Lincoln Planning New Flagship Luxury Sedan: The Return of the Continental?

Lincoln Planning New Flagship Luxury Sedan: The Return of the Continental?

Ford‘s plan to invigorate the Lincoln brand is starting to come into focus as the automaker appears ready to introduce a new flagship model inspired by the iconic Continental badge. According to two sources involved in the recent Lincoln dealer meetings in Detroit, the dealers were shown a large luxury sedan as one of seven new models planned for Lincoln. The only other known model is the recently released MKX crossover.

Ford has made it clear that it wants to elevate Lincoln into a tier-one luxury brand in a bid to compete with European and Japanese luxury automakers like Mercedes and Lexus. Ford’s rivals at GM have made similar claims about Cadillac, with plans to produce a flagship of their own based on the XTS Concept.

Normally an automaker wouldn’t share so much information with its dealers, but Ford’s decision to do so is the result of a shaky future for the Lincoln brand. By showing a list of concept models, Ford is hoping to not only get feedback from its Lincoln dealers but to assure them of a bright future for the brand. Ford is also hoping to gain the confidence of its dealers as it asks them to invest in their facilities in order to increase customer satisfaction and attract younger customers.

With sales last year of just half that of Lexus, Lincoln is finally starting to build competitive vehicles with the new MKX featuring more power, better fuel economy and some high-tech gadgets.

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