Mercedes Passes Lexus in U.S. Luxury Sales Race

Mercedes Passes Lexus in U.S. Luxury Sales Race

Mercedes has supplanted Lexus as the number one luxury brand by sales in the U.S. over the first three quarters and is poised to hold on for the remainder of the year. Lexus has held tight to the top spot for a decade, but a lack of new product, combined with high-profile recalls has led to struggling growth and sometimes even declines in sales.

Meanwhile, Mercedes (as well as BMW) have managed to grow their sales considerably, adding a slew of new products. In the month of September, Mercedes sales were up 22 percent, while Lexus suffered a 6 percent decline for the month. Much of the gain for Mercedes is placed on the new E-Class sedan.

In total, Mercedes managed to move 20,675 vehicles in September, while Lexus sold 16,848 units and BMW saw a 21 percent surge in sales to push through 18,228 units. And BMW’s growth is likely to grow further as it continues to roll out new versions of its 5 Series sedan as well as an all-new second-generation X3.

For the year, Mercedes sales are up 22 percent to 165,427 units, Lexus sales are up 9 percent to 162,438 and BMW sales are up 9 percent to 157,464 unit.

[Source: Automotive News]