Future BMW Technology Could Include Remote Autopark Feature

Future BMW Technology Could Include Remote Autopark Feature

BMW has outlined a long list of new (and not so new) technologies that may be incorporated into future products. Included in the lineup is a new Autopark feature that would allow the car to park itself after the driver has left the vehicle. While automakers like Lexus and Ford have systems that allow the driver to line up a parallel parking spot and the vehicle will guide the driver in as he or she uses the gas and brakes, this new BMW feature would let the driver do the gas and brake operations via a new key fob for parking in a garage or pulling into our out of a parking space.

Other technologies being explored include ILENA navigation that uses 3D mapping to provide the most fuel efficient route, as well as a smart key that lets you also pay for purchases

Items that are set to debut on future BMW products include a new iDrive setup for the upcoming 3 Series and 6 Series with a touch-pad on the top of the iDrive controller. Plus, we’ll see a transmission “sail” mode that puts the transmission in Neutral if the driver lets off the gas but doesn’t apply the brakes.

BMW will also work to bring a Collision avoidance system to market that will use the on-board sensors to allow the driver to drive down narrow lanes without clipping other cars, actually adjusting the steering slightly in order to do so..

BMW is even working on a communication system with the traffic system that would let you know how long red lights will last.

  • Floyd Young

    Is BMW intending on installing double-clutch automatic/manual transmissions in their new vehicles in the near future? Hydraulic clutch pack automatic transmissions constantly pollute the ATF with clutch disk facing material. Clutch packs shift slower than a double clutch.