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 |  Oct 17 2010, 10:12 PM

Yes we know, there seems to be an app for everything these days, but TyreSafe’s contribution to the ever-growing iPhone App Store is a nice freebie. You can simply install the app to your phone, enter in your vehicle’s information and it’ll let you know the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended tire settings in both psi and bar.

It’s one of those things almost everyone neglects. We just assume our tire pressures are good to go and off we drive. Even worse, many owners just notoriously toss in 38-42 psi and think it’s fine for their tires without ever checking what’s recommended for their vehicle. So kudos to TyreSafe for coming out with a handy little app that’s free for iPhone users to download and use.

And for those without an iPhone, TyreSafe offers all their data on their website. You can never be too safe with your rubber you know.