Fox Marketing Lexus LS600hL Revealed Ahead of SEMA

Fox Marketing Lexus LS600hL Revealed Ahead of SEMA

Fox Marketing has built some impressive Lexus projects in the past for SEMA, including their IS350C from last year’s show, and they teased us with their luxury sedan LS600hL project earlier this year. Now we’ve got some sexy snaps of the car ahead of its SEMA reveal.

On the exterior, the luxury Japanese sedan sports a full body kit from Artisan Spirits. The kit was imported from Japan and it looks like the fitment is pretty good. Once the kit was installed, the car received a coat of BASF Glasurit Glacier Green paint. The color seems to be a rich, dark-toned green that flows well with the luxurious vibe of the LS600hL.

SSBC ponied up a big brake upgrade for the sedan (which really just comprised of enhancing the stock components) while the factory air ride suspension was modified to allow the vehicle to go anywhere from 0-4 inches lower. The most interesting part of the car is probably the wheel choice; they’re 20×9.5-inch Rotiform Concave BLQ wheels in a candy copper finish. They’re definitely different and give the LS600 some much-needed sport to go with its elegance.

We’ll be sure to snap few extra pics of the car at the 2010 SEMA Show, with complete coverage starting November 2nd. Until then, check out our SEMA Preview here.

GALLERY: Fox Marketing Lexus LS600hL

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