Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 Crashes in First Race [video]

Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 Crashes in First Race [video]

It certainly wasn’t the ideal result for the first outing of Team AMG Mercedes and their SLS AMG GT3 race car. Piloted by Bernd Schneider and Thomas Jäger, the team recently had its maiden voyage at the VLN Langstrecken Meisterschaft Nürburgring.

The race car is powered by the exact same 6.2-liter AMG V8 that’s found in the production car and was a total of 8 seconds off the pole in the qualifying sessions. But that’s not the bad part. Driver Bernd Schneider made an overly aggressive move trying to cut into a corner in wet conditions and the result was a collision with a Corvette GT3 that caused the SLS AMG to spin around, ultimately being hit by an Audi R8 LMS race car.

The car received mostly cosmetic damage in the rear, making it out back on the track in less than 30 minutes. It finished 89th place overall once the race was cut short.

We’re sure the team got a lot of data and information to continue fine tuning the race car. We can’t wait to see its next outing. Make sure to check out the first video where the crash occurs around the 30 second mark. The second one is purely for your pleasure; listen to how good the SLS AMG GT3 sounds.

GALLERY: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 Race Car

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[Source: Jon Sibal]

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