Honda Fit Hybrid Now Japan’s Cheapest Gas-Electric Vehicle

Honda Fit Hybrid Now Japan’s Cheapest Gas-Electric Vehicle

We may not be seeing Honda’s 2011 Honda Jazz/Fit hybrid over here in North American any time soon, but it doesn’t mean we won’t uncross our fingers. And now we’re even more excited – that’s because it has launched in Japan for 1.59 million yen ($19,310 U.S.), making it the cheapest gas-electric car available in Japan.

Reports from Honda say that pre-orders in Japan for the Fit have reached nearly 10,000 units. This tops Japan’s current best seller, the Toyota Prius. Under Japanese testing methods, the Fit achieves a 70.6 mile-per-gallon fuel economy rating, equal to that of the Honda Insight. (In North America, the Insight is rated at 40/43-mpg, city/hwy).

Honda has plans to launch the car in Europe next year and is also considering selling the Fit hybrid in the United States.

[Source: Reuters]


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