Regular Cab VW Amarok Pickup Revealed

Regular Cab VW Amarok Pickup Revealed

Following on from the crew-cab version, Volkswagen has now shown a regular cab model of its Amarok light-duty pickup. Although VW still calls it a design study, expect a production version to look very similar when it goes on sale sometime in 2011.

For commercial buyers, in many respects the regular cab Amarok makes more sense than the crew cab does. For starters it has a 26-inch longer bed, allowing them to haul more stuff, but the best part? Equipped with a standard 2.0 liter four cylinder diesel engine it’s said to deliver up to 34.1 miles per gallon, while generating 122 horsepower and 250 lb-ft.

VW execs continue to deny rumors that the Amarok is headed for North American dealerships, which is a shame because we have to think it would find ready market starved for quality compact trucks.

[Source: Pickup]

  • Chad

    Where is the bed? A 5′ bed about useless, carrying little more than some bags of groceries. Give it an extended 7′ bed and you talking a real pickup truck.

  • John

    I think its awsome that VW is making a pickup again. I love VW’s and would love to have their pickup. They would be very wise to bring a pickup to North America, since we are one of the largest truck markets in the world. I, like Chad, also think the bed on the four door version needs to be longer. But other than that, I love the look of them. Please VW, bring the Amarok to the U.S.