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 |  Oct 19 2010, 8:11 PM

Think of the Klutch22 iPhone app as social media for your car.

This cool new app hooks you up to a web community via the iPhone that lets you search and find your favorite rides close to you. You can also log in your ride so others can find you. It’s a real-time car positioning system that shows you who’s driving what in your area. Users can create a ‘krew’ with others who share the same auto passion or simply search your dream cars around town.

It seems a little auto-stalkerish, but it you just have to know who is driving what at all times, this may be the app for you. You have to register before you can let others know what kind of car you’re riding around in, and you can even “like” other members’ rides. It is a great way to meet other car enthusiasts who share you passion for a particular car, but if you owned a really expensive ride, would you want everyone to know where it was at all times?

You can buy the app at iTunes or check out the Klutch22 site here.