Honda CR-Z Sales Climb 78%, Outsells GTI, Eclipse, MX-5

Honda CR-Z Sales Climb 78%, Outsells GTI, Eclipse, MX-5

Last time we reported on Honda CR-Z sales numbers, we got a few incredulous comments from readers who couldn’t seem to fathom why anyone would want Honda’s hybrid/sports car mashup. But the numbers are in and it looks like the CR-Z is actually finding a customer base.

According to a breakdown of September sales figures by blogger and analyst Timothy Cain, the CR-Z sold 1236 units last month, up from 694 in August, a figure that many dismissed as a result of initial enthusiasm for the car. Furthermore, the CR-Z outsold some blue chip sport compacts like the Volkswagen GTI, Mitsubishi Eclipse and Mazda MX-5.

The CR-Z’s strong numbers suggest that consumers are attracted to the idea of a hybrid car in a sporty wrapper, and that figures like horsepower, 0-60 times and lateral gs aren’t the Holy Grail of motoring for many.

[Source: Good Car, Bad Car]

  • Chad

    Driving is more than A to B. These pathetic cars remove the joy that driving should be to each and every one of us. When you get behind that wheel, it should be a whole new world, where each curve is greeted with a smile, and a stop light an opportunity to exercise your exhaust can. These “cars” are pushing people into banality, and that is a future we cannot afford.

  • Tim

    Here in the US, we’ve already unfortunately discouraged the fruition of turbo diesels from Honda and Subaru, all because the bean counters think we buy based solely on horsepower. My wife and I test drove the CR-Z six-speed. We have had Hondas since 1975 (CVCC, Civic, Accord, Integra RS, Integra GSR, Civic Hybrid, TSX), and we think they hit a great spot with the CR-Z. It’s a relatively clean machine that I wouldn’t cringe to take over Loveland Pass. We might just buy two or three!

  • Jason

    What this article fails to address are as follows:

    The CR-Z was not available for the full month of August. The sales clip for that month outpaces September by double?

    Second, the cars it “outsold” have all been in long-standing product cycles. A better comparison would be to take a GTI, for example, and compare its first retail month and a half to the CR-Z sales.

  • Charlie

    I have the car and love it. Except for the hybrid, which it really isn’t. Oh sure, it does have a battery drive, but it is just a motor that helps turn the drive shaft. I have not seen more than a 2 or 3 % improvement in milage.