miracle, we were not hurt at all. The kids were scared to death and so was my brother, for that matter. I was still litterally shaking 8 hours later after the incident when we finally got home safe. I was still shaking when I drove 2 hours home after the incident. I’m lucky I didn’t have an accident afterwards. I had a few close calls. This happened Sept 4 and still no van, settlement or anything. Still driving small 5 passenger rental. Trying to figure out how to get 7 family members to Chicago next month in it. A lawyer has contacted me about this matter. I’ve put over 4,000 miles on the brand new rental, it needs an oil change, i’ve been driving it over 3 months now. It is going to be one used piece by the time Ford gets it back, squishing 4 kids in it all the time, muddy snowy boots, 5 year olds can’t seem to keep feet off the seat or cereal and food in their mouths very well, oh well. Ford…you better man up! Ford hasn’t even called to check up on their rental, either. I bet they are not going to keep my van weatherized and battery going. I can’t even check on it cuz it’s over 2 hours away! Shame on you FORD!!!

  • carla

    So, if you take your windstar to a dealership and they say there are no cracks in the axle, what do they do to keep it safe from future cracks?

  • Jasmine

    @Carla: They apply some type of coating on the axel to keep the corosion off of it.

  • Judy

    I too own a Windstar, 1999 w/ 120,000 miles. When my husband called one of the local dealers to have the recall inspection done, was told we could not get an appointment for weeks. Were very surprised they treated this recall with such a casual additude. As it turned out, another dealership took the car and informed us we already had a cracked axle and took the car off the road. The service mgr. explained all the issues we would be facing as far as the wait to have the van fixed. We were told the end of Jan.2011. Of course, depending on where we are on the list of the thousands of vans that want to get fixed, I’d say by all your comments, it’ll be more like April. We are curious to see what $$ amt. Ford is willing to buy my vehicle for(if at all). I only have a few issues with my van and have had her for 12yrs with no real desire to give her up without a solid offer. I’ve been in my 2nd Enterprise rental in two weeks. We had no problems with getting a car from Enterprise,( although we do pay a $5.00 & taxes a day fee for the 1st 28 days) Our first car was a Ford Explorer. It wound up being too big for me and asked, that if & when a van came up could I swap. Enterprise had no problem switching me into a Chrysler T&C luxury van when one came on site. I’m happy driving this brand new vehicle around for the next 3mos or longer (even if I have to pay $150.00) until Ford offers me a price I think will work into my finances. I can’t afford a car payment and always expected to drive my van to her last mile she could give me, before having to buy again. For all of us with this inconvience, I wish us all, good luck on our final out come on this recall. If you do the math, rentals @ $38.00 per diem x 120 days = $4560.00 and that’s not counting the expence of the parts & labor to fix all these old vans. Ford should buy everyone’s van back and offer a great deal on a new Ford vehicle if they want to continue being in business.

  • tammy

    I don’t understand how a multi million dollar company thinks we are so stupid to accept their (small) buy back when they are willing to pay for rentals at 1035.00/ month until at least Feburary. That alone is 5175.00 for me since I’ve had a rental since November. Then the cost of the parts and labor to fix it. I would think they would offer a huge incentive to stay with ford. I’m not going to accept their offer just because of this. If they are willing to pay that much to fix the problem they I feel they can fix it. They already got paid for almost all the the vans so really why should I not? Let them pay full price for their error as the dealer also advised me that I have to keep the insuance on a van I cannot drive. So with that said since I have to pay so do they.

  • kelly

    my 2000 windstar has been sitting on the lot for the last 6 weeks, my mechanic has warned me that my newer radial tires are going to be crap after sitting on cement for 3-4 months that is projected.
    got a nice town and country but my 16 year old cant get his licsense because he cannot practice driving

  • Amy

    taking my 2002 windstar in monday for the recall inspection. They are telling me they will put epoxy on the axle, wait overnight and then I can pick it up the next day. I questioned them today on this as the TSB’s (technical service bulletins) I’ve looked at mention NO epoxy; either they put preventative rust corrosion paint on it if no perferations or cracks OR they replace the axle if here are cracks. I asked the service manager which TSB said they use epoxy and he said he couldn’t recall. SO, my question to anyone with an answer – have you heard of this or are they trying to circumvent the system on this?

  • Ed

    Took our 2003 Windstar Limited in today. Axle was cracked. Ford arranged Enterprize rental. Gave us a Impala while they look for minivan. Should have mini by Monday. I’m just thankful for the recall. Have had van since new 2003. Transmission is my only complaint.

  • Lee

    I have a 2001 Windstart with 66,000 miles. I have not had any mechanical issues with the windstar and it has been well cared for. I brought the van as soon as the recall notice came out and the axle had a 6″ fracture in it. Wholla, I really make out as my enterprise rent a car is not even a ford, it’s a 2010 Chevy. I have been driving it for 2 months and it’s awesome. I hear the supplier that is making the axles cant meet demand and it will be well into Spring if not summer when we get the van back. What a great deal. The buy back offer would never meet my expectations so why bother. I get a rental for 6 months that will cost ford 6k, the axles fix will cost them another 1k and when all is said and done I won’t buy a ford….I will get a chevy. This is a riot that they (ford) thinks they are doing good customer services when all they really are doing is making fools of themselves. I have not read one post on this subject where someone said how much they love their ford product and can’t wait to buy another one. Too bad when all is said and done 6 months from now, I will have a van with 66k miles that I won’t be able to sell for 5 bucks. *** So, I will donate it and take the write off at full retail value which will be more than what they give people on the buyout anyway….
    At any rate – I am happy, driving a chevy rental till spring….bye bye windstar…..bye bye ford….

  • Craig

    Have a recalled unit, before bringing it in I called the dealership to find out about the rental I might have to accept. Was told I would have to take “whatever Enterpise has that day” and that Ford would only allow $30 a day max. Is that true? Do I have to take whatever rental is available at the time and am I limited to a vehicle worth up to $30 a day?

  • Bridgette

    Let me be the first to say I love my brand new Ford Taurus rental Ford is paying for since September, actually. And actually, I’d keep loving it if they would trade straight across for my van with the broken axle. That would be free advertisement for you Ford, cuz I will never put another penny into your insensitive Corporation again!!!@ Guess what Ford? I will not back down! FORD RISKED MY FAMILY’S LIFE. WE ALMOST GOT KILLED WHEN MY AXLE BROKE AT 65MPH ON THE INTERSTATE WITH ALL MY KIDS IN THE VAN!

  • Tina

    I have a 2003 Limited Edition Windstar….my ex husband (ford mechanic) told me about the recal in october and sure enough i had a 7″ crack in my axle. Now i am driving a Dodge Caravan. I am lucky to have a van, as i realise that alot of people are in cars….i had however converted my van to a 8 seater now my van seats 7…more gas as we use 2 vehicles now. I really do not like my rental as it is so basic…doesnot hold the road in the snow as my windstar did. Am having to play the wait and see game with everyone else….I am in Canada, and am told we will most likely have to wait until the US vans have been repaired. Just thinkin would be way cheaper to buy us all out….and wondering why this has all been kept so quiet…Toyota’s issues were not?????

  • Paul

    Wow, I can’t believe all the complaints, Ford is fixing your 10+ year old van for FREE and giving you a new or like new rental to use for FREE, I would tell Ford to fix my van last so I can drive to new rental as long as I can its on your dime. Do you think G.M. would treat you the same after filing for bankruptcy a year ago, they have no money.
    We too had a bad axle on our 2000 winstar, Ford bought it back for $3995 well more than we could get for it on a trade,Because of the bad axle Ford offers an extra $2500.00 on top of any other incentives on a new vehicle. We bought a new fusion, got the $2500 discount plus another $1500 discount with zero % financing and another $1710 for dealer discount and also ford bought our winstar for $3995 ! I feel we been treated very well by Ford and our local dealer. No complaints here !

  • Ken

    Everyone has to remember one thing, WE DO NOT HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING FOR OUR RENTAL CARS , NOT ONE CENT!!!!!!! Craig,you have to snarl a little and show your fangs….they will back down!

  • adal



  • Nicole

    I personally think Ford has more problems than just the axel. Nearly a year ago they had the recall on the wiring harness thing.

    I own two windstars and BOTH speedometers do not read properly and BOTH odometers do not read correctly either. Also the throttle position sensors on BOTH have a problem. I think this is another glitch within the windstars that Ford has not taken fault for yet either. I find it hard to believe that BOTH of my vans have the EXACT same problem and Ford seems to think the only thing wrong with them is wiring harnesses and axels.

    I understand the recall notice on the axels as it is a safety reason (It had killed someone) But unfortunatly in my eyes there are other problems too. As I do find it hard to beleieve that my vans have the same problems together.

  • David Estabrooks

    Jus wondering for anyone who got cheques, how long does it actually take to get the buyout? We found out Nov. 8th that our 2000 Windstar had a cracked axle, this was after a weekend of travelling on a highway because my wife’s mother had surgery out of town. My whole family was in that car for 2 days straight and just thankful that nothing happened while on the road! Anyways, agreed to a buyout, got a rental, have used own funds to purchase another vehicle (not a Ford) and completed and returned the paperwork to Michigan to get our buyout. Waiting, waiting, waiting, Christmas will be here soon, and still waiting. We haven’t caused a huge fuss because we do have the rental they are paying for, plus another new vehicle, but it would sure be nice to put the money back into our account that we paid out of pocket on the deposit while waiting for the buyout cheque to come. The comment early on that no cheques would be coming anytime soon is disturbing, so hope some of you who have posted earlier have actually gotten your cheques and just wondering what time frame we are talking about to get them. Should I hope by Easter?

  • jim shoe

    I have a 2001 sel 200000 miles on it.Have had a number of problems with it.Just thought it was getting old.Now that I have read most of these post OMG.I like my van.I like Ford.I think Ford must give a better trade in value for a new Ford more like 10000.I would buy another Ford.Give me a fair price or bye bye Ford.

  • MR. K

    We have a 2000 LX with 59000K, Ford put a new transmission at 18K. That tranny just went at 59000K and we cant get it fixed because it cant be driven because of the axle issue. My rental sux and I dont like the $2700 Ford offered for the van.

  • Paul

    David Estabrooks,
    Beside the packet you got from Ford there is also papers at the dealer who has your windstar to sign and send back to Ford, also the Check you get from Ford will be sent to the dealer who has your van so check with them if it came in.Some dealers are not clear on how the process works which could delay your check. hope this helps, Paul

  • Paul

    jim shoe,
    So you have a 10 year old van with 200,000 miles, be real it isn’t worth much but read my posting above there are extra incentives if you have a bad axle and buy a new ford we got $5710 total discounts on a new Fusion plus $3995 for our winstar from Ford.

  • J. Robles

    I am so OVER ford !!! I have been given misinformation at every turn. Rear Axle on 2000 Windstar broke…left car on Thurs. did not hear back or have calls returned until Monday !! Am told I will get a loaner..come to find out its $100.00 down & $5.00 dollars a day. 6 months to parts come in !!!!! Was offered a buy back but not secured an amount…kept hearing “up to” this amount…Shady Shady Ford !!! I will never buy another EVER !!! GM here I come. Staying to true to US made cars but Ford is the worst. I felt manipulated & taken advantage of!!
    Called to complain…Ford rep also never called back !!!! They are TERRIBLE!

  • Paul

    J. Robles
    Your being misinformed the loaner should cost you nothing, ours cost nothing, ZERO ! turned it in when we bought the new fusion.

  • P. Feliciano

    i received the van a couple years ago and drove it ever since. i notice that the back end keep squeeling too much and made wierd noise in the back end every time i hit a bump. when i drove the windstar the first time the mileage was 128000 and now 157600 miles and a letter that my friend received back beginning of October. Now it is December and I decided to take the van in for inspection of the rear axle. when i arrived at the dealership I saw 3 or 4 rolls of bad windstars waiting to be repaired. i guess i am not the only one. once i arrived at the service dept they told me it would take a while to inspect. about one hour later, the service person told me that the axle failed inspection. and that they would provide me with a rental vehicle. and sure enough i rented a car and ford is going to pay for the rental for how many months my van is sitting in the lot of the dealership. at least ford is paying for the rental. I own a 1999 Ford Windstar. hopefully they buy it back. will have to wait and see. it has been 5 days since i had my rental. and counting.

  • pete

    forget to mention that they told me that it is going to take them at least 3 or more months to figure out what they want to do with the van. and at least the rental is not coming out of my pocket.

  • 2003 Windstar owner

    Story of a man who was killed driving a Windstar . . . very sad for his family.

  • two windstars

    I can not understand what the protective coating is going to do on the rear axle, is this going to stop cracking.. I heard that it’s because water was getting inside the tube which is causing the issue and what happens with those who passed and later have an issue? All I can tell you is that as soon as both my vans get fixed. Im done with Ford.
    This reminds me of the Firestone/Explore tire issue. I lived through that one too…

  • William

    My 99 Windstar LX failed the axle inspection on Tuesday, December 14, 2010. There is a large hole near the center of the axle. I was given a 2011 Ford Focus to use as I wait for the needed repairs. I’ve been reading many of the comments online and it seems that Ford is not overly generous or anxious to compensate owners for their vehicles or for the inconvenience this has caused. They seem to be willing to pay thousands of dollars for car rentals plus the cost of the axle and labour rather than make a good offer to encourage owners to accept the buyout. I don’t understand the logic behind their thinking. Ford uses the blue book value as the means of deciding what they will give. The focus is to pay the least amount possible and yet they expect the owner to be satisfied with this mere pittance. Some owners have put repairs into their vehicles in the last two or three months and this is not factored into their offer. If requested, I can supply the bills for my own vehicle for the six hundred dollars in repairs that was done three weeks prior to my failed inspection. The money offers I see on line won’t even cover the tax on the purchase of another vehicle if a person decided to upgrade. Ford’s mentality is take it or leave it! At present, the dealer has faxed my vehicle information to Ford Canada in the hopes of getting a buyout package. As I wait for their response, I’m enjoying my new car rental knowing that any action on their part may never materialize. If it does it probably will be an insult to my intelligence.

  • mary

    Did anyone get there recall letter? my dad has a windstar and he got his letter, I talked to my sister about it and she said my dad wasnt worried. I started freaking out and she told me that the letter said it was a problem with the cruse contro, and he wasn’t worried because he doesn’t use it. I just want to know what the letter said because that is real fucked up if they are lying when peoples lives are at steak

  • tdidrvr

    I had a 96 windstar..first model year…so many problems..including cracked head. took almost 2 months to fix,,,then when it was time for trade in (to a VW) no value on any windstar..doesn’t matter what year. They were lemons. too bad..they were comfortable driving vans.


    I hate FORD. I want my money and have been patient long enough. i am tired of cramping everyone in a tiny car. The windshield cracked on my rental and i’ll be damned if they think i am paying for it…the way i figure it is its fords problem because the only reason i am in a rental is because of shoddy workmanship regarding the windstar in the first place. The dealer actually told me i cant get a different rental because i wont pay for windshield but he did offer me MY RECALLED DEFECTIVE AXLE WINDSTAR TO DRIVE if i signed a waiver. Are you freaking kidding me???? I see how little ford values the lives of myself and my children. FORD you should be ashamed of yourself I live in WHITMAN where the man lost his life driving a windstar and you are seriously offering me mine back knowing its broken and causes death…JUST PAY ME cause I am buying any other car except Ford.

  • 2003 Windstar owner

    More in the news today about the Windstar . . . let’s hope Ford starts making better offers to get these crap vans off the road for good.

  • Steve

    There was an short segment on this morning’s 7 AM Today show, interviewing the Widow of the Whitman, MA. man who was killed. Up here in Mass. it’s been all over the news media the last week or so.

    Ford I hope you’re feeling the pressure !!!

    Turned in my 2000 LX on 11/27, still waiting for the buyout offer. Already called and emailed Ford a few times, (thanks to all who posted contact info) but all I get is standard issue answers and replies from Ford reps.

  • Steve
  • Colum Wood
  • Paul

    Our van also failed the inspection, no cracks but a pin sized rust hole, I asked the service manager how many winstars fail the inspection, he told me at there dealership less than 10% thats here in southern Minnesota. Salt is used in winter on the streets and roads.
    I thought it would be higher percentage than that by the number of complaints on this web site.

  • Nancy

    The footage of the test driver trying to keep the van under control when the rear axle fractures is so frightening. That was at 35mph…I can’t imagine having that happen at twice that speed, with absolutely no warning. Bravo to ABC for covering the story on their nightly news. ALL Windstars…every last one of them, should be examined, and not just the ones in states that use salt on their roads. The states that don’t use salt, but have border states that do, have drivers that spend a great deal of time in the salt states. Just because a van is licensed in a state that doesn’t use salt on it’s roads doesn’t mean that the driver doesn’t work in the border state. Ford should issue a recall for all of them….every single last Windstar, and examine the front as well as the rear, for potential failure.

  • Jennifer

    I’m from MA, I got the recall notice in Nov. I’m a single mother of two kids trying to work and just save money… I brought my 2000 Windstar to Townsend Ford on Tues Dec. 22, 2010… that night I got a call about a rental, picked it up Wed morning… I had gone to Ford to get stuff from my an and was told about the buy back option, the van has been great, but the Transmission is starting to act up and the Fri before I dropped it off I spent $300 on TIRES and was told I need a tie rod… my buy back offer is for $1,700!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?! what can I buy with that??? and I’m suppose to get to work how, till I find a car cheap enough?!?! I will NOT take the rental if I have to pay taxes on it, I didn’t get a van cause I thought it was cool, I HAVE KIDS!!! I didn’t ask for the friggen axel to have 2 huge holes, so why should I have to pay a dime?!?! and I think Ford should pay DOUBLE what the cars are worth, and work with you to get a new car!!!! I’ve always liked Ford, till now… 🙁 oh and I was told I have till Dec. 30th to give my decsion on the buy back, and that I stay in the rental till the paperwork is final, when the hell would that be?? and what about the time I am without a car, and how the hell do I get to work?!?!?

  • Sandy

    We are all obviously upset with Ford and the recall of our Windstars. But I am heartbroken to hear of the father that was killed in an accident with his Windstar in Mass. I knew there had been accidents as I read all the blogs, but to lose a life is absolutely wrong. Ford can never replace a life but as least step up to the plate and go our of your way for the customer. I still see Windstars on the road and will now go right up to the driver and tell them to get it checked. My Ford dealer did not offer me any incentives to buy a Ford. Still waiting for my check after I sold it back to Ford 2 weeks ago. This is just so sad.

  • Steve

    JENNIFER…. Things that you mention lead me to suspect something is up with your dealer.
    #1- For you to get a buyback offer in a matter of days is VERY unusual, I left my 2000 LX at my dealership on 11/27, also in s/e MA., and have yet to get an official offer, though after a number of emails and calls to Ford I was assured one was coming. Many others here have had to wait and extended time to get the “offer” with another wait for “the check” (read through these posts).
    #2- The offers are supposed to be Kelly Blue Book, private party values, with an assumed milage of 12k per yr. A “plain” Windstar @ 120K miles should be valued at about $2200., which again, if you read through these posts, is what people have been offered.
    I would do some more research, both on this as well as other forums and go back and start asking your dealer some questions before you consider the current offer to make sure this is all on the “up and up”.
    Again, sounds suspisious the offer so quick and a little on the low side.
    Hope that info helps.

  • D. J.

    I agree with Nancy…I live in a border state of one of the recall states
    (about 5 miles from the border) and drive frequently in the recall state. My state also salts the roads so I don’t really understand why my state doesn’t have the recall. Anyway…I decided to take my van in on my own and pay if necessary to have it inspected because I just wasn’t feeling good about it. The dealership was very nice and said they wouldn’t charge me to inspect it. When I got there they said it would only take a few minutes and I’d be on my way. About an hour later the service guy came to me and said he was sorry to report that my axle was cracked and I wouldn’t be able to take my van. He had already contacted Enterprise and they were on the way to get me and put me in a rental at Ford’s expense. Since this was just a couple of days before Christmas, Enterprise didn’t have any vans so I had to take something smaller but they assured me that I could come back on Monday, 12-27 and get a van. The dealership told me that I probably wouldn’t get my van back till at least February. I’m a little worried about the front end issues that I’ve been reading about here and hadn’t heard about before but I’ll keep watching and see how that turns out. It’s only been a few days and over a holiday so no telling how this will all play out but so far I’m happy with the way it’s being handled. I will be telling Windstar owners to have their vans checked regardless of what state they live in!

  • Jeff Anderson

    I would like to see the buyback in my situation.
    Rear axle issues, ABS light, and transmission problems make me reluctant to put any additional repairs and cash into the 1999 Windstar.

  • MARY


  • tom

    a Friend bought a 2003 ford wind star and it was too big for his wife to drive so i bought it from him it had 1000 miles on it thought it was a great car then one thing after another happened brakes back wiper flips all the way around lights in side go on and off like a disco the tires ware out about 25000 miles the transmission went out at 37000 miles not covered engine light is all ways coming on brake light cones on all the time rear windows stop working heater blowers cold air air conditioner compressor went out back cold air stopped working air filter leaking so car was idling high in all i stooped using ford at 36000 miles when they said the warranty was up and i would have to May 3000.00 off a new transmission local mechanic new it was a small plastic part ford put in the transmission he replaced it for 700.00 hard to get to air in take 300.00 battery 100.00 brakes light 300.00 came back on soon after air conditioner compressor 1500.00 but they did not notice back back was out so told me it would be extra to FIx that heater would have cost around 300.00 but i watched a video and fixed it for 60. and some work thank u tube ford makes a lot of money selling cars and also repairing them now I’m told the axle may be next i think this was a peace of crap from day one next time i hop i buy a car from some car company that stands be hind their product and now i guess my well cared for car ant worth crap


    Why does everybody post negatively? Here’s a positive: I absolutely LOVE my 1999 Windstar and have loved it for 10 years! Yes, the van and I have had a few problems … show me any defect-free vehicle and I’ll give you some oceanfront property in Arizona! “No more Fords for me” is ridiculous … go ahead and buy a Toyota Prius and worry about the accelerator. The important thing is to keep your vehicle well-maintained, serviced regularly, and to drive safely. KUDOS to Ford for being proactive!!

  • 2003 Windstar owner

    “Proactive” would have been if Ford had used better materials and design to manufacture the axle in the first place instead of inferior steel from China!! “Proactive” would now be to offer fair buy-back amounts and incentives to replace these vans and get them off the road for good since the subframe is apparently an issue as well. Good maintenance, regular service and safe driving have NOTHING to do with corrosion of the axle from the inside out due to the way it was designed. Unfortunately, the reality of it is negative!!

  • Pia

    On 11/03/10 I was driving my 2001 Ford Windstar. It has less than 86,000 miles on it. I was slowing down to make a left hand turn when the Passenger Front axle broke on the van! It caused the van to stop totally. It was stuck in the middle of the road, needing to be towed out on a flatbed. I had to pay over $1,100 for this mess on my van. Then in the middle of December I recieve a recall notice on the van for the rear axle inspection and repair. Ford better make things right on my front axle that broke off the van! The auto service that I used, bought a used sub-frame to put on the van. He looked at a used sub-frame on a 2002 and told me that its frame was rusted out worse than mine, and he could not believe that Ford did not issue a recall on it! I am bringing the van in to a Ford dealer in the morning for this Rear Axle recall, and I have already filed a complaint with the NHTSA.

  • Sandy

    Called Ford today. They said my check for the buyback will take 4-6 weeks. Will sign the rental again for month #3. Ford is paying over $1000 a month for me to be in a rental. So far it will cost them $3000 for my rental and they will pay me $2000 for my 1998 van. They should have just given me all that money to buy a new Ford. Sad situation.

  • Steve

    Talked to someone on the “Windstar team” today regarding my Windstar status, I was told that Ford is no longer offering the buyback.

  • D. J.

    Tom, I thought I was the only one in the world with the disco lights. I thought I was special and now I find I’m not! 🙁 Really…I haven’t had many other problems with my 2003 and planned to drive it several more years. Now I’m afraid I’m going to be nervous about a front end problem after my axle is fixed. Maybe they’ll do a recall on that before it gets out of the shop. 🙂

  • Richard

    1998 Ford Windstar Limited.. 250000 KM’s… Got the recall notice a few months ago, kept putting it off, until i read through this thread. Going in to Jim Keay Ford in Ottawa,ON tomorrow to get this checked out. The dealer told me they could see me ASAP, was told min 4-5 hours at the shop, If there are no fractures/cracks etc they will apply something to prevent further corrosion and also install a bracket system that they now have in stock? The van needs to sit on the hoist for 4 hrs min once epoxy applied on brackets? I’ll update tomorrow on the status!!

  • carolyn

    I bought and am still paying for a 98 windstar. from a buy here pay here place in my state (RI) because that’s the only way i could get a “decent” running van for my family. i like most people didn’t get a van because it’s cool to drive one lol I have 2 kids one in a car seat and one into sports so we needed the cargo space as well as passenger space. I have only had the van since October and still owe over $4300 on it. when i took it into ford for the inspection it failed miserably has 15 cracks in the rear, a broken ball joint in the front as well as a few other major issues. of the dealer i bought it from knew it had all these problems and still sold it. ford is paying for my rental unfortunately so many have been recalled in RI that they don’t have much for rentals so we’re squeezed into a 2010 Honda civic. it’s a little to small but we’re making due. kind of screwed if mine isn’t fixed before baseball season starts cause my son is a catcher and no way his equipment bag will fit in the trunk with his sister’s stroller. and if ford only offers 2-3000 I’ll still have to find money to buy another van and finish paying off this one.I’m a single mom on unemployment. is ford nuts i men really they should at least offer to pay off what you owe and a little extra so you can get a new van. they are a huge company with plenty of resources and money to fix this problem fairly. i didn’t ask for the jerk dealer to sell me a piece of crap van yet I’m still stuck paying off every dime. wtf ford.. I’ll never own another ford again. Toyota bought back my brothers truck and gave him way more than fair market value for a much smaller problem

  • Tammy

    I purchased a 2000 Windstar in Oct. then in Dec I got a recall for the speed thingy. I then saw on the news about the axle recall so I took mine to Autofair in Manchester, NH on Dec 27 after putting on $500 snow tires 6 days earlier and getting a remote starter for it for Christmas (thank goodness I didn’t put that in yet). It failed inspection. I called ahead they had a rental waiting for me at no charge. The offer was $3635 for a 2000 with 133,000 miles. I think that is a fair price. Retail in kelly is $4700 and private is $3685 in ex condition. I just wish they would give me back the snow tires but they told me no. I put 10 miles on them and am heartbroken because my son got me them for my christmas present.

    I would like to say other than the tire thing Autofair has been right on top of it and very nice even with my fight for the tires. I only had 3 days to decide if I want to take the buyback or not. If not, they say the parts will be about 30 days and keep rental until they are done.

  • Steve

    Tammy’s post…. Hmmmm, – That’s nice to see – I call and talk to the “Windstar Team” 2 days later on the 29th and they tell me they no longer offer buybacks !!! I left mine at Jannell Ford, Hanover MA. on Nov. 27th !!! Ford and their dealers are playing games with people !!!

  • Susan

    About a year ago had to replace the rusted subframe…expensive…now took it for the recall…would not return van to me…axle cracked…buyout price $2355…can’t buy anything for that around here
    Steve…I had Ford offer to buy me out on Nov. 24th. Check into it again.

  • Steve

    Thanks Susan, I have emailed them back and forth and called numerous times since the beginning of the month, with the last phone conversation just yesterday. For some reason i’m getting the run-around !

  • John

    my 2000 windstar got the inspection found the axels cracked fought for 3 days to get a larger vehicle i bought my van for my grand children and my job the car they gave me my knees were hitting the steering wheel now waiting to here from ford if its going to buy it back with 82000 miles on it i got it a year ago paid 5000. plus 1000 for all new michelin tires new brakes all way arround have a 1800 dollar stereo sitting in there parking lot so whats a reasonable offer . my rentle must be coasting them 90 per day thats what i was told going to have it till after march so i figured that jan 1 till march 1 is almost 60 days times the rentle about 5400. for the rentle so whats more coast effective to give people what there paying out i don’t understand the math of it all if you add the rentle plus the value of my van plus the coast to repair the van now come up with a price ford should be purchasing alot of used minivans and offering replacment ones with taxes and registration paid for this problem being a dealer of its size they can get verry good prices for purchasing many minivans i can’t afford a new one i have always bought my vehicles outrite so i don’t want a monthly payment just a van im not affraid of putting my tools in and worrieng about damaging it because my table saw hit the rear door or my friend wants a ciggerete i also want my 1800 stereo back is there any up keep being done to theese vans any one checking the antifreeze you may get your van back with cracked seals from it now being used wheres the end of this thanks for your time

  • matthew shepard

    hi my name is matt, and i was offered 2,355 for my van. This is not enough to purchase another van of the same size or quality. lol
    I told ford i would accept 3,500. This is my offer. I feel like ford could do alot better for us. Im am waiting for a response. I feel for should pay us more considering the situation that we are all being put through. Just cause they offer you imoney dosent mean you have to take it. Ford will end up paying 3,500 just for my rental over the course of the next few months then have to fix my van. So I feel i am letting them off easy by asking for 3,500. This would allow me to purchase something equivalent to my van. I will post somethingh to let you know what happens thank you

  • Tina

    Not happy with the whole situation. Thinking our vans will have very little value even if they do get repaired. No one will want them!!!!Have not had my Limited Edition Windstar for almost 3 months now, and am missing it. Driving a basic model GM van 🙁

  • Steve

    Guys if you read the posts – Ford is no longer offering buybacks per my phone conversation with Ford on 12/29 – confirmed with my dealer today on a personal visit/inquiry I made there.

    I’m in dispute with them right now over a vehicle I left on 11-27. They had told me they were buying back per phone on 12/9 and 12/15 – now – called on 12-29, they say that “Ford is not offering buyback”, 2 weeks after they told me it would be bought. (I want it bought out – whatever they offer)
    Went to get some stuff out of it today, it has not been run, it’s in a “sea of snow bound/snow covered Windstars” at another lot the dealer owns.
    So I figured I’ll Start it up and and run it – the oil light is on now and the engine is knocking, ????? was not doing that when I dropped off. Called the dealer and informed him what I found.
    I’ll be back on the phone with the Windstar team on Monday to wage war.
    They said they would buy it back – it is documented as such and I will nit accept less !
    I will NEVER buy another Ford, I will tell everyone I meet NOT to buy Ford. As a bonus ball I help run a Collision Center, so I should get the word out to MANY people !!!!!!

  • Ron

    Just took my 2000 Ford (125,000) Windstar in today for the recall. They Found cracks and it’s now in the Windstar graveyard at the dealer. They had over 60 Windstars with cracked axles. I’m now driving an Enterprise’s 2010 Jeep ( which by the way is very nice) and was told I would owe nothing to Enterprise. I will call about taxes tomorrow !!! This is my second Ford van and have been very satisfied with each one! I hope Ford takes care of it’s loyal customers and avoid what Toyota is going through. My van may only be worth $2500-$3000 Blue Book, but what about what we have to endure to wait for them to fix it ! The rental alone will be worth more than the van.

    I hope Ford reads these and does what is right or they will lose a lot of Loyal Ford Owners.

  • Steve

    Ron – they don’t really care about loyalty ect. – they will always get people to buy through incentives and special promotions.
    Like they say in the Auto sales trade: “there’s an ass for every seat”

  • Rob

    Through Facebook I am finding out about this axle situation today. I have a 2002 Windstar and it is my second one (previously owned a 1998) and never had any major problems outside the normal wear and tear. I will be contacting my Ford dealer first thing Monday morning and since I live in Ontario and drive all over Ontario (50K a year), I am anticipating my van to fail the inspection. After reading about all of the Windstars sitting in dealer lots I drove over to mine (Orangeville) and found only 2, and one had no plates on it. Are they hiding them??? Well I will post my experience to you all Monday night or Tuesday morning, I hope I have a more pleasant experience then some that I have read here.

  • james

    I will tell you what i am more than a little bit frustrated about this whole situation.We were at our local ford dealer this morning having our 1999 van looked at.We called last week about having are van looked at and were told that it would take a week to look at van.then we were told after it failed that the byback ended last week on dec30 its not my fault that they were busy i use this van for our local cleaning comp. i am a liftime ford owner but will make a statement here my 2005 ford ranger that i paid CASH CASH for will be the last ford that i will by thank you ford for telling a someone whos first ford was a 1977 ford 150 that he crap out of luck till march.I am so gad it ended on good note i think GM will love there new CASH CASH customer

  • gonzo

    is ford paying for the towing cost?

  • John

    Took our 2003 Windstar in a week ago and was informed axle was already cracked. Have been treated very well since then so far. Enterprise called within 4 hours and had us in a 2011 Expedition that same day (which we need for a family of 6). Now I guess it’s a waiting game to see what will happen. The two concerns I have now are future similar corrosion issues, and the reduced value that Windstars will have forevermore. I am however, very happy with Ford, and will continue to be a Ford customer.

  • matt

    I Have a 1999 windstar that i purchased a year ago for $2000 and put over $1000 into it. I brought it to the dealership where i was told the axle was cracked in half. I wasnt offerd a rental i had to ask. Then was told i would have to pay $40 a day for insurance, because i did not have any.( i live in NH) i then had to get insurance for my van so i could get a rental and not end up paying so much.A week wnet by and did’nt hear anything,and then monday the dealership called me saying that ford was offering me $2,355 for my van. Thats what KBB value was in excellent condition. Its a good offer and i took it. Although it is a good offer i am a father of three currently on unemployment, how do they expect me to find something for that money and also pay to reg and inspect it? That means i will only have about $1,900 for a vehicle,This has been one big pain in the butt!!!!!!!!!!!! I think ford should be doing alot more!!! Im like everyone else i will never buy another ford. I went to the dealership today to get the stuff out of my van and was told my van was taken to a storage lot…??? I wonder why. So i get their and it turned out they just bought a building to store ALL of the recalled vans.Needless to say their were at least 30 inside and about 10 outside. This is a huge problem that ford needs to fix although i think its to late. Good luck to you all. thanks

  • Patricia

    I brought my 99 windstar into my local ford dealership on Oct.30. They told me to go to enterprise and get a rental because it failed the inspection. Enterprise told me I had to pay out of pocket for my rental and ford would reinburse me. I had the rental for 5 weeks at $300 per week before I was tapped out for funds to pay for it. And, I still have NOT recieved a reinbursement check for the rental! I have not seen 1 cent from ford and now I’m behind on all my bills while I wait for ford to send me that check! It’s been 5 weeks since they recieved the first invoice from enterprise and they told me it should only take 2 weeks before I recieve the reinbursement! I’m so frustrated!!! I have 4 kids and no vehicle to transport them. I have to rely on friends and family to help me and when I call ford they just give me the run around and when I call my local dealership they give me attitude! Now what am I suppose to do???

  • Brenda

    I don’t know how many of you have had this occur- Axle was supposedly checked in October and was fine- but took the 2001 Winstar in yesterday for problem with the heater, and it failed inspection.
    With 1.5 hours I now have a rental: Honda Civic 2010. (I no longer need big vehicle). I was told that while the dealership believes they are no longer doing buybacks, he would be able to confirm this today when he goes over the ‘rental’ with FORD. In Toledo OH- Enterprise told me that they have 80 rentals out and were getting 4-5 rentals a day due to this recall …

    Our 2001 Winstar did not owe us- it had performed reliably- (tho we have other Winstars with issues) this car was likely one of the MOST reliable we have had. We were planning to replace it in March, so it will now likely be a trade-in as soon as it is repaired. I am concerned about it sitting for 3-4 months without being run, and it still needs repair… but will have to stop by there regularly it appears.
    It is frightening to think I just had my entire family in it driving 2.5 hours each over Christmas, but grateful it has not broken.

  • Nancy

    We received a call from our local Ford dealer this afternoon, informing us that our check for the buyback has arrived. We had a ’98 GL with 96,000 miles on it, and are receiving $2,000 from Ford. We purchased a 2011 Kia Sorento the week after our van failed the inspection, in late Oct. For anyone who is awaiting a check….we had heard from others that it was running 4-6 weeks from the time you sign the title over at the dealership for the check to arrive, and that’s how it worked out for us. We signed our title over, 4 weeks ago, tomorrow. I can’t believe how lucky were were that our axle didn’t fracture after I saw how bad that it was. We were told that it was the worst one that our dealer had inspected, that hadn’t completely fractured.

  • 2003 Windstar owner

    I think some of the Enterprise locations are trying to make a profit off of these rentals!! When I first got my rental at the end of October, I paid the taxes up front because Enterprise said Ford was not paying the taxes. In the weeks that followed, I read a lot of the comments here and elsewhere that said people did not have to pay taxes. I also contacted someone at Ford and got a response via email that said Ford was picking up the tax. So, when I went in to renew my rental contract, I told Enterprise what I had learned and they did not charge me for taxes again — no questions asked, and they did not even ask to see the email I had. The Enterprise person said they weren’t aware of Ford paying the tax and this must be something “new” they haven’t received notice of yet. I say — bull — there is surely some documentation between Ford and Enterprise as to the exact terms of the agreement and what Ford will pay and what they will not!! I think some dealers and rental agents are just trying to make a little extra money here.

  • Karl

    We purchased a 2001 Ford Windstar Minivan ser # 2FMZA55441BB88515 new some 9 years ago (Dec. 2001) and being our second vehilce have very low mileage of 57,000 Km (approx. 36,000 miles). I understand many Ford Windstars were having cracked axel problems, unsafe and were being recalled for axel replacement or buy back at a very low price. I checked with our local Ford dealer and provided the serial number and was advised there was no recall or problems with axels on this vehicle. Because of the low mileage we are not interested in a buyback. How can I determine if there was or was not a recall for axel replacement on this particular year and model and if there was how can I insist on having the dealer replace it.


  • MARY


  • Steve

    I’m getting the run around as well, not dealing thru the dealer, calling the Windstar team direct – they are truly either very screwed up, or they are jerking people around – or a bit of both. That’s my take on the situation based on the conversations I’ve had.

    Mary – sounds like the dealer wants to fix all the W-Stars under their roof for the MONEY, they won’t make as much MONEY if the vehicles are bought back. They will make MONEY replacing these axles from Ford.

  • Paula

    Karl-I’m sure you could call them with your vin# and asked. I think everyone who got recalled received a letter from Ford Sucks though. At least I got one.

  • Laura

    I live in southern NH and own a 2002 Windstar SEL with 162,000 miles on it. On August 03, 2010, I spent $1,132. for work done on it at a local dealership which included 4 new tires, front end alignment, front brake pads with rotors cut, drive belt replacment and other repairs soon afterwards, a friend of mine informed me that she heard on the news about the recall. I brought my van to the same dealership on October 06, 2010 (received the recall notice in the mail on October 21, 2010) for an oil change and for them to inspect the rear axle and sure enough mine had a crack in it. Mine was the first for this dealership so they had to research what Ford was doing about it. I was told Ford would pay for a rental for 90 days until mine was fixed. Then the service guy said that since the axles were no longer being manufactured at that time, it would not be until the first quarter of 2011 until they would be available. I mentioned that if the rental was only for 90 days, what would happen if my van wasn’t repaired in that time frame. His reply was “we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it”. They immediately gave me a 2008 Taurus, which is one of their dealership rentals, at no cost until mine was repaired. It’s a nice smooth riding car but not a van. It seats 5 and I’m used to seating 7+ in my van. With 3 young children and their friends to cart arouind daily, it just doesn’t work for our lifestyle. But like everyone else in this situation, I’m glad to be driving someone elses car and racking up the miles at their expense. Well my 90 days was up today and I went back to the dealership and first searched in the Windstar graveyard and found my baby end to end with over 70 Windstars. I am also concerned that it has been sitting there for 3 months now without being driven and how that is going to affect it. So into the dealership I go to inquire about the status of the axle and to see about the car rental. I was told that Ford was extending the rentals for up to 120 days now and that they were currently manufacturing the axles which are expected to be available in mid January and mine should be one of the first ones to be replaced. I also inquired about the buy back program and was told that Ford is not buying back anymore vehicles. I was really hoping for a buyback as now I am going to be afraid to drive it knowing that their is a similar prolem happening with front end as well. I will be getting rid of my Windstar as soon as it is repaired. I don’t want to be worried about something else going wrong that could potentially cause an accident. The safely of my family is much to important to me. My sincere condolences go out to the Bowman family for their loss. I hope Ford does right by you. I’m not going to bash Ford because problems like this can happen with any car manufacturer. Look what happened to Toyota.

  • m

    I just heard that someone that owns a 2003 got an offer. This is the first news since I thought buybacks were only 1998-2000. This is the biggest run around a large company has done to its general public in years.

  • hackema

    I wish they would buy back the 2003 winstar .I just don;t like driving someone elses car. Please let me know if they are buying them back

  • MARY


  • Tina

    Karl it is my understanding that ALL Windstars were under the recall???????

  • diana

    signed paperwork dec12. how long does it take to get a cheque. live in ontario. went to dealer monday he said enjoy rental. will call ford tuesday he said no call back

  • delbert dangerfield

    Is the current recall of Windstar vans just covering the 1998-2003 vans?

  • Tina

    it is my understanding that all windstars are recalled

  • Tina

    just checked it out guess they say from 1998

  • Laura

    Just called Ford and spoke to a real person. He told me Ford was not offering buy backs any longer. It was at Ford’s discretion which vans and years they decided to buy back based on the year and number of miles on the car. They were trying to get the older models off the road. I told him that I belong to this group and the years, mileages and offers for buybacks were not consistant. He couldn’t tell me anything furthur except the axles are supposed to be arriving at the dealerships by mid January. They will be repairing the Windstars without cracks first and the ones with cracks in February. I don’t understand this logic since only the ones with cracks were taken by the the dealership and given rentals. Maybe they are going to replace all of them. I was also told yesterday that the rental period was extended for 120 days (since I was at 90 days). It looks like I will be going over that time period so I asked Ford and he said as long as Ford has the vehicle, the rental is covered. He was very nice and appologized for the inconvenience. Please call Ford at 1-800-392-3673 and follow the prompts if you have questions. GOOD LUCK!!

  • Steve

    Finally today with the combined efforts of myself and the dealer calling Ford today, got my offer on my 2000 LX, of $2710.
    Since I dropped the Van off in late November, I had made about 8 phone calls to Ford, about 4 calls to the dealer, and a personal visit to the dealer, to make this all happen. What a PIA.
    Now the wait for the check….
    Bye Bye Ford.

  • D. J.

    My van wasn’t included in the recall either at the time I took it in for inspection. I called and spoke to the service manager and told him I wanted it checked anyway and told him I was willing to pay for the time it took just so I could have peace of mind. He told me to bring it in the next day for a no charge inspection. Turns out it had a cracked axle so they opened a file with Ford and got me a rental. This was all done within an hour. The service guy that was helping me said he had a little trouble with Ford but he finally got through to a manager and got everything okayed. I have been treated very well.

    Bottom line…even if they say they are going to charge you for the inspection, they surely won’t if your axle is cracked and if it isn’t I think a few bucks is worth the peace of mind.

  • ken

    I signed my van over to Ford on December 6th and I’m still waiting for my check. I realize they are very busy with this and other recalls but this long? Really!My van has been sitting at the dealer since October 28th and I have to drive a car that can’t get anywhere when it snows. I guess its a good thing it only snowed twice last week, 2 days the first time and 5 days the second time! Anyway,the minute I get the check will be the last time I ever have any buisness with FOMOCO!

  • mark

    Signed the title over on December 3rd and the check is to FINALLY be there tomorrow. I can’t wait!!!!

  • ken

    Called Ford with a major attitude this morning. I was told that I would have the check by the 14th. AMEN!

  • MARY


  • Jillian

    My 01 rear axle broke in Aug – it’s been at dealer since then & Enterprise gave me Town & Country (no charges) – so little complaint there, but I am concerned with 1- This new SUBFRAME or engine cradle issue that NHTSA is investigating + “lot rot” = issues from vehicle for months! I’ve been adviced to request that ALL filters be replaced, a complete fuel system flush be done, seals replaced, brakes thoroughly inspected (rust on rotors), hoses & belts to be inspected/replaced & to demand a new battery. Oh- & of course there’s the issue of flat spots on the tires. This should be interesting! The 202-662-8735 is who wrote the article about Wes Sherwood=Ford employee working with NHTSA on rust issues for SUBFRAME failure (steel imported from China).

  • Pistol

    I understand the buy back from ford based upon blue book value, but what happens to those of us who still have loans out on these vehicles. I bought my 2003 Windstar back in 2009 and still owe over $7000 to the bank for it. If I get a payback package, the Blue book is $3500+, why should I have to pay the bank an additional $4000 for a van I no longer own.

  • ken

    Finally got my check. The dealership, ( Oneonta Ford, NY ), was really awesome with the whole situation and for that I thank them. Now I can replace my POS Windstar with something that is safe to carry me and my kids. Good luck to everybody caught in this mess.

  • jennifer

    2001 windstar rental 2 months now FREE OF CHARGE FREE FULL COVERAGE INS no taxes why are you paying taxes etc??? call FORD They will pick that up!!!!! I have had no charges at all!! very happy with rental they can keep van as long as they like!!

  • jeana

    my 2001 windstar that has 123,000 miles on it has its 2ND broken rear axle. the first one had not 1 ounce of rust on it.. so this BS of rust weakening them is crap! the dealership has had my van since the last week in september and tells me that i wil not get my van repaired until march. i told them i am a mom of 3 with football, wrestling, soccer, cheerleading, grocery shopping and family trips with 2 large dogs so i need a large vehicle. THEY GIVE ME A 2011 FIESTA!?!?!? FORD CAN TAKE THAT WINDSTAR AND SHOVE IT UP THEIR CORRUPT CORPORATE REAR! i am getting a KIA sedona!! KIA is AWSOME!!!!!! not that i wanted another vehicle payment, but at least i will be paying for a great product this time! good luck everybody… THIS IS HELL!

  • Tina

    Anybody considering/looking into class action lawsuits? There is one in PA and I think in Canada (maybe Toronto)…

    I do not want my van back after it has been sitting in Cleveland Snow all winter….it isn’t even in the dealer’s lot where I dropped it off.

  • jeana

    i am in PA, how do i get involved in this class action lawsuit?? i didnt even know there was one!! that van seriously has almost killed me twice and if they really stopped making offers on them im screwed because i dont think i can drive that van again with sound mind. UGH!!! this is ridiculous!!

  • jeana

    i am in PA, how do i get involved in this class action lawsuit?? i didnt even know there was one!! that van seriously has almost killed me twice and if they really stopped making offers on them im screwed because i dont think i can drive that van again with sound mind. UGH!!! this is ridiculous!! and OMG!! tom, i thought i was the only one whose interior lights went on and off like a disco ball!! even if i have the dail “off” they wil still flash on and off. and sometimei they would be off but the van stil somehow “thought” they were on and drain the battery. when i would try to start the van(which didnt) the headlights would start flashing and the tail lights would blink and the horn would make noises! it acted like it was possesed and it wouldnt stop till you pulled the battery terminal off!!

  • Jackie

    I’m in canada… i took my 2003 Windstar in today and was told it passed inspection and they are returning it to me today… and then will get a “brace kit” for the axle and fix it on thursday, requiring us to to have a rental for 24hrs while it sets fully (up on the hoist for 24 hrs to dry?)…
    I’m concerned after doing research that inspecting the axle just finds holes and cracks already in existance, BUT the problem with these particular axle appears to come from the “inside out” so i fail to see how that can be inspected in advance… Am I safe to take the vehicle until thursday? and does a brace kit even solve my problems… one problem in particular is my trade in value is now in the toilet b/c my windstar is “tainted” by this recall?
    Anyone else getting this same response from ford???

  • Chris in Ohio

    Okay….I took my 99 Windstar in to the dealer today. They have a rental office inside the dealership, and I had called them last week to arrange for a rental minivan as soon as one was returned. One was returned last night and I got the call. 2010 Toyota Sienna….nice!
    I actually had the Sienna keys in hand before I turned in the Windstar.

    Until today, I had only liability insurance on the Windstar; I talked to the insurance company last week and told them I would be getting a rental van. They told me that if I added full coverage to the Windstar ($58 total for 4 months), then the insurance will transfer to the rental van. I called and added the full coverage on the way to the dealership.

    The service dept man told me that it would take two days for the Windstar to be inspected. I asked if ANY of the vans are passing, and he said sure, about 65% are passing, and 35% are failing and being parked in the back field. There are over 100 back there right now.

    So far, my experience has been good.

  • two windstars

    Well I received a call from my dealer today and was told that one of my windstars is ready..I’ll pick it up on Thursday and look it over. I’ll keep you up to date..

  • Matt

    Peaple there is a lot of legal help out there. Some atterneys may take your case on for no retainer fee becouse its a win win situation. Ford is a multi billion dollar company, they will stand there product or they will no longetr be the number one. invest a few minuts and consult an atterney

  • D. J.

    Two Windstars,
    Did you need a new axle or just the bracing on the vehicle that is ready to go?
    D. J.

  • jeana

    i was told they are replacing only the repairable axles first… then and only then will they be replacing broken axles. my dealership who have been wonderful to be thus far said they will not even be recieving replacement axles until the 2nd to 3rd week in march. and only a few at a time. they said that since i found the recall online (after i furiously researched it after my 2nd axle broke thru)so early and my van is about 7th in line out back in the windstar graveyard that i should expect to have my van back about the 2nd week in april. there are only about 40 at my dealership.

  • Paul

    Got a call today from my dealer that the buy back check is in and to come and pick it up. The process went well took about five weeks from the time I signed the buy back papers to get the check. very pleased with Ford and my Dealer.

  • Freedom

    ‘two windstars’ what state are you located in? I’m in NJ and just took my 01 LES in for inspection on the 18th and they are holding it hostage with a grand marquies as a rental. I hate that big boat car and curse at it every time I walk up to it. I’m glad you didn’t take their buy back offer, I just bought this van used *drumroll please* Jan 14th! and didn’t even have it for a full week before I lost it to this mess. The car loan is $4300 and it doesn’t sound like Ford is offering full retail buy back. I have always loved my Fords, this is depressing.

  • bridgette

    My axle broke in 2 while driving down the interstate Sept 4. 2001 Van has been at Ford since. Dealer said they got 8 axles in this week. Mine is being replaced this week. I’m worried about lot rot, rust etc. Too. I’m not sure about all of this. I don’t trust that van any more. It was in great shape, only 95,000 miles on it and paid off. I’ve been pricing used van and I haven’t even seen to many uner 100,000 miles for less that $10,000. I feel we need legal help. Any ideas out there?

  • two windstars


  • two windstars

    Well I had just picked up my vans from the dealer and guess what…My check engine light is now on and the overdrive light is flashing.. Called the dealer and I was told that I will be charged for the time to check out and repair the vehicle.I’m sorry but the vehicle went in with only the recall issue and this is not my fault that the two engine lights are on. I’m calling Fords 1-800 number and going to get this issue fixed. I had brought my 2003 in first back in November and my 1999 in a week later and I get my 1999 back first!!!!
    I was told by the dealer that Ford sent them the axle for that vehicle.

  • Chris in Ohio

    Well, that didn’t take long…

    The dealer called me yesterday and told me my Windstar passed inspection and is ready to be picked up.

    Shoot. I only had the new Toyota Sienna for a day and a half.

    Well, so much for that. Good luck everyone!

  • D. J.

    Interesting new development. Just got a call from Enterprise telling me that I needed to return the wonderful HHR I’ve been driving for almost a month and get a minivan. I told them I really like the HHR and didn’t really want to trade but they insisted that it is Ford’s order that EVERYONE under the recall have a minivan. I’m finding this strange since so many are being forced to drive small cars. I only use my minivan for my dogs and Enterprise doesn’t allow dogs in their vehicles so what’s the point? Oh well, I’ll just be happy I have something to drive while this is going on. 🙂 Another thing…she said someone at Ford told her my van will be ready Feb. 3rd. Funny, I haven’t heard a thing from the dealership since I dropped my van off on Dec. 23rd.

  • 2002 450,000 kms

    no one is taking my bucket. Just put in motor and trans. +++++ Im not even gunna let them look at it until they get real. If it breaks then I play ignorant. What do you mean recall? Look out for windstar. I was just offered an insult to trade up. $750. It has cost me $4000 to keep this bucket going for the next two years. If im lucky. It will cost Ford approx. that much for rental/repair. And $750 is the best they got.
    If they pay for a rental for a month and I put 10-15,000 Kms in that month will they have a problem wih that. If I hit a deer will their insurance cover that. What if it happens twice or mabee 3 or 4 times. What if the car breaks while I am killing/driving it. Will I be held liable or can I “accidently” cost Ford Tens of Thousand of dollars in repair of insurance costs. If so then I suggest that ford reconsider their position on all of our recall issues.

  • 2002 450,000 kms

    My goal now is to cost ford as much as possible until they give in.

  • two windstars

    The Dealer Is going to work with me on the two warning lights after I had to call Ford Motor Co.
    The guy that I spoke to at Ford was very nice and worked for me. He made the call to the dealer and handled the problem. I’m Happy for now. I still have to wait for my other van to get fixed..
    I did climb under the vehicle and found that the axle is new.

  • Pistol

    I checked with my hostage negotiator today (ford dealer) and there is no release in sight. No offer of a ransom either (buy back) Needless to say the rental pool is getting smaller and smaller. I started with a Cobalt, traded up to a HHR, moved into a Dodge Charger which is great if it’s 90 degrees outside and you’re cruisin’ down the strip. But a muscle car is useless in a foot of snow and Zero degrees. Enterprise says I can’t trade up anymore until a van is available. I just checked the van pasture at the dealer and there’s about 80 vans collecting rust out there. Mine in #47. I really miss my van 🙁

  • Melinda

    FINALLY got my check today after dealing since oct 19th with ford.

  • 2002 450,000 kms


  • NM

    Commented on Nov 30 and Dec 01……
    Bought my 99 Windstar at gov’t auction in May2010. Had it inspected Nov 30 after rec recall notice, it failed. I declined a rental as I didnt need another vehicle and felt the rental cost would have an effect on my buyback amount. Buyback package arrived at dealer Dec 01. I accepted immediaetly as I had it for sale and the amount was more than I was asking. Dealer called Fri Jan 21 cheque ready for pick up. I have 2 Ford F150 trucks, a 2003 bought when 2 yrs old and 2009 bought new. They are amazing trucks. Both trucks haul trailers and the 2003 plows snow. It gets $500-$1000 worth of maintenance each year. Ford stood behind the POS Windstar fiasco and I won’t forget it when I buy new again. Really, what more could they have done. Repair it when axle available or buy it back for Kelly price. Thats customer service.
    1999 Windstar 159000km
    Dealer was Lange and Fetter Ford, Trenton, Ontario, Canada

  • SM

    I am a long term Ford customer and have been happy with my Windstar. Other than the irritating problems that everyone has experienced, it has been a good vehicle. 2003 with 130,000 miles. I have been in a rental since early October and have no complaints driving a nice new vehicle for free. I am however very disappointed with Ford and the dealership (Gurnee Ford in Illinois) for their complete lack of communication over the past three months. No indication on timeframe for the process when they took my van away. No update on part availability. No official update on buyback possibility. No information on how my vehicle will be cared for during the brutal Chicago winter. I did however get a notice from the dealership that my Windstar is past due for an oil change. Very thoughtful of them to provide that reminder while they have my vehicle held hostage. 3 months in the Chevy HHR and I believe I have found my next vehicle. For the first time in 30 years, it will not be a Ford. My 200lb Saint Bernard fits just fine in the back of the HHR. Sorry Enterprise, I know you don’t allow pets in your cars but for the $3200 you have been paid so far, I think you can make an exception.

    Good luck to all of you. I will continue to wait for the come get your van call.

  • Tina

    EXCITED…. my van has a new axle….i’m getting it back. It’s been gone since October 2010….YEHHHHH. I live in Ontario Canada.

  • Frustrated

    Another recall was just released on the steering brackets and subframe today….

  • Brad

    Talked to the local Ford service manager today. He told me that they received another advanced recall notice on the subframes.Asked about a buy back and he only smiled.Feel that there is something in the works.

  • john

    sorry to hear everybodys problems i live in pickering ontario canada took my 2003(236,000 kms) in for inspection ya its was cracked big time told it was grounded under ford work order, will get a rental car right away (it was 30 min) i am now driving a kia soul since november 2010
    fine for me we have a second kia soul that we own people are talking about buyouts bring it on 5,000 grand and the van is yours!!! it has a tourque converter is going on it, so bye bye hopefully no a new recall does that mean my car will be in the shop for another 2-3 moths oh well fords paying for my rental last bill from discount is 1,759 a month ford going to love paying for a korean rental car when my american car is in the shop for months has anybody had a good payout yet??? keep talking

  • carris

    Got a 99 that’s being help captive by ford driving a kia borrego 4 wd a very nice suv. Emailed ford on a buyout they told me no more buyouts are being done that was before the newest recall so hopefully they start buying them out meantime they can take their time we love the free rental

  • NM

    Commented a few days ago about getting my cheque….it was a 1999 with 159000 kilometers, was offered $ 2398.20 and laughed all the way when I picked up the cheque. Ford looked after me.

  • Tina

    Not happy…i get my van back tomorrow. Have just paid emissions test and sticker today. Spoke to my mechanic about new recall. Apparently Ontario has not had the recall for new issues….. My mechanic tells me when it comes , my van will fail as he already had to repair one of my steering brackets a yr ago by welding it….so it looks like i will have my own van back for only 2 weeks, before it goes in and is kept AGAIN!!!!!!!

  • Tina

    So i don’t get my van back….my rear axle is replaced, but my van will not pass the steering bracket recall that will come out in February….. so i am to keep my rental. Number to call in Canada is 1-800-565-3673 then lots of promps the first few are 1-3-3-1. Am more than a little upset as i paid for my E test yesterday and my sticker, so i could pick up my van today. Thanks ‘frustrated’ for the heads up on the ‘new’ recall, without the headsup i might have found myself without a van in February…. with 2 bio kids and 3 that my husband and i take care of that are presently in care i am not sure how that would have worked.

  • Erin

    I see that the recall was for 1998-2003 Windstar vans. I have a 1996 Windstar. Does this extend to it? Should I be concerned?

  • oscar

    well i have 2003 an can`t even take it in cuase have proplem with it not starting so if they give me a offer for more then what i oh them they can have the junk so im calling them tomorow and see what i can get

  • Nancy

    The latest recall ( rusted subframes,etc ) is going to keep the remaining Windstars that were not already purchased by Ford on the dealers lots forever…if the subframes are as badly rusted as the rear axles. For anyone who didn’t have a buyout offer the first time around, I would guess that you’re going to see one now. The cost to fix both issues, PLUS…the never ending rental charges will be so much worse for Ford than simply offering more people a buyout of their van. Those idiots should have simply sucked it up and made a lot more buyout offers from the onset.

  • Ben

    I took my 1999 Ford Windstar in to be checked and the Dealer stated that there were no visible defects in the rear axle. I contacted Ford Customer service and they refuse to do anything for me after I explained that I didn’t feel safe after knowing that a possible failure of the rear axle could occur while driving.I have lodged a complaint with BBB and I am waiting to here from them. What else can I do at this point?

  • Doug

    FAIL, Took our 2000 SEL and was shocked to learn that it had failed, I thought for sure that number 18 on the lot would be a lucky number :-). Ok so I wasn’t surprised that it failed, but what did make me sit down and scratch me head was being advised that it would be 2 months before I get it back, OH by the way, they couldn’t get me a rental of any kind until monday. Yup they are going to love me monday when I tell they I’m in sales and do close to 10,000km a month!

  • bridgette

    So after almost 5 months of my van sitting on the lot to have axle replaced, my husband insists on Ford to deliver the van to my house over 100 miles away and pick up their rental. I was afraid what would happen since it sat never turned on for almost 5 months. Gabus Ford wanted me to pick the van up on my way home Sunday night when everything was closed, all by myself with my kids (over 100 miles away). So Gabus Ford in Des Moines, Iowa, where the van was, drove it to my house on 3 flat tires, ruined them. They didn’t even put spare tire back where it belonged. They didn’t refund all my rental money. They called to let me know my battery was dead, but they would put it on charger all night. Never mind them not changing the oil that sat for 5 months on the lot. Remember, my axle broke in 2 pieces while I was on the interstate doing 65 mph with all my children in van. Gabus Ford didn’t even flinch or say sorry. They have rotten customer service. I want the world to know that my family was almost killed, by the Grace of God saving us, we are all ok. But Ford does not care. Now the subframe is under recall. Is that why I hear bad cracking sounds coming from the front? SHAME ON YOU FORD!

  • Ella

    I will never buy another Ford again! Although noone was hurt, my daughter and some friends were on the way to the beach for a weekend getaway over the summer and the axle snapped while on the PA Turnpike. Had my daughter been driving and not her boyfriend I hate to even think of what would have happened! Had it replaced and yes I was reimbursed for the expenses from Ford buy I have no faith in the vehicle now. It passed inspection w/ the new axle but if the rear axle can rust then why cant the front axle? And what about all of the other parts underneath of the vehicle….they can’t rust out either? The lower part of the body is also rusting out badly. I worry alot about something happening again now!

  • Tina

    Doug, Which recall did it fail??? Rental company is not happy with me either i do 6,000 per month. Say Ford will only pay for 4,000. That is not helpful to me. I am a foster parent and need to take my kids to appointments.

  • oscar

    well i just called them roday and told them my van will not start to bring it in to them well told me that i would have to have a recker pick it up and i get the bill and now im scared to drive the dam thing cuase what i read on here, and now they wont even help me out and i srill owe money on it and they dont care what i do with it or how to get it there to there garage so what is someone supose to do park it and leave it but still pay it off well im calling my bank and see if they want it back cuase this is the last ford ill ever drive, there idiots

  • oscar

    sorry for miss spelling people, and i think we all should end up at the main ford company and raise hell ,, oh ya how would we get there our vans are falling apart, but they don`t care

  • oscar

    Hi Ben what does BBB is it where u can complain about ur ford company if so can u email me at t.y appr it

  • Tina

    So yesterday i finished paying for my van….2003 Limited…nice van, and well loved. 389,000 klms on it. It’s had regular maintenance.

    It failed the rear axle recall due to a cracked axle, failed it’s steering bracket recall too. Finished paying for it, but i don’t have it.

    I would like it back and to be able to feel safe driving it!!!!! or to be paid out….thinking most of us are going to be very nervous driving our vans again…..furthermore, i don’t think they’re going to be worth anything.

  • Louise

    Finally was able to get safe car instead of the ford focus. Is the steeringrecall on certain windstars and will they automatically check them???

  • Tina

    In Canada it is 1999-2003 Windstars in ontario, quebec, new brunswick,PEI, newfoundland and Labrador, and Novia scotia. Dealers have an advanced notification of the recall, however, a complete dealership bulletin will be available to dealerships beginning of Feb????? currently Ford are claiming parts will be available to fix this issue early March?????…funny not sure they all the parts to fix the back axles yet….lol…front axle is the more difficult to repair….will wait and see i guess……

  • 4 kiddies and a dog

    I have a 2003 fully loaded ford windstar. It has been at the dealer since Dec 2010. Everytime I call in regards to the van they are very shady about the information they give until you go there and show them your not playing games. Had no problem with getting a rental nothing comes out of my pocket. Word about the buy back but if they aren’t giving me the 3 grand I owe plus another 2 grand to put down I will not be taking the buy back. I miss my vehicle lets see what ford is going to do. My van just hit 100 thousand miles.

  • 4 kiddies and a dog

    I had no problem getting a van as a rental 2010 Kia Sedona I must say the enterprise in Hamilton, NJ works well with the customers.

  • robin

    well here it is february and still no van…they have had my van since november..i called today 2-3-2011 to check on the status and still they can’t say when the axcel will be in saying the parts come from chicago and so on….this is crazy…i try to keep my money in the USA vehicals but i’m thinking with all this maybe i should rethink my desition as this is the second recall on my van. very upset about this situation!!!

  • Tina

    Has any one heard anything else about the possibility of another Ford buy out….

  • robin

    only thing i’ve seen is on here what i’ve read…the ford dealer that has my van said that ford hasn’t desided what to do yet….do we wait till the go bankrupt and we all get screwed or what?i know the HHR they rented me is almost 600 a month…how are they not going broke!

  • Tina

    maybe if we all start calling in to Ford and let them know we want a buy out it will help. Calling them now myself …will update.

  • Tina

    Called Ford this morning, took 2 calls to get through. Again the # is 1-800-565-3673. first few promps are 1, and 3. I spoke to a very nice man…do think Ford has hired some good customer relations staff….He told me that Ford have not decided what to do about these new recalls. I told him i wanted a buy out…. He recommended that i call back about this next week… Would love to see people be more pro active with this resolution. Call Ford and let them know we want to be bought out !!!!!!!!

  • SM

    Today I traded in my free rental Chevy HHR for a brand new 2012 Mazda 5 with only 100 miles on it. This Windstar lottery just keeps getting better! The guy at Enterprise told me that of the 60 Windstars currently at the Ford dealership up the road, 58 failed the inspection for the sub-frame. He was surprised that I had not heard a word from my Ford dealership since I dropped my van off in October. Clearly he has never had any dealings with a Ford dealership. I don’t expect to hear a word until I get the call to come pick up my POS Windstar. I think that day will make me cry as I give back a nice new car and get back my ratty old van.

  • Tina

    Here is the email for Wes Sherwood…

    …Ford spokesman who whas been dealing with the media in regards to all of this mess (spoke about Fords’ concern for their customer’s “safety” (after the media jumped all over Ford for not sending out letters sooner, which would have probably saved the father from Massachusetts who died due to Ford’s delayed actions.

    I was being ignored by Ford’s Windstar team until I sent this gentleman an email, complete with photos of the neglect of these vehicles on the lots in Ford’s care (flat tires, busted out window , buried under snow, dead batteries (mine, at least).

    I got a phone call the following day!

    Called the dealer today tio give my V.I.N. to see if I was involved in the NEWEST RECALL OF THE FRONT END SUSPENSION. Surprise, surprise, my car is recalled once again. I tild the rep. on the “Windstar Team” that they can do whatever they want with my vehicle, but they had better offer me a fair buyout because I refuse to take possession of the vehicle and put my family back in that deathmobile.

    I will not be accepting my van back. It is theirs do do as they’s like!!!

  • Tina

    Ooops…many typos! Anyway, send your concers to the email address above (Wes Sherwood).

  • Carol

    I am in the same boat as the rest of you. I have had a rental since October of 2010. Which I had bought less than a year earlier. Enterprise had said nothing to me about paying for taxes of the Dodge Nitro that I am using. I am going to look into this. If anything I will talk to a lawyer to see what can be done about this. My first concern was my grandchildren that I take care of when I found out about the rear axel recall. Now this about the front end. I have had enough. I just want them to buy me out right, for what I owe and not a penny less. Mine is a 2000 Winstar. Even if they will even exchange my van for one with no recalls, and not a Winstar of any kind, I will be satisfied. They did offer me a buyout price of about 3,600 yet this did not pay it off. They are trying to get away with the least amount of a buyout as possible.

  • 2002 450,000 kms

    Hmmmmmm…. another recall well Im glad that I havent let them look at it yet. Be at ease I have had every mechanic I know look at the axle and sub frame, all looks exceptional. Ford will only get to look at it when they decide whats happening and have all replacement parts instock.

  • Brad

    Just got my Windstar back today.I got someones rear axle because their van failed the sub frame recall.Mine passed but will need supports when available.Of course there was something wrong,cannot open my glove compartment.( hope i don’t get pulled over)They will take a look at it on tuesday.Will be making an appointment with my mechanic to check it out.Still thinking about getting a legal opinion.Any one else in Canada thinking about this or have you talked to a lawyer?Will update latter.Van was gone for 80 days.

  • Tina

    Well it appears the buy out program is back again. It will be available for a front steering bracket that has already been welded (repaired) with non factory welding. Ford deem that this cannot be repaired…so waiting to see what i am offered for my 2003 ltd Windstar. I am located in Ontario Canada. Ford state that parts for new recall will be available beginning of March ????

  • oscar

    well i still have my 2003 windstar ans still wont start and can`t get it into be checked out cuase they will not pick it up unless i pay for tow charge well i don`t think im responsible for the tow sence i am not safe driveing it and now my wife will not get in it with me ,,,, so now it sits in snow bank till i get it looked at and see why it wont burl over no more so what is next that will go rong on this P.O.S FORD. i wish they would just buy it back or pay it off i only have 3 payments on it left ,, but i think they should buy it back for what i payed for it ,, was over 10.000 and only had it for 3 years ,,

  • oscar

    oh ya and i had to replace wheel bearings in it every year around the fall time , and went threw front ball drive assemply 2 times sence i owned it and always shook all the time but when ur on a low income and cant fix it right away , and buy 1 side at a time it takes awhile but you know ford at 90 bucks an hour , and they don`t do it right it better to get a back yard mechenace does better then them ,,

  • Pete

    My ’99 has been in with a cracked axle since before Thanksgiving. I actually know the people at the dealership and still get no information! I emailed Ford and got a response that effective December 30, 2010 there were no more buyouts being offered. Maybe that was before the most recent recall was issued. There’s a lot of rust at the bottom of one of the sliding doors and I’ve had steering problems and had to replace tires that were not very old so I know there’s going to be a lot of rust. The rental has been adequate (first a Dodge Caliber and now a Ford Fusion) but a simple reasonale buyout offer earlier and/or a good rebate on another vehicle would have worked. Not sure how pervasive this new recall with be on my minivan but it seems like it would be expensive. There’s no way I’m going to drive that thing again anyway and my kids would die of disappointment if they saw that in the driveway again!

  • Tina

    the new buy out is due to the new recall. It is for front steering brackets that cannot be repaired….i.e they have broken in the past and have non factory weld repairs…i have a copy of the direction sent to Ford dealerships. We will be offered a buy out, however it appears it is non negotiable…if we do not accept it, we are told we can come and pick up our van. My 2003 had a cracked font steering bracket last yr and was ‘repaired’ with non factory weld. It also failed the rear axle check in October. It received a new rear axle in January….am waiting to hear my buyout amount. These details were only released to Ford dealership yesterday….

  • jeana


  • Meghan

    My van’s been sitting at the dealership since Jan ’11 (cracked axle but not completely split, just found when brought in for recall). We’re in Virginia but from MI and the van was originally sold there. The first dealership we took it to, tried to get us to take their personal lot’s ’03 Windstar as a rental. We called Ford Customer Service, who told us all rentals are supposed to be through Enterprise. When we approached this dealership about what Ford said, they told us that they “obviously can’t make us happy, so come get your vehicle off my premises!!”

    We drove it ourselves to another dealership 40-45 min away. They’ve taken great care of us. We now have a ’10 Grand Caravan. It’s okay.

    Found out today that our van is in the series of Windstars that could have the front end problem which wouldn’t surprise me if it does. It’s getting examined on Thurs and they’ll let us know. The dealership said that if it is part of that recall, Ford will likely offer us a buy-out. They say that the axles are expected in March.

    I have a full loaded (leather, dual power doors, multi disc cd player, etc) 2003. I LOVE my van. I was in an accident in it 1.5 years ago and had 4 children with me, 3 were my friend’s kids and the kids walked away completely fine. I suffered a severe whiplash injury but am recovering.

    I worry about what they may offer me. I owe about about $500 less than KBB on it. Even if they pay off my loan, that’d leave me (maybe) me $500!! Our plan was to pay it off and then drive it for another 5-10 years!!! It’d leave us in a worse position than we started in! We have 4 children and HAVE to have van! To top things off, we’re moving from VA to Indiana in a month!!

    Has anyone had an offer on an ’03?!

  • Tina

    Am waiting on an offer on my 2003 ltd edition windstar right now. Spoke to Ford customer service who said i need to deal direct with dealership. Say that an offer is usually made within a week. Say the whole proces to receive check takes 5 weeks. From what i hear it is likely 8-10 weeks before we receive checks in hand.

  • MARY


  • robert

    i just had my 2003 sport model checked and it passed both recalls. they installed the axle fix on it. has anyone seen the fix? it looks like they wrapped the axle in sheet metal with 3 bolts on top to hold the metal together. it looks really bad and if i was going to buy this van from someone and looked underneath it and seen that i would never buy it. so i guess we wont be selling our van anytime soon

  • frank

    1999 SE with 266k kms (Canada) was bought back for just over $3,000 back in December 2010 – not a bad deal. FORD couriered the paperwork directly to my home within 2-days with the offer. Lot’s of incentives from FORD to purchase another FORD, which I did, HOWEVER, 7-weeks later still no sign of the money owed by FORD. Thinking the money would arrive within a week or so I turned-in the rental…what an “idiot”…FORD still has my money and van. I am requesting that I get my rental back.

  • Pete

    I got a call out of the blue from the dealership that my ’99 Windstar was fixed and that I could return the rental car and pick up the minivan. Bad news since I didn’t want it back and was hoping for the buyout. However, several calls into the dealership asking whether or not they’ve inspected for the new recall haven’t been returned. Hopefully not, but I’m not returning the rental until they do. Not a single word about incentives to purchase a Ford or anything else from their lot. Just a “return the rental and pick up your van.” Now I don’t want to drive the van and there’s no way I’ll be able to unload it and I have to scramble to find something this weekend without any buyout money to put towards something else. Great.

  • Ron M

    Our 2001 Windstar has been in the “quarantine” back lot of the local dealer since October. Last time I checked, it was burried in more than a foot of snow. I doubt it will start and it had two basically flat tires. With all of the rust and two basically flat tires, it actually looked like it should be in a junk yard. Anyway, yesterday I spoke with the service dept. and they told me they were slowly repairing the rear axle recalls in an order that was dictated by Corporate Ford based on VIN #’s. Apparently, when they recieve a replacement axle, it comes with information that tells them what VIN # vehicle it is to be installed on. He could not tell me when they might be working on our Windstar. I suggested that he could put us on the bottom of the list for repairs since we are more than happy driving the 2010 Mazda CX9 they provided us through Enterprise. He indicated that they do not have that type of discretion at the local service dept. since Corporate Ford is telling them what specific vehicle gets the “next” axle.

    According to the service dept. rep., they are not inspecting for the front subframe issue/recall until they bring the vehicle in to perform the rear axle repair work. The service department rep. indicated that of the 20+/- vehicles they have repaired/replaced the rear axle on so far, only 1 had a front subframe issue. I can’t verify the accuracy of this information other than than this is what he told me verbally.

    We are hoping that our vehicle is one of the lucky to have a front subframe issue so we might become elgible for a bye-out and get rid of this entire problem for good.

  • Todd

    Ford will buy back your van because,they are taking a bath on the rental cars.They are going to lose million of dollars over this….there goes my ford stock…..stock prices are going to fall over all this…

  • Brad

    Had my van checked over after Ford had it for 80 days.Everything was okay. Now I can do some temp repairs on the rust that is eating my van.
    Will never buy another Ford.

  • MARY


  • Caer

    I’m putting my post on several “Make a comment” I want as many people as possible to know how Ford treats it’s customers. My dealer was Schultz on 304 in Nanuet, NY. Sorry if you read this already.

    I HAD a 2003 van with 68,000 miles. Only owner. I did the maintenance required. Was garage kept for the 1st 3 1/2 years. The 1st week of Novemeber the dealer took it and said they would get the part in Jan 2011. They paid for the rental. This week they condemed my van due to the 2nd recall. My buy out is $9,000.00. The catch – the dealer pressured me to sign the papers right away. Once I did, I did NOT get a check. 5-7 days, longer if a week-end was involed, but I had to turn in my rental on Friday no matter what I did. Dealer said it was Corp’s rules. When I called Corp they said it was dealer’s rules. When I asked about the other people from the 1st recall waiting 3 months+ for their checks the reply was yes there were delays for the 1st recall buy out. That could happen again. I asked to please keep my rental until I get my check. They said no. It would cost them too much money. But now it is Friday and I have no car to drive to work or get my kids to school. I also have no idea when I will get my check. NEVER A FORD AGAIN!!! I get the van is unsafe. I get this whole thing was a very bad mistake. What I don’t get is how I had to give Ford a check to leave with my van in March of 2003, but now that they are buying it back they don’t have to give me my check until they get around to it. They papers said they had a fixed time frame for me to keep the rental. What about a fixed time frame to give me my money. Anyone have any ideas???

  • oscar

    FORD FORD FORD…. they dont give a shit about us or our / SAFTY / now my van just shut down and i dont no why and i called them so many times and they still wont give me the right answer. all they say is we will come pick it up but you have to pay the toe charge , it will run me around 300 or more so im going to tow it there and drope it off and they can buy it from me the way it is cuase im done with ford , there ignorent shelfish and wont help you out unless you are rich all they want is money for a broken down ford van and i still have to pay it off as long as it sits , 3 MONTHS LEFT ON IT AND CAN`T DRIVE IT , THANKS FORD

  • Luis

    From NH. Have 02 in since Nov at Best Ford Nashua. Axel’s are finally in. They are just starting to get into Nov’s dropped off car. We have enterprise 5 seater Santa Fe SUV which drives/handles like Sh. in the snow. Just called service. They told us that Ford may have extended sales tax on waiver. He had to double check and will get back to me. That would be great. No buy back offers. Otherwise, car has been running great. Some rust in body. (wheel wells) Not optimistic will pass inspection come August.

  • SM

    So I stopped by the Ford dealership that is holding my 2003 Windstar hostage and asked for an update. He advised that they have heard that the axles are starting to ship but they have not received any yet. I asked about the new recall and if mine passed or failed. He advised that they have not started inspecting them yet. I asked when that would happen and he did not know. He said if it fails he will call me. There are over 100 vans lined up in the back lot. They at least cleaned the snow off of them but can’t tell if they have been started or moved. Overall he was not very knowledgable on the process.

  • Peter

    I have checked my van weekly and started it on occasion to keep the juices flowing. Over the last several weeks, I have not been able to get to the dealership due to the severe weather in the Northeast. Actually made my way out this week into the sea of ice they are being held captive in. As you all know, yep, dead battery. Some hope in sight? I saw some workers from the dealership attempting to chop a van out of the ice using shovels and pick axes. I can just see my van now, with a pick axe sticking out of the hood cause someone swung too close.
    These vans won’t budge until the spring thaw comes whenever that will be. Supposed to be 50 degrees today, but go back down into the teens tonight. So everything that thaws today will refreeze tonight. Sigh 🙁
    No word from the dealership. They “heard” Ford is starting to ship replacement axles, but they haven’t received any. Now another recall???

  • john

    hi everybody anybody from toronto getting any buy outs or any word about axles mine was craxked big time ford has had mine since nov and i have been driving a kia soul ford paying for a korean car LOVE IT!!!!

  • Tina

    i am from London area and just received $10,100 for my 2003 Windstar Ltd. It could not be repaired due to the front steering bracket having non factory weld. front axle/steering bracket was repaired last yr by being welded. my van was inspected friday…pics were sent to Ford, then paper work was sent to ford by dealer Monday and received check Wednesday. Today i bought a 2007 Freestar ltd. I did have to add some but am good with that….

  • m

    Over 90 days with rental. So far, the rental alone has cost Ford $ 3420. I am told that the dealer will check the sub-frame, if the sub-frame is bad, I will get a buy out. I have a 2002. No word on the axle. At this point, I hope the subframe is bad. Who wants this vehicle back, not me. Ford has really dropped the ball on this. Truly amazed. If there was an accountant involved they would have made offers on all of these. Waste of time and money. Bad business decisions.

  • 2003 Windstar owner

    I have a 2003 and would gladly accept $10,000 for it!! Tina (two posts above) has gotten the best buyback offer I have seen! C’mon Ford, call me!

  • 2003 Windstar owner

    GRRRRR . . . no buy out for me — as luck would have it, my dealer called today to say my axle has been replaced and the van passed the new recall. But, they are recommending an additional $600 worth of repairs!!

  • robin

    why did getting ANOTHER recall on my van that i haven’t gotten back yet for the axcel recall..surprise me…yup thats right…the front subframe lower control arm attaching flanges or both rear body mounts could seperdate from the vehicle subframe….thats what it says and that the parts won’t be in untill march…oh brother !!!!!!!!!!!! 3rd recall on this van unreal!

  • Mary

    I have a ford windstar that has “RECALLS” on it I took it in on Nov5,2010 yes I am in a rentel and thats all good at the same time thay say my VAN is done and ready for me to pick but now I am haveing things going on with it that was not going on with it when I drop it off.Ford steel hads my van asking me to pay tham to find out whats is going on with the “brack light” staying on and car is runing bad or something I DROVE MY CAR IN I use my van to get back and to work the only car I have now what am I out of a ride becouse I took my van for a recall what do I do.I got another recall latter on 2/17/11 so steel pick your van up and when that part come in we call you but yet my van was runing when i took it in and now I AM OUT AND WHY SHOULD I BE PUT THOU THIS???????????
    Yes for now I have the rentel but that got me going DAY BY DAY not noing whats going on and I AM NOT AT FULT

  • 2003 Windstar owner

    The Federal Court has finally issued an opinion on the class action lawsuit in Pennsylvania. Ford wanted to dismiss the case. It appears the Court is allowing the case to proceed and Ford must Answer the Amended Complaint within 20 days.

    To read the opinion:
    scroll down through the recent opinions to Martin v. Ford Motor Company, opinion dated 2-15-11

  • Colum Wood

    Very interesting. Keep us updated.

  • denise kratman

    Boy! I am confused, and frustrated. My 2002 van has been a ‘hostage’ since Oct 2010. Just got the SECOND recall…no one from the Ford Dealership in NH is calling me back… I was also told that my car is ‘safe’ in the cube of ice, i am sure that is surrounding it! I didn’t have any car payments, and took good care of my ‘baby’ At first got a tiny little car, but then called, and upgraded to a DODGE…Do i realy want a Ford again…so much agrivation.

  • Julie

    Well I dropped my 2001 van off on October 29. Of course it failed the inspection. My van is used for so many things. My husband and I have a dj business so our name is on our van which is still sitting. I have made many calls to Ford. They will not reimburse for the lost business that I have.
    As strange as this sounds. I have a list of a couple of pluses behind this whole thing.
    1. I can test drive other cars.
    2. I am not putting extra miles on my van.
    3. It is not getting a salt bath from off of the roads.
    I am hoping to hear soon on when I can pick it up. Tired of driving a car that doesn’t do well in snow and ice.

  • Heather

    well i feel for us all i have received 2 recalls in the last 6 months taken my 1999 windstar in has passed both times. Was told today that it would be at least 6-9 months for axcel and 3-6 months for control arm and in that time for will be issuing at least 3 to 4 more recalls before it is all done with they just need to give us a decent buy back and be done with it.

  • m

    2nd recall on lower control arm and subframe. Told if that doesn’t pass inspection coupled with the perforated axle most likely get a buy out. Ford, open the check book, write some checks and move on. Cash everyone out and let me take back the rental, waste of time and money.

  • Ray

    I would just like to think Ford for notifing me of this recall TODAY! looks like it has been on going for over a year and it has been at the Ford delership twice for recalls. Why is this the first I am hearing of this?

  • Heather

    HI I live in Ontario..I have a 98 windstar and took it into the dealership the beginning of January..They gave me a rental that day from Discount car and truck rentals which I still have now its February 25…when I went back to the rental company to renew my contract they said people were in renewing their contract from Noverber…I haven’t heard anything thing from the Ford Dealership since we took it there….a buy back would be nice at this point!!!

  • Steve

    After 3 months of B/S – finally got my check for my 2000 LX for $2710. The dummies sent the first package to my old address, which caused a month long delay.
    Service manager at the dealer was great to deal with, felt bad he has to deal with Ford.
    The last Ford I will ever own.
    Love my new/used Jeep so far.
    Good luck to all.

  • Jennifer 5 mass

    Ok, well to start I own a Ford (crap) Windstar LX,which has had two recalls since Aug. 2010. The 1st recall was for the rear axel, which wasn’t an issue in my car. The 2nd which has caused my car not be able to pass Mass. Vehicle State Inspection(which is mandatory to be able to drive vehicle on the road)for the front end suspension. I had brought my vehicle to a Ford service center to be repaired, i was given a vehicle for a rental(5 passenger) that could not fit myself, my husband and 5 childern which I was basically forced to take until they could get me into a minivan for a rental. That happened four days later, that day I had picked up the minivan rental,I was told by Ford that it’d be another 4-6 weeks.However exactly 3 days later I recieved a voicemail message from the service center that I absolutely need to come pick up my vehicle that day or I’d be paying for both the rental and storage fees for leaving my vehicle there. The service center also left in the voicemail that they are waiting on a bracket to fix my frontend and that the car passed Ford inspection for safety. So I called everyone possible to make sure that I won’t be held responsible for any fees for that one day I had to leave the car because I had recieved the voicemail too late in the day to be able to return the rental and pick up my Windstar LX.So now I have my car and I take it to be reinspected for me to get a sticker for the Mass. State inspection and I at this point I’m informed that nothing at all has been done to repair the issue in the frontend that caused my 03′ Windstar to fail the inspection to begin with.i had to ahve my car towed to my fathers residence to be stored until they can service it CORRECTLY! ( I had it towed because in M ass. if caught driving a vehicle with a outdated rejection sticker it could be cause to have your license to drive taken away)I call,yet again, everyone to see what it is that I should be doing with my car that is unable to be driven and now don’t let this surprise, I got not a single phone call,e-mail anything for almost a week and a half! I AM NOW FURIOUS, when I finally did recieve a call they had the gall to ask me if i am happy with their service. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? NO I AM ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY COMPLETELY UNHAPPY WITH EVERY THING ABOUT FORD!!! On Friday I finally get people calling me from both the service center and The Ford Windstar Team to see what it is they can do to fix this issue, sorry not fix but to recheck my Windstar. I reminded them both that I have 5 children, 3 of which have asthma and have NO way of transporting them around due to them not taking care of the issue at hand, being the frontend.I AM AT MY END AND FED UP WITH FORD, I NO LONGER FEEL SAFE IN MY 03′ WINDSTAR AND I DO NOT WANT IT!!! I asked them if they would buy back my car and they refused. They even went as far as to tell me to sell it to someone,seriously?? sell a death trap to someone and have something take place, NO Thanks, I don’t need that on my hands!!! I can NOT believe the situation I am in with my 03′ Windstar LX!!!! If there is anyone with some good advice please HELP!!!!! OH AND I WILL NOT EVER IN ANY WAY BUY A FORD AGAIN!!!

  • john

    hi again still no call from my dealer now driving a ford escape first a honda civic 2 chev malibu 3 kia soul 4 ford escape did some looking around and found a letter form ford (USA only) please check it out

    go to and scroll down to a pearson called

    escorttard and look for hid file attachment bottom of sreen open it and see that ford in the states is offering a vehicle refund ?? if your van will not pass the front subframe recall because the don’t make them anymore
    HUMMMM!!!! keep everybody informed

  • m

    Okay, 2002 Ford Windstar, the subframe is okay, they will put supports on it when it comes in. Got my new axle and my van back. It was washed and clean. The rental didn’t cost me anything. I was in the rental from Nov. 10 til today March 3. It’s all good, if I can get 1 more year out of it, no biggie.

  • F ix O r R epair D aily

    What the heck, might as well put my 2cents in. Have a 2002 total pc of crap. Got the recalls took it in and they fixed the speed control do-hicky and had checked the axle. Said the axle was good. Just got the recall for the sub-frame and they said it passed but the axle didnt? So it sits at the local dealer in Mercer,Pa. Got a nice hyndai from enterprise. Funny thing is we purchased a new Mitsibishi outlander in 2009 and they only wanted to give us $800.00 on trade…what a joke…figured I would drive it till the wheels fell off.(almost made it) Ok to add fuel to the fire, I also purchased a brand new 2006 F150 Supercrew it only has 43,000 mi on it. It has been serviced regularly. It has a ticking/knocking noise comimg from the engine. This is a known QUALITY issue that Ford has with these engines and it pisses me off they wont re-call for this problem. So I am praying that they buy back my pc o crap Windstar so I can afford to pay for the repairs on my truck which I was told by the service dept that it would cost around $2500.00 …Now get this..They upped the warranty on the 2006 F150’s from 3yr 36,000 mi to 5yr 50,000 mi for a sales pitch I guess so you would think they would honor that on all 2006 F150’s??? I am so FED UP with ford, I will NEVER purchase another one… EVER!

  • Tim

    We’ve not taken our 2003 in for inspection for either axel recall (or the speed control recall) yet. We just paid out $2400+ for the transmission on it. Got it back and 2 days later the check engine light is on. Back to the shop it went.

    We’ve never had a car with a recall before. Do we simply call the dealer and make an appointment or just show up? We have no idea what to do about this. I’ve read all the comments and it all seems like a total pain in the rear. Looking for some help on what to do and how to do it. Thanks!

  • SM

    Tim, it i always best to call the dealership first and arrange a time for your van to be inspected. If it fails the recalls it will be impounded and you will be given a rental car at no charge to you. These are very dangerous recalls so do not delay in having your van inspected. Good luck!

  • Tim

    Called this morning and we have to call back once we get the van back from the shop that has it now (for the check engine light). The guy said they will keep it overnight for inspection. He said they will fix if they can and if not, we will be offered a buyout. He said they have parts in stock to fix. We should know more by the end of the week as our van is expected back to us on Monday.

  • Sandy

    Got $2000 for my 98 Ford Winstar. The dealer asked me to hand my rental in before I got the check from Ford. Who would sell a car and give it up without money in hand? I said no. I should have my van, if I don’t have my van, I should have a rental, if I don’t have a rental, I should have a check. 3 months later, have a check and then I gave back my rental. I am glad now that there was a second recall. Not a safe car. My was hauled away to the junkyard for sure!

  • erica

    my windstar is a 2001 , they said it was to new to buy back. It was inspected in Oct 2010 and they still have it . I have had a rental 2010 highlander free of charge since then . My van also has alot of transmission issues , motor issues , etc. It would be nice if they would buy it back for at least 3,500, but that won’t happen i’m sure. The rental co. has been great for me . It has already been over 120 days they’ve had my van and i havn’t heard any news regarding it either.

  • Larry

    Just dropped off my ’98 Ford Winstar GL today. They are telling me it will be a couple of months at least before they receive an axle. They say my front “cradle” is not on the recall list. What is a “cradle” anyway? Speed control something or other will be replaced. They tell me both “rocker panels” (passenger side and driver side) are totally gone due to rust. What are “rocker panels”? They said that they will not buy back my vehicle because they will not do that unless the “cradle” is also bad along with the axle. They put me in a 2010 Ford Focus from Enterprise Car Rental. Are we just at their mercy for all of this or what? Ohio has been bad this winter along with other states, but Ford knows that these snow belt states use salt on the roads and are supposed to apply extra protection on their vehicles just for that reason.

  • sherry

    dropped my 1999 windstar off for recall monday at 3:30 found out tuesday at 2:30 that they can’t (or won”t fix it). so they have to buy it back. Gave me a gas hog expidetion (16mpg)as to use. have 5 days to except their offer from the day i dropped it off and return rental. Not even offering the 150% of private party cost. first of all i wouldn’t be selling it in the first place. 2nd off doesn’t even cover cost of buying a replacement of the same van i have. let alone taxes, tags & transfer (that I normally woun’t be paying, because I wouldn’t be buying). Takes 5 days to get check for the buy out. What the heck. no vehicle for transpertation until i get check. No one can buy car without money in hand. I have to return rental when i agree to their stab in the back policy & offer. then wait for money. When I do buy something new or not I can grant you it won’t be a ford. They won’t get my business for anything. Just got twisted out of a wonderful vehicle that i truly loved that was in excellent shape.

  • Joe

    Picked up my van today. Been at Autofair Ford in Manchester NH since end of Oct. Van looks great, runs great, new axle and will need to come back for the front re-enforcing part when available. The rental was $3700, plus the new axle, labor costs… would have been much cheaper for Ford to have made a reasonable offer for buyout.

    I have been very please with how Autofair has treated me. Received a call Wed telling me the car was repaired, I let the registration expire so we set up a time to pick it up on Sat, they did the state inspection. And I was off.

    They told me that if I have any problems to let them know.

    I have always like my Windstar so I am happy to have it back.

    Good luck to you all.

  • Colum Wood


    You might be the first case of someone who got their Windstar fixed. Looks like the shipment of axles finally came in. Incredible that it look so long.

  • Richard

    My 1999 windstar is GONE. Ford offered a $2900 buyback. My salesman Greg Hahn at Roy O’Brien in St.Clair Shores, Michigan did a fantastic job getting me a long list of rebates and insentives that totaled just shy of $10’000 of a new vehicle. With that kind of offer from them I couldn’t refuse. Now driving a new 2011 Flex. Very happy experience.

  • SM

    My 2003 Windstar is back home after a bit of an issue at the dealership. Went to pick it up and the front tire was flat, rear bumper damaged, scratches all over the van and a mouse living in the glove box. They agreed to fix the bumper and scratches, reparied the tire….. Rear brakes grinding from the rust due to sitting outside all winter. Still needs to go back for the sub frame reinforcement brackets. Good luck to all of you. Check your vans over carefully when you pick them up.

  • BB

    Owned a 2000 Windstar(bought off dealer ,used …2003)the usual problem with it.(leaky cruse contol swith on master cylinder, speedo went totally nuts,transmission problemsblown out seal on power steering rack,A/C problems) Funny thing… problem!Finally sent it to the wreckers.Picked up a 2003 Windstar Sport(love the van!) Then… same problems. Got letters (March 2011)in the mail about recalls (axle& front frame).Went to Ford dealer.. while makeing appointment for recalls (I’m in a lineup ..May 2nd) I asked about the other problems I am having as I told them I had a 2000 Windstar with similar problems… I was told by service person…”News to me..I have never heard of these problems before and there is no recalls on them” Well….I was shocked with the response. I have build race cars fro 18 years and know a bit about autos.. I walked out of the dealer kinda stunned. Oh..they said that they would cover the rental car totally while my van was being inspected.After reading allot of the comments on this issue..It does not give me a “warm fuzzy feeling” at all!
    I am reminded of the commercial that Ford had out about 20 years ago…Ya know..the one with the light bulb..” FORD HAS A BETTER IDEA”…I think that their light bulb has burnt out!!!!

    We will see what happens

  • lisa polidoro

    Picked up my ford 2003 windstar after sitting at the dealer since oct for the recall, sat there 4 MONTHS, being started 1 month if that, NOW IS RUNNING ROUGH, AND REAL BAD BRAKE NOISES COMING FROM BACK. Mechanic @ dealer wanted to charge to be put on machine, said they heard no noises coming from back, and ford headquarters will not cover pre condition problems. WHAT THE HECT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT, MY VAN ONLY BEING STARTED 1 A MONTH, ALOT OF THE VANS HAD FLAT TIRES,my VAN DID NOT MAKE ANY NOISES, AND DID NOT RUN ROUGH WHEN FIRST PUT IN THE SHOP FOR THE RECALL. I TAPED THE NOISE FROM THE BRAKES ON MY PHONE, BROUGHT IT TO THE FORD OWNER WHERE MY VAN WAS, AND PLAYED IT FOR HIM. I told him I will play this on you tube, My van is NOT SAFE,and I WILL NOT PAY FOR THE REPAIRS for the van, when they had it for 4 months. The owner of the ford dealer where my van is, has to call the headquarters to talk with them, DO I HAVE ANY RIGHTS regarding this, WHAT can be done, I called lemon law, and because the van is a 2003, it is to late, Should I call the district attorney, Someone should be able to help us, I have 1 car payment left, and don’t want another car payment. FORD MAN UP!!!!!!!!

  • Tim

    Dropped our Windstar off this afternoon at the dealer for inspections. Enterprise has an office right in the dealer (surprise, surprise) and they got me into a Hyundai Elantra. You know, because that works with 3 kids, one of which is in a carseat. And the person who had the vehicle before me apparently chain smoked cigars so I’ve had to drive around with the windows open attempting to air it out. Other then that and the 1/8 of a tank of gas Enterprise left me in the car, it drives like a dream. Now we wait and see what they have to say on the van…..

  • Tim

    Axel repair kit installed. No perforations or cracks found. Subframe passed inspection will have to take it back when re-enforcement kit comes in. Pretty easy transactions. In and out quickly.

  • Tony

    Just got mine back yesterday (early November-drop off) and drove 3 blocks home, car will not restart. Battery is corroded and will not hold charge…called dealer and was told “tough luck”. I asked what Ford meant when they said dealer would maintain vehicle, and the service manager went on about how he has 70+ vans and nobody is paying them to maintain, even though my work order shows “storage, maintenance and cleaning”. They just parked them and left them untouched this entire time. NEVER MOVED ONCE, with no regard to tires or anything. I asked if he would leave his own vehicle that way, and he said NO CHANCE. Of course he did just that to mine and the other 70 people.

    PROBLEM WAS RESOLVED by calling FORD customer relations (1-800-392-3673) spoke with a very professional “Travis” who explained that the company authorizes up to $200 for things like a battery or other that was needed due to being parked for so long. He called and cleared up with dealer, and they swapped it, of course after I jump started my van to get it back there. Dealer was horrible, and lost a lifelong customer…FORD is terrific and I will continue to buy (love my van) just at different location.

  • Annette

    I was offered a buy back or settlement and signed a paper in the service dept. at the local Ford dealer on Mar. 8th. Of course the dealer wanted to sell me a car for the exact amount of the buy back but I told him I was buying a Ford Taurus from a private owner who I know & trust for half the price. Now I wonder if the dealer is playing games with me? Today I received a letter from Ford stating “service parts are now available to perform the necessary repairs to your vehicle”. I called the service dept. @ the dealer & they told me to disreguard the letter that it probably crossed paths with my buy back paper…one paper mind you.
    Then when he found out I had signed it almost 2 weeks ago he sounded surprised and asked if I was dealing with a salesman. When I told him I had delt briefly with a salesman he told me that he probably had my check. They connected me to the sales dept. and they found no check so he told me to call the service dept. 1st. thing Mon. morning. Then before he hung up he said “he can find out where your check is and we can get you into a new car”.
    So, I understand that Ford wants to keep this money and if at all possible make more money off me. Now I am buying another Ford, but not from that dealer, so I’m suspicious of them now.
    The sad thing is I was just saying when I am ready to take on another car payment I was really interested in the 2012 Ford Focus…but now I’m starting to get a bad taste in my mouth. If this dealer trys to bully me in some way I WILL NEVER give Ford my business and I will bash them on every social network I am involved in.
    You would think they would at least want to get me out of this rental car they are paying for??
    I guess I’ll find out more on Monday. Just glad I found this site. A lot of the comments were very helpful.

  • Tina

    Annette, My van was checked and failed. I was offered a buy out within a day or so. I received my check within a few days. The dealership bills Ford company now on the buyouts and Ford pays back the dealership. Not sure what’s going on in your case. I live in Ontario.

  • Tom

    I have a 2001 Windstar Limited. Ford dealer has had my van since first week of October. I have been driving 2010 Expedition since then on fords dime. I stopped in at dealer four weeks ago to see what was going on. Was told they brought my van in to do the axle repair (mine actually fractured while driving, thank God no one was hurt)but the front subframe failed inspection so the put it back out on the lot and was waiting to hear from Ford what they should do. I called ford customer service and wa told that if ford was to offer buy back it would be 150% of the Kelley Bluebook private party excellent condition price.
    Which works out to be around $7200. I think ford and there dealerships are intentional taking there time because the value of these vans drops everyday. To me that dictates fraud, Come on ford…fix the van or give me my money!!!

  • Cindy

    My daughter has a 2000 SEL Windstar. It is a beautiful van with only 90,000 miles, it also has the towing package. She was told the van is not repairable and she would be offered a buyback. She had to sign a waiver stating if either her or her husband wrecked the rental THEIR insurance would have to pay for it. then today they gave her their offer $6200 what an insult and then she was told they had to return the rental by this Sunday. They have less than 3 days to replace the van thay have had for 7 years. I am thinking (from reading these posts) decisions are being made by dealerships and if you take your van to a good dealer you will do ok and if not you are going to get a world of crap. Ford should have to pay whatever these people paid for their vans. She was also told 150% of Kelly Blue Book but then they changed their story within hours. COME ON FORD, I FOR ONE HAVE ALWAYS BELIEVED IN YOUR CAR COMPANY, I AM SO DISAPPOINTED THAT FORD IS NOT STEPPING UP TO THE PLATE. THESE ARE INNOCENT PEOPLE THAT TRUSTED IN YOUR VANS AND ARE NOW BEING SCREWED OVER. THIS IS NOT THEIR FAULT BUT FORDS. COME ON MAKE THIS RIGHT FOR THESE PEOPLE.

  • Cindy

    Just for the record it would appear that Angola Ford Sucks

  • Cheri Marteen

    I also have a Ford Windstar that was inspected a month ago and was cleared by Angola Ford. We drove off in our van that day with a hole in the subframe. We took our van back in last week due to another letter from Ford to find out it’s unsafe to drive. We were told 150% above Kelly blue book value. We are getting Kelly blue book value and nothing more. The worst part is we are expected to take the rental car back by Monday and haven’t recieved our buy back money yet to try to replace our van. I have wrote letters to ABC and FOX and I’m not finished with this yet. Start writing letters to the news channels poeple, lets get our stories out there on the news. Ford deserves some BAD puplicity!!!! I’m praying for all of you out there.

  • SM

    I have had my van back for about a week following 5 months in the dealer’s back lot. Needed to add washer fluid and guess what, the hood latch was rusted shut. How is this possible if they ran the van monthly and charged the battery. I know, maybe they didn’t really maintain the van over the long winter. What a shock. Gurnee Ford in Illinois, you SUCK!! This is just a bonus to the damage they did to my back bumper and the mouse family living in the glove box. I guess they missed the little guy when the did the clean up that they were paid for. Oh wait, they did not do any clean up. Another shock! Did I mention that Gurnee Ford in Illinois SUCKS? Oh ya I also forgot to mention that when I went to pick it up, it had a flat tire. All together now…Gurnee Ford in Illinios you ________________!

  • bull shut

    I have a 2001 wind star its been great for the last 10 years no major promblems. it only has 76000 miles they tell me that they might have to buy back from me. bs i think that all this is to make us all buy new fords not selling

  • Steve

    I have sent letters to many different newspapers and TV stations with no response.Maybe if it was toyota it would be different. Called ford, they could care less. Now that fords stock is doing well nobody wants to hear anything, when the stock drops next year or hopefully sooner they will blame the economy, of course it won’t be the bullshit they put us (so called valued customers) through.

  • Dana

    I have been a rental for three months now waiting on our check to come to us. They just called and said that our van is ready to picked up. I called them and said that we opted for the buyback and they called back saying that Ford headquarters has decided not to give us the money after all. They quoted us $2355 and my correspondant at the dealership has paperwork to prove when he turned in our decision. I am so mad but I don’t think one person is going to make a huge difference. But I will still fight.

  • genawae ashley

    i have a 1999 ford windstar lx 3.8 liter and they sent me a letter i thought nothing of it and then i went to my van one day and noticed that the front axles were and still are very curoded and tires never last they pop and a lot of presssure i was told grinds down on them i have to but tires all the time seriously . i have six kids and i need this van but not if it is a death trap.

  • Melanie

    We just picked up our Windstar this morning. It’s been at the dealer since September. There’s a strong pull to the left, it’s noticably louder than it was 7 months ago, and the engine light came on. I called about the engine light (since I couldn’t really remember exactly what it was doing 7 months ago with regards to the other stuff)and was told that it wasn’t related to anything on their end. We’d have to pay to have it looked at. Really? I can guaruntee you that it hadn’t been started in those 7 months because they had to replace the battery. I am so unbelievably disappointed with Ford! I will NEVER own another Ford again, ever. They have really screwed alot of people in this whole recall. The ONLY good part about it was the free rental- a 2010 Town and Country- that got us through a rough Michigan winter. Dear Ford, God don’t like ugly!

  • Lisa

    Does anyone know if any subframes have been repaired by Ford yet? Our 2001 Windstar was deemed unsafe but repairable last week. They told us 3 to 4 weeks to get the subframe parts but the dealership has not received any parts and there are at least 75 vehicles ahead of ours. How long am I expected to wait and what is the guarantee that I will get a “safe” vehicle back?

  • fred

    I think they should take these death traps off of the road. What is wrong with ford. The same thing happened my 2000 ford 1/2 ton . It rotted completly off at the back of the box and frame. If the axel and front frame look ok now and they release your vehicle ; What if in 2 years time it breaks? Are they going to guaantee that .I bought this van for toeing our camper trailor. Now we can;t even do that.I think a buy back should be an option for anyone who does not want to risk their lives driving these death traps. My wife refuses to drive it or let our grandchildren even in it.Maybee if i don;t get a buyback i will post signage over it and park it by our local ford dealers. Eastern canada

  • Josh

    I just wanted to let all of you know that I had read most of this post and was very uneasy taking my van to the local dealership (Central Kentucky).

    I had a 99 Windstar SE with about 180,000 miles on it. Although it had a lot of miles on it (and the many quirks the Windstars have) I still would have driven it cross-country without hesitation. It had been paid-off several years, so it didn’t really owe me anything, but I didn’t really want another car payment either.

    They told me that it passed the rear axle inspection with flying colors, but that it failed the front subframe inspection miserably. They said it was one of the worst ones that they had seen at this dealership. There was a ring of rust about half-way around the rear frame mount flange that you could see almost all the way through. Needless to say, Ford bought it back from me.

    The buyback offer form said that they were offering “approximately 150% of the Kelly Blue Book private party, excellent condition value.” My van, even with the high miles, still booked for $3540 (mine had some extras from the factory that didn’t normally come on an SE model). They offered me $4710, which came out to about 133% of the blue book price ($600 less than what it should have been). I called the phone number on the recall letter and spent the better part of an hour trying to get them to reevaluate the price, but they wouldn’t budge. They just kept saying that I was getting more than what it was really worth, so take it or leave it. The dealership let me take out anything that I had added to the van that wasn’t a factory installed item, so I stripped it of the trailer hitch and wiring, ceiling mounted DVD player and the CD changer that I had installed in it myself.

    Come to find out, Ford isn’t actually paying out any of the money for the rentals or the buyback. They aren’t even involved with the actual valuation of the vehicle. The way they explained it to me is that all the auto manufacturers pay money into a fund that is controlled by a government agency for occasions such as this. It is basically a big insurance policy for the auto makers. The government entity are the ones that are actually running the recall process. Ford is just sending out the letters and doing the labor for inpsection or repairs, but the rest of it is out of their hands.

    I want to ad one more thing for clarity. Ford told me that I would have a rental if they had to keep the van overnight for repairs. The dealership gave me a loaner the morning I dropped it off, and had me come back that afternoon and pick up a rental from Enterprise rent-a-car once it failed the inspection. I was given this rental for a maximum of 5 days. Those 5 days are the same 5 days (from date of inspection) that you have to decide whether to accept their offer or decline it. At the point you accept their offer to buy it back, you have 5 more days of rental car coverage, but that is it! That is all that the government entity is paying for (Some people are getting their dealerships to extend that out of their own pocket to prevent too much bad publicity I think). I had to turn my rental in on a Tuesday, and didn’t get my check from Ford till the Friday after that. Luckily I had just received my tax return check and was able to use that as a down payment on a brand new Mazda CX-7 on Monday before turning in my rental on Tuesday, so I wasn’t actually without a vehicle myself. It could have been much worse though if the tax check hadn’t showed up!

    Good luck to all those who are still going through this and to those who haven’t even started the process yet. I know this was a really long post, but I wanted to let everyone know exactly how it all goes down so you know what to expect. I wasted a lot of time and effort trying to get more money and more rental to no avail, so maybe I can save someone else the heartache.

  • Terry

    Just signed up with Enterprise for month six of the rental. My 2002 was parked on 11/22/10 for the rear axle. Can’t get the dealer to even check the front sub frame recall. They will only check it when the axle is in. I brought another car from them in December trying to trade the van in. While they gave me a bunch of incentives as a Windstar owner no requirement to trade the van and they only offered $1500 on trade. Took all the incentives kept the trade in. So far, free rental for four months. Used/repaired van for sale on ??????????? I will have a major laughing attack if the van fails the front sub frame recall and they are force to repurchase the van.

  • Dan

    Am in eastern ontario and my 99 windstar (200Kkm) has also been grounded with rotted subframe. Was told (politely bullied?!) that it could not be fixed and was offered a buy-back of $3700 as compensation. According to the recall letter, not being able to repair it is the exception; I question if they are saying “not fixable” as the rule, rather than be bothered with the exceptional repair! And so I wait, with a leased vehicle in hand courtesy of Ford, until I get a check for my old beast. Doubt I’ll ever buy a Ford again!

  • judy Maddox

    I have a Ford Windstar 2000 with 125,000 miles. In January I recevied the recall notice. I took my van to the a dealership that was some distance from my home. My van was repairable. No I was not offered a rental but it was same day repair.
    April 25th I received another recall notice. Thinking this was a mistake because my repair was already completed, I called to inform them of this. To my suprise There was another recall for the front end. The dealership took my vehicle and they put me in a rental from YOU KNOW WHO!
    I was given a, you guessed it, Ford SUV. The dealership said they would call back as soom as the heard from Ford. Well they called back and said the van could not be repaired. He said Ford would buy it back or I could keep it but I would have to sign a wavier releaving Ford of any responsibility if the is an accident. My rental is only for 5 days or until I get a check. I was offered $4,252.80. I really need my van.
    (6 children ride in the van)I would rather have it repaired. I just spent $700.00 on repairs. I can’t buy another van with the money and can’t afford another car payment!!!

  • judy

    I have a Ford 2000 Windstar with 125,000 miles. In January I recevied the recall notice. I took my van to the a dealership that was some distance from my home. My van was repairable. I was not offered a rental but it was same day repair.
    April 25th I received another recall notice. Thinking this was a mistake because my repair was already completed, I called to inform them of this. To my suprise There was another recall for the front end. The dealership took my vehicle and put me in a rental from YOU KNOW WHO!
    I was given a, you guessed it, Ford SUV. The dealership said they would call back as soom as they heard from Ford. Well they called back and said the van could not be repaired. He said Ford would buy it back or I could keep it but I would have to sign a wavier relinquishing Ford of any responsibility if there is an accident. My rental is only for 5 days or until I get a check. I was offered $4,252.80. I really need my van.
    (6 children ride in the van)I would rather have it repaired. I just spent $700.00 on repairs. I can’t buy another van with the money and can’t afford another car payment!!!

  • Laurie

    Our 2001 was taken by Ford in Brampton, Ontario, Canada back in November 2010. It sat all winter, probably in the same spot, finally got it back in April and running terrible. Have replaced the plugs, cables, and coil. Running a bit better but when it goes over 40km it starts to make a drone-like sound, which gets louder the faster you go. Wonder if it has anything to do with the axle replacement/fix. Anyone else experience this?

  • Joe

    Hi Laurin,

    My axle was replaced and there is no noise at all. I did have to replace my tires which hqad almost 50K miles due to rot but otherwise my car has been running great. 182,000 and counting.

  • Jim Moriarty

    I have a 2004 freestar is it part of this recall.Are their any any other problems anyone knows about let me know please.

  • Joe


    The Freestar is not part of the axle recall.

  • david hart

    I find it interseting that that some writers here received their recall notices way back in Oct./10 I didn’t get my notice until Feb.25/11.Whats witgh that!!!..Oh by the way working on my 3rd transmission within 171000 kms for my 2000 POS.I asked Ford for help but big surprise none was offered.Now if my axel is cracked and I’m offered 2200 I only need 300 more to cover the cost of the last transmission…Have You Driven a Ford Lately….hopefully not….I think all Windstars should have a bumper sticker reading….”ROLLING TURD”

  • Two Windstars

    I have a question with regards to the front sub-frame inspection to anyone that has had this done already.. I was told that they had a reinforcement kit for the control arms and if your van has passed the inspection had they installed this kit. Has anyone had this kit installed or was I given wrong information? I was told by the dealer that both of mine had passed. I had taken my vans in for some work and I asked if I could look under the vehicles while up in the air and did not see any thing for the control arms

  • Nicole

    I just called today to make my appointment to have my 01 Windstar subfram looked at. Wow after reading everything on here I will pay a lot more attention to recall notices sent to me. I would hate to lose it. My van has been paid off for over a year and it’s given me no problems at all. I was hoping to put another 35,000 miles on it to get to 200,000 miles before I even thought of getting something else. Oh well I’ll no more next week….

  • Kurt Kowal

    Last week, I brought my 2003 Windstar in for the axle and subframe inspection. Even though the car cosmetically looks great, and has “run like a top” for the last 164,000 miles, it failed both inspections. The shoreline CT dealer wrote a check for $6750, and I had to say a final goodbye to my car. It’s on it way to the crusher.
    I’ve commuted only in Fords for the last 20 years, and I was very disappointed to find out that they haven’t made a direct replacement for this car since they ended production of the Freestar. I’m currently back to solely driving my other 1996 Windstar with almost 200,000 miles on it, contemplating now having to buy a Chrysler van to replace it.
    I can’t complain about how Ford has handled this issue. They have been more than fair. I just wish I could continue to have had the Ford nameplate on my next car.

  • R Lohman

    Took my 173,000 mile 2001 Windstar in for subframe, axle, and cruise control recalls to a family owned dealership. They installed cruise modificaiton, passed the subframe, and found a cracked axle. Kept it about 3 months setting me up in an Enterprise rental car. No hassles. Before the scheduled family vacation, Enterprise found me a van for no extra charge. Enterprise folks has pretty much wiped out their metro inventory trying to find cars for all the Ford recall folks.

    Great experience through a trying time. No problems with dealership, Ford, the way they handled it, or Enterprise.

  • Darra

    I am a mother of 2 children and I work full time, I did not receive the notice of the recall until March. I dropped my car off at Roy O’Brien in St Clair Shores, MI at 7:43am who advised me that they do not give rentals and my vehicle will be ready tomorrow.
    It’s funny how I received a telephone call stating they have to “order” the part. I will keep you abreast of what happens, however, based on all these recalls it may be there a long time. My van is a 2000 Windstar, has over 200,000 miles on it but if it is not safe, I won’t drive it. We will see if I am given an offer. Gas is $3.80 per gallon and I have my Windstar on their lot with a full tank of gas but I am bumming rides. Way to go Ford………..

  • jerry


  • Lynn

    I hate to bother but I personally bought my 2000 Windstar second hand, third hand, anyway a used car dealer. I was not aware of the recall at that time. On my way to pick up my daughter from work it felt like the back was coming around to meet the front. The next day I had a friend of mine look at it and he found out my rear axle was already broken when I bought it from the used car dealer. There was a metal plate that had been welded over the breakin the axle. I had my friend and neighbor go to the junk yard and they found one along with those springs because it broke one spring and bent the other that is why they replaced those as well. I paid them to fix it and for the parts from the junk yard and gas for running around for me and helping me. The only right thing to do! I am on disability and live with my youngest and drive her to work and my grandchildren to meet their father for his visits. This is our only vehicle that we have, no money to purchase another one. I am not looking for sympathy, Ford is at fault and so is the used car dealership. They had to know what was being sold to consumers. I want to know what happened to honesty in America? People are hurting financially all over and it is not getting any better. It just seems to me that as long as these big companies keep making enourmous amounts of money off of the sweat, wear and tear of the consumers it is all well and good. We just have to keep suffering with the slap shod materials made somewhere else and paying very HIGH dollar for cheaply made things we need in our lives. A I said, WHERE IS THE HONESTY AND JUSTICE GONE????

  • Malia Shepp

    Never said I was speaking about you. I guess you feel you may be the homeowner I was speaking of. I was simply stating what citi handles in most situations.

  • John

    I own a 99 Windstar SEL with 205,000 miles. We finally got a chance to take it in for 3 recalls. It failed the inspection and they put some bracket (glued it in) on the rear and found a rust hole in the front subframe. They ordered a new front subframe. They had it in their shop for about a week.

    Drove it home but, it has some front end noise. I thought it might get better after I drove it a couple of days. It didn’t surprise me since hey had the front end apart and back together with so many miles on the vehicle.

    The noise did lessen a bit. The next morning I drove the van to town and back without incident; however, when I got back to the house I found a piece (looks like part of the suspension)laying in the driveway. It was rusty and was broken where the rust was the worst. It looks like part of leaf spring but, it is only about 1″ wide. The curled end doesn’t have a hole for a bolt to hold it in place. It is filled solid with a hard rubber. I don’t know how it is held in place.

    I called the dealer who did the work and they are going to look at it Monday. I want to be fair but, before they did the recall work it didn’t have any front end suspension noise, now it does. I think the piece broke because they took it apart and put it back together.

    Are they still offering the buy back option? I planned on keeping the vehicle and driving it until it quits. Now, it seems that I have suspension issues.

  • Danielle

    I just found out that there is 4 recalls on my 1999 Windstar. I bought it second hand and up until recently it was running decent. It now just shuts off when ever I take my foot off the gas. It has also become very wobbly and it scares me to drive it. Has anyone had Ford buyback yet and what type of assistance they are offering?

  • Eugene

    On my Ford 2001 Windstar Limited has only 77K miles, and the rear axel is bowed so that the wheel are not vertical. I had put new tires and the front two are worn out on the inner edges. This car was with its Texas owner for until Jan 2011, and recently has been driven about 5K miles in AZ.

    My view is that this is not a rusting problem that Ford has claimed so far. Instead it is a inadequate design for the weight of the Windstar van. The excessive stresses in the rear axel cause it to first bend or create micro cracks. Then, these cracks can propagate rapidly, breaking the axel into two.

    I have reported this problem to Ford and National highway traffic safety administration, and I hope that the recall will be expanded to all Windstars- irrespective of their locations.

    I like my Windstar, and will prefer if they will take the remedial action. In any case, I will get the necessary repairs done (axel, two new tires, and alignment), and keep the receipts.

  • Robbie Amos

    Would you check this vin # on the 2001 windstar van to see if it a recall:
    2CMZA51421BB33602 made in Oakville Otarion Canada

  • mariann

    I need help with my car it going to take me about almost 1,000 to fix my windstar 1999

  • don corson

    HELP just bought a 2003 windstar for 7000 and now the problems abs n brake lite comes of n on and all the recalls have always bought ford minivans had nothing like this nitemare

  • jim h


  • Brittany

    To the person about abs- no they has done nothing about that yet and I’m not impresse I have same problem with me 2000 ford windstar at this point with all the recalls and time I have had to take out of my own life to put my van into the shop so ford can fix their mistakes im annoyed. I daily have to put 3 kids into this van and ask myself everyday is it going to be safe for them! So to does stop this bullcrap of year after year different recalls buy back us customers cars because your only digging yourself a deeper hole because I myself know at this point will never buy a ford vechile again!

  • Mfrancowinner

    I have a problem now with the Intake Runner Control Unit that has two links from the unit to the intake manifold, one of the links is missing and I’ve been trying to find it, but the only way you get’m is buying th whole unit that cost over $300.00+ at the dealer, I’ve looked over wreckling yards and all of the motors I’ve find have the same problem, so I believe this is another problem should have a recall, please let me know where can I get the rear links, each link has 2 little plastic bushings and cost me a 10 cents real value a ripp off price of $7.88 each at the dealer, no choice we are modern slaves of the corporations. Michael F

  • Sonicjoe19802

    ahh like more info dah for starters whats going on with it ?

  • Pablo Olivares

    Try to check the front calipers and check if you have a break fluid leak. The other solutions is…if the van it has a break job done, may be they didnt remove the air in the brake lines (after replace the caliper, always is pain in the bud try to remove the air in the brake lines)

  • Jaysontherres

    The problem with the trans.,is probably a result of fords factory bent axles sending exsecc vibration through it,same with the leaking pinion seals,its not the seal that leaks but through the spline.I was being scammed by ford into paying for the replacement and repair of the rear axles on my harly model f150.I went into suspition mode when they said i must have hit something and bent it so i investigated,and found that the polished bearing surface is ground over top of the first sizing cut done before the tempering process(polished bearing surface needs to be machined on hardend steel),when the first cut is made the prepared suface where the actual bear rides is then tapperd down and featherd into the original cast size,on this tappered area the polishing of the bearing surface acually polishes part of the tappered down area of the axle (ONLY ON HALF OF THE SHAFT) more on my facebook page jaysontherres.

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