Lincoln Considering New Luxury Pickup

Lincoln Considering New Luxury Pickup

It’s had two attempts at making a luxury truck, first with the Blackwood and then the less lavish Mark LT, a version of which is still sold in Mexico. But there are rumors that Lincoln might try building a pickup again – question is, could the third time be lucky? Insiders at Ford say it might just work.

However, given that Ford’s current F-150 spans a huge range of configurations and pricing – with the upper crust Platinum costing more than a Super Duty rig, if Lincoln does decide to re-enter the pickup market, it will likely be based on the larger S-D pickup – possibly a F-250 3/4 ton truck with a stretched cab, similar to Ram’s current Mega Cab.

Although there’s no official word from Dearborn, if Ford’s premium division does decide to go the truck route, expect it to embody some of the ideas seen on the Super Chief concept from back in 2006, including perhaps the club chairs and healthy amounts of wood and leather, though it’s highly unlikely the triple-fuel engine will make the cut.

News of this new product for Lincoln comes as a Lincoln dealer meeting has revealed plans by the Ford luxury brand to launch a new flagship model inspired by the classic Continental.

GALLERY: Ford F-250 Super Chief Concept


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